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<bentiss> daniels: do you plan on doing the 15.8.1 upgrade this morning or should I?
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<daniels> bentiss: I was going to do it just now but you’re also welcome to if you prefer?
<bentiss> daniels: not specially, feel free to do it
<bentiss> the new "feature" that consists in harrassing admins when there is a security update is really efficient I must confess :)
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<mupuf> bentiss: hehe
* mupuf wonders if this will also fix the slowness for pipelines to appear
<mupuf> it can take over a minute after a push for a pipeline to appear
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<daniels> bentiss: have you ever seen anything where the migrations job succeeds, but the webservice won't start because the db/schema versions are out of sync?
<bentiss> daniels: I had a migration failing once, it was painful to sort it out :/
<bentiss> 2023-02-01 10:06:06
<bentiss> Database Schema - main (gitlab_production) - current: 20230117113719, codebase: 20230117145628
<daniels> ohhh, never mind, it's not finished yet
<daniels> I was looking at the registry migrations having finished yet; the main schema is still working away
<bentiss> oh, yes
<bentiss> still the last log event was registered at 2023-02-01 09:57:42, so it's taking a little bit of time
<bentiss> do we have enough space on the postgres disk?
<bentiss> (I checked before the migration and it was OK)
<bentiss> 94%...
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<daniels> oh ...
<bentiss> the postgresql pod is using some CPU since that time so I guess it must be working
<bentiss> it advanced
<bentiss> and done
<daniels> \o/
<bentiss> yep :)
<bentiss> I manually kicked the ones that were failing to speed up things a bit
<daniels> heh, thanks :)
<bentiss> daniels: BTW, looking at the CPU usages per pods that you mentioned yesterday. The OSD and the rgw pods have a limit of 3, but they never reach that value (from the influx logs)
<bentiss> maybe we can increase them, but I am not sure it'll change a lot
<daniels> hrm, I wonder where the 50x is coming from then :\
<bentiss> have you explored the logs through grafana/loki?
<MrCooper> weird, shows a libdrm -> libdrm_amdgpu change, but clicking on the "Show latest version" button still shows libdrm
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<bentiss> MrCooper: must have been a redis cache issue, because it now shows the proper change
<MrCooper> indeed, thanks
<daniels> bentiss: not had time to dig into it properly so far :( my to-do list is barely decreasing atm
<kusma> Is this a real user? I got a request for developer access to, which doesn't make a lot of sense, and then I also see this MR:
<eric_engestrom> within a few minutes, cloning random repos on the instance and sending a nonsense MR to one of them, and apparently requesting access to another...
<eric_engestrom> looks way too much like a spam bot trying to hit all the checkboxes to not get marked as inactive
<eric_engestrom> oh, and that account is also "following" another account (whatever that means on gitlab?)
<daniels> shrug, there are a lot of legitimate people who do that, because they just want to register on a gitlab instance and see what the buttons do
<daniels> but yeah, blocked now
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<Venemo> hi guya
<Venemo> hi guys
<Venemo> when can I expect to see the new VK CTS in the Mesa CI?
<Venemo> I have been waiting for that since september, and this is now blocking some progress in RADV development
<daniels> Venemo: that'd be #dri-devel, but I don't know of anyone who has specific plans to bump the dep - you could just file an MR if it's blocking you - and make sure to stress-test the resulting tree to find out what exciting new problems it brings with it
<Venemo> I don't see why that is up to me, to be honest
<Venemo> but ok I'll take this to dri-devel
<daniels> Venemo: shrug, it's something for Mesa as a whole to do
<daniels> who were you expecting to do it?
<Venemo> I don't know, whoever is responsible for that part
<daniels> no-one's specifically responsible for the CTS - when it's been updated, it's been updated by whichever driver team needed the new version at that point
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<Venemo> oh my god
<Venemo> I guess I'll just accept that this EXT will have no test coverage for the foreseeable future
<daniels> that's a shame
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<jenatali> There was a discussion about upreving the CTS a few minutes ago in dri-devel
<daniels> jenatali: uh ... if there was, it never made it across the Matrix barrier
<jenatali> Oh
<daniels> Venemo: put it this way, updating the CTS is the same as getting core support for the extension as a whole - it's not something that someone else will magically do, but someone who wants/needs it has to sit down and make it happen
<Venemo> I'm sorry but that's too much for me, I have zero clue how the CI system works
<daniels> it's definitely less difficult than implementing task shaders :P
<jenatali> At least I assume that's what was meant by vckts
<daniels> jenatali: oh huh
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<Venemo> I'd be fine with dealing with that for the radv ci, but I don't have the energy to deal with this for every driver. Is there a way to just use the new version for radv and let everyone else upgrade to it on their own time?
<daniels> no
<Venemo> ok
<Venemo> fortunately the NV mesh shader tests cover much of the same code paths, so I guess I'll just keep relying on those tests then
<daniels> sure, if that works for you
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<Venemo> it's disappointing, but I don't think I have a choice
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<alanc> did gitlab change fonts? It looks... different
<zmike> oh I thought it was just me
<bentiss> we updated this morning to 15.8.1, so... maybe?
<alanc> yeah, just found the same answer for 15.8 in
<karolherbst> can somebody fix the "freenode" ref here?
<karolherbst> ohh maybe I can.. lemme check
<karolherbst> done
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<bwidawsk> Is there a nice way to test CI locally? I know with regular gitlab it's fairly straightforward, but I can't seem to figure it out here
<airlied> daniels: though for some reason a recent change from Collaborans made deqp updates extra tricky
<daniels> airlied: huh? which one?
<daniels> bwidawsk: tbh I haven't used gitlab-runner exec in ages, but it should more or less work ...
<daniels> airlied: hahaha ... yeah
<daniels> airlied: if you're stuck with Android you can always CC Helen
<bwidawsk> daniels: hmm, I swear I had tried, but it does seem to be working now
<airlied> daniels: it's more that we are cloning from a personal repo
<airlied> do I need to now clone from my personal repo with those patches rebased, or what is the procedure etc
<daniels> airlied: I'd say the former, but we could also just move her repo into /gfx-ci/ or whatever
* airlied had an inflight deqp rebase to 1.3.4 that I'm not sure how to go with
<daniels> airlied: why don't I just move the repo until we can come up with a better plan?
* airlied is probably going to wait for the glorious upstream future :-P
<airlied> my immediate need for 1.3.4 went away so I was only doing it to be nice
<bwidawsk> daniels: is it immediately obvious what this is trying to tell me:
<daniels> airlied: ohhh, it's on GitHub, because it's forked from the Khronos repo. ugh. I think just move it to your own for now and let's figure it out
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<daniels> bwidawsk: you're not declaring $FDO_DISTRIBUTION_TAG (this needs to be a value you bump every time you want the container to be rebuilt, i.e. you've changed deps or just want new versions or whatever) which is the error - but you're also setting $FDO_DISTRIBUTION_EXEC twice
<bwidawsk> daniels: the second was alast minute fix attempt... thanks
<daniels> heh, np
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<bwidawsk> daniels: since you're here and so helpful:
<bwidawsk> I assume I need some key or something
<daniels> nope, you need to use .fdo.distribution-image@debian instead of .fdo-suffixed-image@debian
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<bwidawsk> daniels: sweet that gets me far enough I can figure it out myself for now :-). Thx
<daniels> np!
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<bwidawsk> daniels: This was the issue:
<bwidawsk> I can't for the life of me get my build phase to find `cargo`... super frusrtating
<bwidawsk> :/
<daniels> bwidawsk: $PATH?