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<sauce> looks like my account got deactivated, any issue with me just reactivating it?
<__tim> logging in again might do the trick
<sauce> yeah looks good
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<emersion> didn't take long
<emersion> "Hi. I'm trying to fork the wlroots project in Gitlab but the fork button is disabled and it says I've reached my project limit."
<emersion> i've updated the signup text, but probably won't help that much
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<bentiss> emersion: did you manage to change this user to internal?
<emersion> yea
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<Consolatis> I wonder what the reason behind the spam is. I can think of 2 variants: a) just boost search ranking by having more sites link to something b) provide a landing page for spam campaigns (e.g. via email)
<Consolatis> a) could be prevented by not allowing search robots to index non-whitelisted repositores b) could be prevented by not allowing public access (e.g. without a gl.f.d.o account) to non-whitelisted repositories (or orgas / user accounts).
<Consolatis> So instead of making it harder and harder for legitimate users to use gl.f.d.o the better option IMO would be to devalue gl.f.d.o for spammers.
<lynxis> My account got disabled. Is this normal or is there an idle timeout?
<__tim> just log in again to re-activate it :)
<__tim> lots of people got this mail, part of an attempt to weed out spam accounts aiui
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<thaytan> spambot going to town on the GStreamer gitlab, in case any admins are around
<mupuf> thaytan: can you report some of them? I'll take a look in a bit
<thaytan> Yes, I have
<mupuf> Great, thanks!!
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<__tim> I have too, couple of hours ago
<__tim> if you need more hands on the spam admin side, let me know :)
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<mupuf> __tim: I saw them, thanks!
<mupuf> I went through the spam reports half an hour ago, then look for more in the recent projects
<thaytan> mupuf, the only one I see now is
<mupuf> thaytan: gone, thanks!
<thaytan> :)
<mupuf> got another 10 or so out
<mupuf> before they spammed
<mupuf> just created an account, uploaded a readme and were done
<mupuf> I wonder if these aren't just students in a class again
<mupuf> and that's their assignment
<mupuf> thanks, got rid of these 3 extra
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<mupuf> I went through all the projects created in the past month, found ~5 more
<mupuf> err, maybe 10 actually
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<bionade24> Hello, is there a way to contact the freedesktop gitlab admins? I want to suggest them to change the name of the Gitlab email sender, bc the account deactivated scared the shit out of me until I read the second-last line.
<mupuf> bionade24: heya :)
<mupuf> Mind giving me more context?
<mupuf> can you pastebin the email you received?
<bionade24> mupuf: Of course. Here is a screenshot, bc it explains my problem better: The Sender should IMHO not be "Gitlab", but "Freedesktop Gitlab" or something similar.
<mupuf> Right!
<bionade24> mupuf: I was thinking which Gitlab i could have been possibly banned of for what reason until I read till the end :)
<bionade24> s/ which/ from which/
<mupuf> yeah, the email is very confusing
<mupuf> I see that "premium" users can configure this email a little more
<mupuf> but I don't see anything here I can do to make it better :s
<mupuf> bentiss, daniels: Why are so many users get deactivated?
<bionade24> mupuf: I did have a CE instance on my own and did change the Sender. So should be possible without the Paid version.
<mupuf> bionade24: oh, great to know! Do you remember where you specified this?
<bentiss> mupuf: I think I'm the one who clicked on the 'deactivate account after 90 days of inactivity'
<mupuf> bentiss: I assume this is because we don't want to keep too many users in the database?
<bionade24> mupuf: No idea. The instance doesn't exist anymore.
<bentiss> they are still in the db. just deactivated
<mupuf> ok, so what does it gain us?
<bentiss> basically no more processing for them. but I don't know if it's benecial Tbh
<bionade24> mupuf: I had an idea and checked my backups, you configure it in config.rb
<mupuf> bentiss: ack
<mupuf> bentiss: do you think it would be possible to change the sender field, in config.rb?
<bentiss> mupuf: yes. but I'm not in front of my workstation right now
<bentiss> and typing on the phone is hard ;)
<mupuf> wonderful, thanks! No hurry, it can wait until next week for sure :)
<bionade24> Ok, thanks for the quick response!
<mupuf> you're welcome. Thanks for your report!
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<DavidHeidelberg[m]> jenatali: Hi! Is there any chance you could look at piglit windows build job? it takes ~ 30 minutes and it's not cached (so it's build again & again), also time to time fails
<jenatali> David Heidelberg: Uh, what? It's cached
<DavidHeidelberg[m]> jenatali: I see it building like everytime :( let me check
<DavidHeidelberg[m]> right, maybe mine mistake
<DavidHeidelberg[m]> still not sure why it run with marge bot last time
<jenatali> It shouldn't be. It's in a container image that should only be rebuilt when it changes
<DavidHeidelberg[m]> ok, I see the issue (?), Marge runs in the fork
<DavidHeidelberg[m]> maybe because it's 2 years old MR? but it's rebased..
<jenatali> Oh you're talking about in the piglits project
<DavidHeidelberg[m]> I see the issue
<jenatali> I've never looked at the CI config there
<DavidHeidelberg[m]> piglit Marge runs inside the fork. So the fork MR always builds the images and then marge runs
<jenatali> Oof
<DavidHeidelberg[m]> while in Mesa it uses project pipeline. So everyone has to build all the debian & windows images locally first
<DavidHeidelberg[m]> because the project... let me check
<DavidHeidelberg[m]> since mesa reuses the from main repo if exist
<DavidHeidelberg[m]> something is fishy there :D
<DavidHeidelberg[m]> No image found at or; rebuilding
<DavidHeidelberg[m]> there is missing mesa/piglit variable inside the path
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<DavidHeidelberg[m]> fixed, typo in variable
<DavidHeidelberg[m]> jenatali: plz review:
<DavidHeidelberg[m]> and possibly merge, gtg
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<DavidHeidelberg[m]> thanks you jenatali
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