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<DavidHeidelberg[m]> what most likely happens when I'm s3cp to same file (except caches runner proxy cache would keep it)
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<ishitatsuyuki> I'm seeing a bunch of ERROR: Job failed (system failure): Error response from daemon: container create: allocating lock for new container: allocation failed; exceeded num_locks (2048) (docker.go:534:0s)
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<MrCooper> seems to be the fdo-equinix-m3l-11 runner
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<MrCooper> bentiss: any idea why ccache from F37 hangs in the futex syscall in CI?
<bentiss> MrCooper: ouch, that's way too many words for me to parse in the morning :)
<MrCooper> sorry :)
<bentiss> heh, no worries
<MrCooper> was hanging for minutes before I cancelled it
<bentiss> FWIW, fdo-equinix-m3l-11 has a lot of crosvm jobs running
<bentiss> fdo-equinix-m3l-12 is pretty much unused now but has a load average of 15, meaning that it was quite busy not so long ago
<bentiss> let me reboot/upgrade them. Though I am afraid virglrenderer is messing with the runner
<MrCooper> to be clear, ccache hanging seems unrelated to overloaded runners
<bentiss> well, the runners do not seem to be in a pretty good shape, so a reboot might help
<MrCooper> didn't seem to affect ccache from F34 though, or I would have expected screaming on #dri-devel
<MrCooper> still hanging on fdo-equinix-m3l-12:
<bentiss> anyway, m3l-11 is now rebooting, ww'll see if this one fails
<bentiss> m3l-12 still not updated/rebooted FWIW
<bentiss> I prefer not killing 2 out of the 3 runners at the same time
<bentiss> MrCooper: mind if I kill that job?
<MrCooper> not at all
<bentiss> k, thanks
<bentiss> damn, it seems that the reboot did not help:
<ishitatsuyuki> it did get my radv job through though
<bentiss> yeah some are passing, most are not
<bentiss> I am tempted to just dump m3l-11 and respin a new one
* bentiss just doesn;'t have the time to debug this today
<bentiss> OK, so all 3 x86 runners have been updated, but m3l-11 is still behaving badly, so I disabled it. I'll respin a new one this afternoon when I get a little bit more time
<bentiss> MrCooper: ^^ please tell me if m3l-12 is still acting badly
<MrCooper> I don't think it's related to the other runner issues
<bentiss> MrCooper: it could be a f37 issue
<MrCooper> some kind of bad interaction between f37 and the CI environment, yeah
<bentiss> have you tried running it locally in a container?
<MrCooper> I'll try if it happens with f36 as well
<bentiss> I got to go for an errand, bbl
<MrCooper> bentiss: doesn't hang on my personal gitlab-runner (which is an old version though due to Debian, 13.3.1):
<MrCooper> also note that it uses docker, not podman
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<bentiss> Alright. I have now spun up m3l-14 and will burn with fire m3l-11 asap
<zmike> is it normal for sanity job to take 40 minutes to start
<daniels> no
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<daniels> see ongoing fire above
<zmike> k just checking if same issue
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<bentiss> indeed, that runner doesn't have disks properly set :(
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<bentiss> alright, I respun a new one, the cloud-init config file was completely wrong, and fixing it would take more time than just bringing in a new one
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<alatiera> one of the gst runners is out of space too
<alatiera> fixing
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