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<bentiss> sergi: mind if I stop all of your scheduled pipelines in You are basically DoS all the farms by running 1 mesa pipeline every 10 minutes when it takes ~50 min to run
<bentiss> actually I'm not even asking
<bentiss> sergi: and on top of that: ERROR: Job failed: failed to pull image "alpine:latest" with specified policies [always]: Error response from daemon: toomanyrequests: You have reached your pull rate limit.
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<bentiss> so not enough DoS the farms, you even locked us up from pulling from by adding a ton of pulls :(
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<sergi> Hi bentiss, I'm not DoSing but diagnosing the farms. Or at least this was the purpose. I've prepared last week a pipeline that launches a job per tag of runners, that onely does an echo. This has been made to see how the scheduler work because with the team we've been seeing issues with the pick from queues or how the jobs are enqueued
<bentiss> sergi: yes, I understand the rational behind it, but this is DoS the farm
<bentiss> we had ~700 pending jobs, ~650 were yours
<bentiss> and so the regular mesa pipelines can't run anymore
<sergi> I see. The initial idea was to schedule it every 2 minutes, but I schedules every 10 thinking that I may mean too much. When 10 were already too much
<bentiss> your idea kind of works when the farm are alive and not used, but as soon as they are heavy used, you are creating more jobs than it can handle, and if a farm goes down, you still have hundreds of pending jobs on that farm that can't be executed
<sergi> It seems the attempt to help in diagnose has even contribute to the problem
<bentiss> sergi: honestly, once per hour would be ok-ish, but not sure it'll help
<bentiss> sergi: the solution would be to have either a dedicated runner per farm that can handle those jobs out of the capacity of the other runners, or have a dedicated machine in each farm that can ping/report values of the runners
<bentiss> but it's school dropoff time here, I'll be back later
<sergi> thanks for managing that and sorry for contributing to the issue.
<sergi> see you later
<nirbheek_> Hugs to all admins today, thank you for handling the runner issues over the weekend <3
<bentiss> sigh... so we've got one user claiming he's going to work on mesa and camera, but used his brand new privileges for building android testing... :(
<bentiss> daniels: looks like JaswantTeja escaped the sandbox
<bentiss> that guy asked for privileges 2 days ago, and created 3 projects he since removed: ohing.git prawn.git and test.git
* mupuf is happy he asked users to specify their intent
<bentiss> FWIW, JaswantTeja also requested access
<bentiss> I wonder if we should force the issue to be public
<nirbheek_> > I can't create new projects or fork an existing one. I am not a spammer and I want to contribute, so please add me to the list of internal users!
<nirbheek_> What an ass
<bentiss> nirbheek_: he is following a template we give them
<nirbheek_> Ahh, I see, that text is from the template
<nirbheek_> His description was `As a linux engineer, i need to work on it & contribute for the community of freedesktop. So, it will be a great opportunity if I get the access. Thanks in Advance!`
<bentiss> nirbheek_: the "As a linux engineer, i need to work on it & contribute for the community of freedesktop. So, it will be a great opportunity if I get the access. Thanks in Advance!" is fully from him
<nirbheek_> Should we require new users to be either vouched by an existing user or prove identification in some other way?
<bentiss> nirbheek_: the initial idea was to discriminate bots/humans
<nirbheek_> Ah, I see
<bentiss> but I think I'm going to lock down the runners even if it means that virglrenderer pipelines will fail
<bentiss> cause escaping the sandbox is *really* worrying
<bentiss> the thing though is the arm runners don't have a recent enough podman version :(
<nirbheek_> I wonder if this is his github profile:
<nirbheek_> @bentiss was his email id for gitlab too?
<bentiss> nirbheek_: yep, you got him
<nirbheek_> I am going to talk to him on Telegram
<bentiss> nirbheek_: enjoy!
<nirbheek_> His full name is Jaswant Teja Mamidisetti
<nirbheek_> Website:
<nirbheek_> Very odd person. Smells like a 16 year old script kiddie.
<bentiss> "An Inter Student who aspires to become a Developer" -> well, looks like you are entirely radiated from the freedesktop community
<bentiss> on his tweeter: Got my Alchemy University acceptance letter! -> I wonder if we can not send an email to his future hierarchy :)
<bentiss> actually, looks like it's "free", so maybe not formal enough
<nirbheek_> He is studying for JEE (the engineering entrance exams in India), he is in 11th
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<bentiss> the amount of information people post on internet is just desperating...
<bentiss> I mean, we almost know everything on him after a quick look
<mupuf> yeah, and talking about him like that makes me feel uncomfortable
<nirbheek_> I think we should just be glad that we were pwned by someone who wasn't trying to compromise the software projects hosted by fdo
<bentiss> nirbheek_: 2 different farms
<nirbheek_> He saw a vuln and went for it, what looks like, out of sheer gall
<mupuf> yeah, if you do managed to talk to him, ask him to disclose how he pawned us..,
<bentiss> the gitlab running instance itself is way more restrictive
<bentiss> mupuf: I can probably find that in the backups
<bentiss> ohing.git was the name
<mupuf> I see, yeah, probably the best way to go
<bentiss> talking about backups because he deleted the project
<nirbheek_> He replied to me on telegram and I immediately got a furniture delivery IRL, so... brb
<mupuf> lol
<bentiss> he sent you furnitures???? :)
<bentiss> that was fast :)
<bentiss> (kidding in case it was unclear)
<nirbheek_> I am telling him I am really impressed with him
<mupuf> ...
<nirbheek_> I want to get him to admit what he did
<mupuf> don't play games, just say this is uncool: lying, abusing common infrastructure
<mupuf> destroying the tools that created the software he likely uses
<nirbheek_> I will
<nirbheek_> I have dealt with people like this before
<mupuf> ok... /me runs away. Don't want to see this
<nirbheek_> He is admitting what he did and naming other people too(!?)
<bentiss> please give me the list
<nirbheek_> He gave someone else his creds, apparently
<nirbheek_> Currently scolding him
<nirbheek_> His accomplices are also crapping their pants now
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<nirbheek_> bentiss: not sure what to do here now, it doesn't look like he knows his accomplices
<bentiss> nirbheek_: ok, thanks anyway (I must confess I haven't understand a word in your screenshot ;-P)
<bentiss> well, at least they know it's bad
<nirbheek_> Do we have any contacts at namecheap?
<nirbheek_> The main guy's website is and the whois info is protected by namecheap
<bentiss> "Your friendly neighbourhood kernel developer" means that we can probably blacklist him in the kernel community, no?
<nirbheek_> I don't think he actually contributes
<bentiss> heh: we should ask him for input then :)
<bentiss> (for our spam problem)
<nirbheek_> He also hosts on linode, do we have contacts there?
* bentiss barely have contacts outside of fdo
<nirbheek_> Maybe daniels has, or someone else
<bentiss> ouch, pulling the full backup with the repos takes more than 1 hour
<nirbheek_> This guy is a real menace:... (full message at <>)
<bentiss> sigh
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<bentiss> TBH, I wish I was allowed to also prune the gitlab db from all of the non contributing users :(
<mupuf> welp... not surprised, but I guess it is good to be reminded that not everyone is a self-centered asshole
<nirbheek_> So, this guy has a github account and he has admitted what he did, and is unrepentant
<nirbheek_> I think with enough contacts we can make him have actual consequences for his actions
<bentiss> nirbheek_: -> that's not good for you :(
<nirbheek_> Seems to require a phone number
<nirbheek_> I joined his chat and tried to download the history, but he kicked me before I could
<bentiss> it ś that dead simple to spam an account on telegram?????
* bentiss is horrified
<nirbheek_> Hm, interestingly, the chat export is still happening
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<nirbheek_> This was one of his accomplices: he is part of the github developer program
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<emersion> similar activity on wine's gitlab fwiw
<nirbheek_> Yep, same guy
<nirbheek_> "cyberknight77"
<nirbheek_> emersion: do you have contacts at linode or namecheap?
<emersion> nope
<bentiss> daniels: even kata-1 has been compromised...
<bentiss> though it looks like it's running privileged podman
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<daniels> bentiss: fwiw, there's more to sergi's pipelines than you might think, but let's deal with that later
<bentiss> daniels: I agree, and I'm not arguing against the idea
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<bentiss> just the implementation :)
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<alatiera> nirbheek_ so is that guy indeed 16?
<nirbheek_> cyberknight777 is 20 or older, rest are 16
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<MrCooper> wonder if is legit or suspicious
<daniels> MrCooper: the username does match the user who filed the GitHub PR, and it's an which matches China rather than our current friends, so I'd be inclined to say it's OK
<daniels> bentiss: so back to the scheduled pipeline, one thing we didn't realise is that 'auto-cancel redundant pipelines' seemingly doesn't apply to scheduled runners
<daniels> there's definitely a bug in GitLab itself where it just doesn't schedule jobs on tagged runners sometimes, no matter how much free capacity there is
<daniels> the only way to get the job scheduled is to schedule another job for the same runner, which bumps the check timestamp the runner passes, and forces it to see that there are more jobs available
<daniels> you can see this when you have jobs that have been queued for 30+min, then you cancel it and retry it and it gets processed instantly
<daniels> I've seen on Rails that if you query the job queue for that runner (i.e. executing exactly what the runner endpoint would've done), that there is a job there queued for it - but it never checks the queue because the runner passes a last-check token which is the most current one, so it skips checking the queue and just tells the runner there are no more jobs available
<daniels> the jobs in sergi's pipeline are dummy jobs - they just echo and return immediately, taking no time at all - they're only there to pump the job queue
<alatiera> lol
<zmike> is swrast ci operational?
<sergi> bentiss and daniels, yes my jobs were dummies but I haven't thought about the effect on the "toomanyrequests" to
<bentiss> daniels, sergi: sorry I was worried this morning about the DoD, and took immediate actions. But again, I'm not against such thing, and if that's the only way of solving the issue, then yes, we should go for it
<daniels> zmike: sadly no, waiting for anholt to get back so I can figure it out with them
<zmike> alrighty
<daniels> bentiss: yeah, no problem :) it is the dumbest possible solution for sure, but I can't see much else atm. we can rework it so it pulls one of the ci-templates from harbor at least, which should be a no-op on all the runners as it'll always be cached?
<bentiss> It's just that it was one more thing to add to the pile of crap we had since the beginning of the year, between spammers and hackers... And I would expect a minimum of monitoring for these jobs
<bentiss> yeah, using harbor is fine
<daniels> bentiss: yeah, I asked sergi to put it in place to solve one of the biggest fires we had in Mesa since we run enough jobs (on isolated hw-specific runners which don't see new jobs into the queue until the next MR ...) that it triggers fairly regularly - given that he has children at home and I don't, the monitoring was that I keep an eye on it, but I was somewhat distracted as you know :P
<daniels> sorry about that
<bentiss> no worries
<bentiss> BTW< the one thing I also disliked was the gfx-ci-bot is actually a real account, linked to sergi's email
<daniels> bentiss: you'd prefer it was a project bot account?
<bentiss> that's not a good way of doing things. We should have used a proper bot
<daniels> mmm, we originally did that, but gfx-ci-bot does quite a few things, including needing to be able to push to multiple repos
<bentiss> yeah, because if anything happens to sergi or if he loses his email credentials we are screwed
<daniels> tbf the credentials are in Collabora's BitWarden, but yeah, I get the point
<bentiss> right...
<daniels> should we just make the email gfx-ci-bot@no.invalid?
<bentiss> maybe we can find a better middle ground then
<bentiss> would be better, no?
<bentiss> because I'm sure that if I see such an email in a user account that does DoS, I'll just nuke it :)
<bentiss> gfx-ci-bot-collabora@no.invalid if you prefer
<daniels> but yeah, for example one of the things gfx-ci-bot does is, if there have been changes in piglit/virglrenderer, then it'll push to some repos to build a testing MR of Mesa using updated versions of those two projects, then raise an MR on Mesa to bump the dependencies - we can't do that with a project token
<daniels> bentiss: yeah, that's a good idea
<bentiss> daniels: I just spent the past 2 hours discussing with whot about my gitlab-validate-users project I mentioned
<bentiss> and this rust part is becoming a generic webhook facility for gitlab
<sergi> I thought the use of my email address in the bot helps to identify me in case something went worng
<bentiss> basically, you could register that webhook in piglit/virglrenderer for code push, and if it gets a change, it'll run any python script you want with the proper credentials
<sergi> And, now it's long a go, I prefered not to use my user, because this uprev project is a team tool and should be a single person project
<daniels> sergi: yeah, and you can't register with an invalid email so that's fair enough - I've made it go to one which contains the contact details but also ends in .fdo.invalid, so we'll never try to route e.g. a password-reset email
<daniels> bentiss: interesting - wouldn't that require something like Vault to get a token which could then create a MR on Mesa though?
<bentiss> sergi: yes, and it's valuable, but if you look into my eyes this morning: "oh, there is a user nmamed gfx-ci-bot DoS the farms, it must be legit. Well, wait a minute that user is an actual user, so is it a hacker?, let's just nuke, talk later"
<sergi> bentiss, it's a newbie XD
<daniels> haha
<sergi> I mean, I'm the newbie
<bentiss> daniels: right now I intend to have the token in the yaml config, stored on an internal tree (or just in kuberenetes), so one token per hookiedookie instance
<daniels> well, one thing to do at least is to nuke all the invalid tags which will never get scheduled
<bentiss> (we plan on renaming it hookiedookie)
<daniels> bentiss: gotcha, nice
<sergi> I understand how this morning was impossible to distinguish if this behaviour was for good or for bad. But for sure, it has disturbing the infra
<bentiss> and as we were talking this morning, I also realized I could watch for the pushes in the config repo, and automatically reload it through a webhook :)
<daniels> bentiss: oh that's cute, and might resolve my current wondering of how to auto-update various bots and tasks we have running in k8s
<daniels> (e.g. it would be nice if the marge-bot update process was something more nuanced than 'ask daniels to change the tag')
<bentiss> sergi: again, don't blame yourself, we all make mistakes. The fact that I recognized the name prevented me to nuke the account, so don't worry.
<bentiss> daniels: I know it would be useful to others :)
<bentiss> whot: told you ^^ :)
* bentiss needs to grab some lunch, bbl
<alatiera> bentiss, daniels another thing I wanted to do for a while, was to default images created with ci-templates to run as non-root users
<daniels> alatiera: fr fr
<daniels> I'd need to check how that works with nested KVM, since we depend on that heavily for both Mesa and Weston
<alatiera> last I looked at it there was some buildah issue
<daniels> but yeah, if we can make it work then I'd be completely on board with enforcing unprivileged across the board
<daniels> (& will keep looking into how to make Kata fly today, had some v bad timing with some other work stuff which has dragged me away but trying to come back to it)
<alatiera> np np
<alatiera> my plan is to wipe one runner and set it up as group runner so at least MRs can be back working
<alatiera> which should buy us some time to figure out how to lock down the rest
<daniels> cool cool, I'll let you know how I get on with Kata - you should be able to use the cloud-init stuff to provision new htz runners as well
<alatiera> yea
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<MrCooper> ugh, now ccache is hanging in F36 containers as well
<daniels> MrCooper: job?
<daniels> if it's still running I can SSH in and stare at it
<MrCooper> I was hitting this when I tried upgrading to F37 first, that's why I settled for F36 for now
<MrCooper> looks like ccache has been upgraded from 4.5.1 to 4.7.4 in F36
<MrCooper> which is the same version as in F37
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<mohamexiety> daniels: hey again! not sure if you remember but a few days ago I came with a weird issue where I was having a really really bad connection to the fdo gitlab. you mentioned that maybe there was some node in the middle that was having issues or so and suggested looking for alternative routing
<mohamexiety> well I tried cloudflare WARP and now everything works well, so thanks a lot again!
<MrCooper> daniels: it was hanging in a futex syscall, sounds similar
<daniels> mohamexiety: glad to hear it!
<daniels> MrCooper: hmm but we don’t use redid
<daniels> *redis
<MrCooper> can't reproduce locally in podman either
<MrCooper> would dropping ccache from the fedora image be acceptable for now?
<daniels> MrCooper: yeah, just do that for now, it's not on the critical path to hardware testing anyway
<daniels> MrCooper: thanks for looking into it :)
<MrCooper> no worries, thanks
<Wallbraker> Seems like something happened to some of the Windows runners on the CI, got a job stuck because there no runners for the tags: docker, windows, 2022.
<daniels> Wallbraker: yeah they're gone for now, awaiting a rebuild
<Wallbraker> Hours, days, weeks?
<Wallbraker> Thanks for the info!
<daniels> absolutely no clue I'm afraid
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<daniels> but weeks would be surprising
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<Wallbraker> Heh, I was being pessimistic. :p
<Wallbraker> Okay I'll disable the windows build if things doesngive it a few hours before disabling the windows
<Wallbraker> Okay I'll disable the windows build if things doesn't improve by tomorrow.
<MrCooper> daniels: hmm, why can't I retry ?
<eric_engestrom> MrCooper: because gitlab already retried the job
<daniels> yeah, it retried and succeeded in
<eric_engestrom> thanks to DavidHeidelberg[m]'s `retry: 1`, anything that fails gets auto-retried once by gitlab
<MrCooper> sigh, thanks
<daniels> (that's backed up by a bunch of automated monitoring we have that e.g. tells you which specific dEQP cases flaked when you retried a job and it succeeded; we're not just blindly retrying for no reason)
<MrCooper> man, I fell into a rabbit hole:
<alatiera> Wallbraker unlikely they will be up by tomorrow
<Wallbraker> alatiera: Okay, thanks for letting me know. Any reason for the outage?
<alatiera> the runners are fine-ish from the look of it, unlike the linux ones, but I wanna wait for the idiot poking at our runners to lose interest before enabling them again
<alatiera> I guess could enable one of them since I am gonna rebuild them eventually anyway
<alatiera> or rather rollback the snapshot
<Wallbraker> Somebody hacking/DoSs the runners?
<Wallbraker> Also that would be great.
<daniels> Wallbraker: yep
<alatiera> yea indeed, lets enable one of them and see how it goes
<Wallbraker> Sigh
<Wallbraker> Thanks for that!
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<alatiera> Wallbraker, daniels one of the windows runner is up
<alatiera> will try to keep an eye on usage
<alatiera> and will revert the vm to the snapshot if anything goes bad
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<Wallbraker> Our job succeeded, thanks!
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<anholt> daniels: so, what's the summary from the weekend? I've still got mesa-swrast turned off.
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<bentiss> anholt: basically we have been hacked, we kicked them out and we set everything back is a longer todo list to make runners more secure, which will be a pain to everybody
<bentiss> s/everything back is a/everything back *with* a/
<anholt> bentiss: so, containers escaped?
<bentiss> yep
<anholt> that's what I was seeing on mesa-swrast
<bentiss> anholt: nirbheek managed to talk to them, and some are just kids (16) but "the brain" is like 20 and has no remorses
<bentiss> so when you deal with that kind of ass, you don't have much choice
<daniels> anholt: containers escaped, found out exactly who was doing it, banned them, know what to look for in future
<daniels> anholt: I'm working on Kata but I very likely won't have that done today
<anholt> ok, but we don't have a way to prevent the container escape?
<daniels> ^
* anholt searches for kata, finds out
<daniels> anholt: 'what if every container was also an ephemeral VM'
<anholt> I mean, it seems like the obvious sensible thing
<daniels> yeah, obvious, sensible, also comes with a number of hazards to do it properly
<anholt> I'm shocked.
<daniels> anyway, I'm going to figure that out and provide a cloud-init patch, hopefully tomorrow but might end up being more like Wednesday
<anholt> well, now that I've figured out how to cloud-init, I can at least follow along I guess :)
<daniels> itmt if you provision new ones, I'm staring at our current ones looking for any kind of escape and not seeing it, and we know which new users to look for
<daniels> and then it's easy to either reprovision with kata, or if you have some way of sharing GCE access then I can do it
<zmike> is it known that the a630-traces job is stalling out? I think this is the second time today for me
<daniels> zmike: it's stalling in uploading the images to minio, so either the network is rubbish or s3 is crawling
<anholt> it's at replay_minio_upload_images, and at least a long time ago that was slow for unknown reasons when lots of images changed.
<daniels> otoh, it literally just now completed
<zmike> yeah but the pipeline has already timed out
<daniels> so next time, ask me and anholt to open it earlier so it can complete in front of all our eyes
<zmike> shrug
<daniels> hmm rly? only starting traces at >=42min is already disastrous
<zmike> I've had two attempts to marge this today time out
<daniels> ohhhhh it got retried after it timed out because S3 again
<zmike> and freedreno isn't hitting this codepath so I know it's unrelated
<zmike> ah
<zmike> ok
<zmike> well then at least the cause is known
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<anholt> we still don't have any plans for how we get fd.o to be less 503-happy, do we?
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<bentiss> anholt: we might be able to simply spin up more pods to handle the workloads, I just never done that with rados gateway
<daniels> bentiss: could you please do that? it's pretty frequent, and we do seem to get long 502/503/504 blackouts - like 5min+ at a time
<bentiss> daniels: honestly not today :(
<mupuf> anyone having a clue what may have landed in mesa that would cause the valve vkcts jobs to spew "ERROR - dEQP error: error: XDG_RUNTIME_DIR not set in the environment." in a loop?
<bentiss> I can try to work on that tomorrow
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* mupuf cancelled the marge job and will investigate that tomorrow
<daniels> bentiss: yeah, no prob at all :)
<daniels> mupuf: presumably having Wayland at least available as the window system, and dEQP trying to use that
<daniels> mupuf: I suspect the answer is to set HWCI_START_WESTON in your job environment
<mupuf> thx!
<daniels> either that or just skip all the Wayland WSI tests
<daniels> np
<daniels> bentiss: thankyou very much <3
<bentiss> daniels: thank you too for also handling this things :)
<daniels> bentiss: team work makes the dream work
<bentiss> heh
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<bentiss> actually, this might be easy (multiple pods for radosgw)
<bentiss> daniels, anholt: done via we'll see how it behaves in the next few days
<anholt> bentiss: thank you!
<bentiss> alright the fdo-opa just started too, so all radosgw have now 3 pods instead of 1
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<alatiera> bentiss, daniels is the podman executor setup somewhere in git btw>?
<alatiera> also did we register another placeholder-job runner?
<bentiss> and I don't know if placeholder-job has been set up
<alatiera> oh I see, thanks
* alatiera hasn't looked enough into cloud-init yet
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<alatiera> hmm added a group runner in gst and have an mr pipeline but it doesn't seem to pick up jobs from the mr
<alatiera> it does pick up jobs in gst/gst though
<alatiera> any ideas?
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<daniels> bentiss: this is awesome, thanks a lot
<daniels> alatiera: I've never tried to use group runners, sorry - it depends on the MR though as to whether the pipeline executes in user or group context - check the path for the pipeline if it says alatiera/gst or gst/gst
<alatiera> supposedly the parent context pipeline is an EE feature
<daniels> hmm
<alatiera> but checking if it gets triggered if I have permissions
<daniels> 'Moved to GitLab Premium in 13.9.'
<daniels> daaaaaaaaaaaaamn.
<alatiera> ha! yeap only fork pipelines it is
<alatiera> bentiss there goes the dream
<alatiera> guess I will need a shared-runner token for now
<alatiera> but will keep the runner unpriv at least
<alatiera> still treat it as throwaway until we figure out something though
<bentiss> honestly, we can probably have something like marge-bot, that forcces the pipeline to run in the context of the target project if we need. But I'm surprised it's premium only noe
<bentiss> now
<daniels> sent you the token
* bentiss really wants to have hookiedookie ready now
<alatiera> bentiss marge will trigger a fork pipeline too
<daniels> bentiss: oh, that's a good point, and gst does have marge-bot - it would just need to be modified to push into a throwaway branch of the parent project rather than the downstream project
<alatiera> we'd have to clone -> close -> create new
<bentiss> because we could havea /run-pipeline, and we can have a way to copy the MR in the target, and run pipeline from it,
<alatiera> and then I guess have the bot merge manually
<daniels> alatiera: ugh yeah, of course
<bentiss> but we could also use parent-child pipeline with git clone policy never and we provide our own sha
<alatiera> ah hmm
<alatiera> so the child pipeline would be on the fork I am guessing
<alatiera> I think I recall an issue in gitlab for sharing the runners
<bentiss> I honestly doesn't have the brain today for thinking through all the quirks, but basically we probably want: user submits a MR in his fork, a developer in the project approves it, this triggers a new pipeline in the target project with the given sha, and we wait fo rthe results
<__tim> we could add the runner to marge and active devs, then it would work for merge requests
<__tim> tedious though, and not great for drive-by patches, but what can you do
<bentiss> actually even easier: if we set the pre-clone hook like I have in the issue, the shared runner will only execute if the MR is from a project member or is approved
<__tim> right, I thought that wasn't quite ready yet
<bentiss> The missing bit are: a proper repo to store that hook, the runners configuration to be extended
<bentiss> so should be easy enough to implement, except I'm terrible at giving names to projects :)
<alatiera> there is no hope
* bentiss always wanted to rename helm-gitlab-configure and helm-gitlab-omnibus to something else :)
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<alatiera> __tim we'd need to add a runner instance/config for each contributor
<alatiera> oh hmm
<alatiera> so shared runner but abort if there is no mr
<alatiera> as long that can't be overwritten somehow it might work
<bentiss> yeah, if there is no mr or if the project or user is not allowed
<bentiss> technically it would go in a repo on gitlab.fd.o/freedesktop, so if it's hacked, then we are doomed
* alatiera mumbles about open core
<__tim> then we have bigger problems anyway :)
<__tim> which is what you meant I guess
<bentiss> yeah
<alatiera> I was thinking more about if you can overwrite the pre-clone hook
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<bentiss> it's on the runner config
<bentiss> it ś a script it runs. The fact that it can down;oad a file and execute it is a side effect :)
<bentiss> so technically, when the pre-clone script executes, we are not even in the job's environment, so not much the job can do
<bentiss> it's also on a separate container
<bentiss> alatiera: in case you need more info and you missed when I reposted it yesterday:
<alatiera> bentiss I saw the issue, part why I was expecting it to work!
<bentiss> 9 months ago, it was working
<bentiss> :)
<alatiera> heh
<alatiera> by accident probably
<bentiss> and given that it is shared runners, all the restrictions for premium are not applying
<alatiera> but yes I do recall spending hours trying to understand the pipeline contextes
<alatiera> hmm
<alatiera> if we hardcode a mr check, we also need to check the group namespace
<alatiera> and like have_mr + mr_parent_namespace=gst|mesa|etc
<bentiss> as long as you stick with grep and wget, it works
<bentiss> alatiera: the nice thing is that groups can't be created by the normal users. So we have some control over them, and all groups are technically valid ones
<alatiera> we say that all toplevel groups are autoallowed since only admins can make them
<bentiss> yeah
<alatiera> will take a stab at it
<bentiss> and we can probably have some contacts with teh persons if there is an issue in a group
<bentiss> anyway, it's been a long day here. I'll be back tomorrow I think
<alatiera> the stupid thing is, that we can't even do "maintainers only trigger pipelines" like its on github
<alatiera> sure we will get pipelines running automatically, but also the things we have to do to get there..
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<alatiera> so remeber when I said that parent pipelines from forks are EE? I lied
<alatiera> it is Premium which is different apparently
<alatiera> enabled on selfhosted but needs a subscription on
<alatiera> so we could have group runners just for maintainers/developers I guess
<alatiera> and throw away shared runners
<jenatali> alatiera: Are the Windows runners in a good enough state to re-enable for Mesa? Or should we wait longer before doing that?
<alatiera> jenatali I've turned one of them back on
<alatiera> there isn't any sign they were tampered with
<jenatali> Got it, so half capacity at the moment
<alatiera> however I will roll back the snapshot at some point within the week
<jenatali> Ok
<alatiera> or if the kids come back
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