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<Venemo> what's going on with the CI now?
<alatiera> Venemo what's wrong?
<Venemo> same MR that I mentioned above, I reassigned to marge and it seems nothing is happening with it:
<alatiera> Venemo marge works with a queue, there are seem to be 9 other mrs assigned to her, and looks like right now she is looking at !22146
<Venemo> how are you able to tell?
<alatiera> once she is done she will pick the next one, rebase, merge and so on
<Venemo> that list makes no sense
<Venemo> why is 22155 ahead of 22095 in the queue? 22095 was assigned to marge 6 hours ago and 22155 hours after that
<robclark> the list I think shows them in order of most recent update.. where marge rebasing the MR before doing CI run counts as update
<robclark> so generally top one is one currently running and bottom one is next in line
<robclark> (but the order can differ if someone comments on the MR, etc)
<Venemo> aha
<Venemo> interesting
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<robclark> "CI is taking too long.".. sigh..
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<daniels> robclark: what was it timing out on?
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<eric_engestrom> daniels: not sure which MR robclark was looking at, but on an MR of mine, `radeonsi-raven-piglit-quick_shader:amd64` was queued for 83 minutes before it started running:
<eric_engestrom> (a couple of hours ago)
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<daniels> eric_engestrom: ugh, I have no idea what happened there - not sure if it was network issues or something else as I can't see an obvious cause
<eric_engestrom> daniels: could be the issue where the runner doesn't pick up the job until another job arrives?
<eric_engestrom> btw, I think robclark was talking about which was, which took 76 minutes but finished fine
<daniels> eric_engestrom: I don't think so, because we do have the scheduled pipeline which actively pushes jobs in all the time and that was queued for ages too
<daniels> also the total pipeline completion time can be a bit of a red herring because of the performance jobs which get triggered after the fact ...
<eric_engestrom> ah, good to know
<eric_engestrom> so, I was thinking "wouldn't it be nice if we could see the pipeline jobs as a gantt chart to easily see which jobs are taking too long or starting too late?" so I looked it up... and someone did that:
<eric_engestrom> I only had to change the host, project name and pipeline id, and it works
<bentiss> eric_engestrom: nice! doo you think it would make sense to add that processing at the end of any pipelines, in a job that would run all the time, even if the pipeline failed?
<daniels> eric_engestrom: oooh
<eric_engestrom> bentiss: exporting it as a json artifact, or embedding catapult to generate the html and artifact that?
<eric_engestrom> but yes, good idea
<bentiss> eric_engestrom: whatever is easier ;) but having a one click access to that information for a pipeline like mesa makes sense IMO :)
<eric_engestrom> is there an image I can use that is guaranteed to have parallel, curl, and jq? or should I use alpine and install those?
<eric_engestrom> (parallel is optional, I can rewrite it as a loop)
<eric_engestrom> if I should use alpine, how do I make it go through harbour to avoid hitting dockerhub directly?
<eric_engestrom> `$CI_REGISTRY_IMAGE/alpine` I guess?
<daniels> I'd just add it to the ci-fairy image or something
<daniels> that way it's a known quantity
<daniels> (with alpine you'd still have to pull the apks every time)
<eric_engestrom> ack
<eric_engestrom> I've never touched these so I'm not sure what I need to do (eg. bump tags)
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<daniels> eric_engestrom: right
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<bentiss> daniels: so... the last successful full backup (db+repo+everything-but-registry) is from March 22 and takes roughly 1 TB (958056171520)
<bentiss> the specific ones (db, packages and pages) are fine though
<bentiss> daniels: so I suggest: I delete those 1 TB files that we will never do anything, and use to make backup per gitaly storage instead, and not have a full backup
<bentiss> we could even have a backup for all official groups (mesa/wayland/libinput/gstreamer/etc...) so it's easier to dig through them if we ever need
<daniels> bentiss: hmm, we shouldn't need to back up pages though since they can be reproduced from pipelines
<bentiss> pages take only 7GB, so peanuts
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<Ford_Prefect> I'm getting ssh timeouts while trying to git push -- anyone else seeing this too?
<Ford_Prefect> And it's fine now O_O
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<anholt_> robclark: download with 0 bytes and 30s spent means 500 errors I think.
<robclark> /o\
<robclark> marge needs a way we can push farm enables/disables to the head of the queue
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