<jow> you should see a bunch of chatter in response to `ubus call uci apply`
<jow> this will emit at least one config change event for wireless
<jow> which in turn should trigger more actrivity
<jow> *ubus monitor
<\x> okay
<\x> ill try
<jow> ubus monitor will also show the data back-and-forth between mac80211.sh & netifd
<jow> my hunch is that the timing of the luci actions triggers the bug
<jow> need to hit the bed now, bbl
<\x> ap is out and such, as for ubus monitor, i got kinda flooded by usteer mssages
<\x> brb
<djfe> update
<djfe> gn8 jow :)
<\x> here, seems to work, im disabling radio1
<\x> this is with the button on luci
<\x> >"radio1":{"up":false,"pending":false,"autostart":true,"disabled":true,
<djfe> I tested my Linksys MR8300 as well (read 01:53:54 CEST), ipq40xx is not affected by the LuCI bug. But thanks for taking a look at yours as well :)
<\x> np
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