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<lu_zero> is there a way to ask opkg to tell which packages are part of the base image and which are installed in the overlay?
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<\x> robimarko: have you seen? Wifi 7 coming early
<robimarko> \x: Yeah
<robimarko> It was just matter of time since QCA launched theirs
<robimarko> Its going to be a pain getting the HW though
<\x> damn, with client products gonna be out this september, wifi 6 might be the uhmm, shortest wifi gen?
<\x> pandemic happened i guess
<robimarko> Well, BE seems to be pretty based of AX
<robimarko> And there still isnt timeline when its going to be ratified
<\x> good move on banana pi on placing those radios on slots
<\x> but then why is there the need for a 65W power supply on these
<\x> its not like those sfp+ slots gonna take so much
<robimarko> I guess they are accounting for possible PCIe radios
<robimarko> And everything you can hook up
<\x> atleast the one installed there is like 12 stream
<\x> kind of based
<\x> but why 4 + 5 + 5
<\x> weird antenna counts but I guess new things are weird
<lu_zero> robimarko: if you have time to guide me, I still cannot find where/how you set the destination path for kmod packages
<robimarko> lu_zero: I am really not familiar with it
<lu_zero> I tried to follow the mk but I got lost =/
<lu_zero> my testcase is to take the .config for say, bpi-r3, put it on an openwrt tree and build all, the kmod packages aren't placed where the generated feeds.conf would look for
<lu_zero> who could know?
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<stintel> what's the way to reliably dump a NAND chip before trying install OpenWrt on it?
<stintel> dd wasn't good, iirc?
<robimarko> nanddump
<stintel> robimarko: thanks!
<stintel> I have this Ruckus T310c that I want to take to my friends' place to have good Wi-Fi in the garden on his annual BBQ festival
<stintel> I think I got the DTS sorted last night
<stintel> how should I figure out qcom,ath10k-calibration-variant ?
<robimarko> You as the dev decide what it should be set to
<robimarko> Usually vendor,board
<stintel> oh I thought it would look for that in some binary file
<robimarko> Thats the second part
<robimarko> You gotta package the raw board.bin
<stintel> Documentation/devicetree/bindings/net/wireless/qcom,ath10k.txt:- qcom,ath10k-calibration-variant: string to search for in the board-2.bin
<stintel> I see
<\x> htmode "HE40+" and "HE40-" no go?
<robimarko> You can just use ath10k-bdencoder to unpack one of the existing BDF-s
<robimarko> And just modify the board-2.json
<\x> about that ath10k thing, so i got me that cheap af qca9886 robimarko iirc it supports 2x2 80 and 1x1 160, but it seems 160 isnt there, is this an eeprom thing?
<stintel> robimarko: but I can probably scout the stock firmware for a board.bin ?
<robimarko> \x: probably capped in EEPROM
<robimarko> stintel: It will be in /lib/firmware
<robimarko> Probably named bdwlan.*
<stintel> I didn't manage to access that, failed to mount the root ubi partitions of the stock firmware
<stintel> overlay worked
<\x> whoever designed this board is a good guy, you can push that 5V either on the pcie slot pins or that VDDA_RF solderhole
<stintel> let me first do that nanddump
<stintel> robimarko: now it seems to "just work" without com,ath10k-calibration-variant in the DTS. what am I missing out on if I skip the bdencoder step
<robimarko> stintel: WLAN performance will be crap
<robimarko> It just works cause its using the default BDF
<robimarko> Which is way off your board
<\x> is AC2200 like the highest class ipq40xx has been put in?
<\x> or is there like an AC3000 device or higher?
<Ansuel> why i see place for a spi chip on that card
<Ansuel> what would be the use o.O
<robimarko> Caldata
<mrkiko> \x: what device are you referring to when you think about AC2200?
<\x> asus lyra mesh
<mrkiko> \x: so I can't say; but some of these devices (gl-b2200) have more than 2 interfaces.
<\x> and theres that linksys ac2200, i think mr8300?
<mrkiko> \x: so I wouldn't care much about this in troughput terms
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<stintel> 3g/4g/5g users here, is it possible to receive SMSes and display them in LuCI or so?
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<stintel> or just get them from command line, it can't be that hard to write some ucode to throw them in a webinterface
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<xback> This look wrong :-);a=blob;f=package/kernel/linux/modules/;h=86a5ffb5c52f2580e58e211c05c668a9800e5e2c;hb=HEAD#l200
<xback> also the next one below it
<mrkiko> stintel: if you target a specific well-known modem, the answer is infact that one - assuming the modem exposes SMS messages via AT you can do so using ucode or whatever
<stintel> mrkiko: thanks
<mrkiko> stintel: if you target a well-known modem that doesn't offer AT interfaces or for some reasons you can't use them, then it getting little bit more complex but feasible.
<stintel> I'll have to figure some stuff out - I don't have the specs for the modem yet but I'm asking the potential client to send me some units
<mrkiko> stintel: doing it in a generic way... definitely not such easy
<stintel> mrkiko: thanks for the info
<stintel> appreciated
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<mrkiko> stintel: :)
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<mrkiko> building a bridge between ubus and d-bus or adding ubus support to ModemManager would be both interesting but pretty complex tasks, I guess
<djfe> tmn505: you could post your findings on the Meraki boot issues here:
<djfe> maybe there is a kernsize bootloader variable like for some Linksys nand devices
<stintel> dbus never!
<SlimeyX> heh
<SlimeyX> trying again with some dts fixin's
<stintel> SlimeyX: did you manage to fix the illegal instruction?
<SlimeyX> trying to now, its friday morning here
<SlimeyX> and its on a managed poe switch this time so i can reset it lol
<SlimeyX> im doing this remotely
<f00b4r0> stintel: I use smstools3 with huawei LTE stick, works like a charm. IIRC it has a luci app even
<Slimey> stintel if i do make clean will it delete the AltiVec patch?
<stintel> Slimey: no, make clean doesn't delete patches
<SlimeyX> k
<stintel> but just keep b286e8bd4092c14769e66cf17892e5e5e57f8ab5 in your local branch ?
<SlimeyX> yup
<stintel> yeah then you don't have to worry
<stintel> just if you built musl for ppc64 before without the patch you need to make something something clean
<Slimey> ya
<stintel> f00b4r0: thanks
<Ansuel> xback can you do me a favor and check if that commit is also in 23.05?
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<SlimeyX> heh hang after
<SlimeyX> Uncompressing Kernel Image ... OK
<SlimeyX> Loading Device Tree to 03fe7000, end 03fffe09 ... OK
<SlimeyX> going to try comment out gpio.h and input.h in dts
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<xback> Ansuel: I was just checking it :-)
<xback> Strange that it passed all checks ..
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<Ansuel> xback probably other module autoselect that config
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<xback> Ansuel: Thanks for the patches :-)
<Christophe[m]1> Can someone explain what "Library not found: openwrt/staging_dir/target-aarch64_cortex-a53_musl/root-mediatek/lib/ in path: /usr/lib:/usr/lib/ucode:/usr/lib:/lib" is about?
<dwfreed> it would help if we had context
<Christophe[m]1> I'm compiling openwrt (: Give me some minutes to be more precise what exact configuration is causing this.
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<SlimeyX> still get the same the illegal instruction :|
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<stintel> SlimeyX: you have CONFIG_MATH_EMULATION enabled in the kernel ?
<SlimeyX> yes
<stintel> then I'm out of ideas
<SlimeyX> should i add DEVICE_COMPAT_VERSION := 1.1 to my
<SlimeyX> the old 5.15 it worked under has CONFIG_DYNAMIC_DEBUG=y
<stintel> ah you're doing 6.1 ?
<SlimeyX> no still 5.15.newer
<stintel> ah
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<SlimeyX> it still builds with 5.15.96 and is the exact same config just different kernel version
<SlimeyX> boots and builds :)
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<SlimeyX> 5.15.114 hangs at the same illegal instruction
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<Christophe[m]1> dwfreed: i'm afraid i can't reproduce this.
<dwfreed> in a way, that's great :)
<dwfreed> problem == solved
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<Ansuel> Slimey sad that they are never pushed up
<Slimey> yeah some stuff out there you find for luci is pretty neat
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<Ansuel> anyway the dts looks ok with a quick look
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<stintel> hmmm so this ipq4019 device has 2 rootfs partitions on the NAND. it seems to be booting from the 2nd one and I flashed OpenWrt to the first... how can I toggle this?
<stintel> looks like setting boot_cnt=0 in u-boot env does something
<Slimey> how about boot_bank
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<SlimeyX> can you log into the device, strings /dev/mtd1 or mtd0 | grep boot
<stintel> ah I flashed to the other ubi partition :P
<stintel> now it doesn't boot because it limits kernel size
<stintel> Read 0 bytes from volume kernel to 84000000
<stintel> No size specified -> Using max size (4317184)
<stintel> Wrong Image Format for bootm command
<stintel> the stock image was using uncompressed kernel in fit, I built gzipped, let me change that
<stintel> actually if I run bootm it boots
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<stintel> so I could just change the bootcmd and be done with it
<stintel> wonder what bootcmd it uses though. it's not set in env, but it's not bootipq because that fails in a different way
<\x> nbd: seems that latest mt76 bump fixed this for me
<\x> mt7921au temp sensor also works!
<\x> nevermind
<\x> still has issues on boot
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