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<aka_[m]> so Nubia Z50 is first device with msm-5.15 kernel release?
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<aka_[m]> Marijn: i think i found cause of that panel errors.
<aka_[m]> Downstream kernel have some ugly hacks for what they call "CABC" and they pretend panel is DCS controlled for that and it appears it triggers some errors when generator added backlight code to it.
<aka_[m]> also while pmi8950 got there compatible for wled didn't
<aka_[m]> so panel driver will probe defer(i really don't know how write that word) waiting for backlight
<aka_[m]> gnome-mobile feels 30fps with adreno >_>
<Marijn[m]> Content Aware Brightness Control?
<aka_[m]> yea
<aka_[m]> i should have tried plasma, gnome hangs once i try to access settings
<aka_[m]> i doubt its gpu hang or anything because dmesg is clean
<steev> lumag: just for some clarification - since i'm fixing up the venus firmware path, i might as well fix up the other paths too... should it actually be in sdm850 or should it go in sdm845 since it's really an sdm845 with higher clocks?
<steev> i ask because the linux-firmware git repo has sdm845 directory, but not an sdm850
<aka_[m]> so 6.2_rc1 just got released
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