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<deathmist1> bamse: hey, I hate to nag about this once again but would it be possible to get fresh tags for qrtr-ns, pd-mapper, rmtfs & tqftpserv? I'd like to see these mandatory for modem functionality daemons getting packaged on distributions across the board in official repositories ^^
<deathmist1> I'd argue they work stable enough as proved by postmarketOS and SDM845 smartphones etc for example to warrant proper new tags
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<steev> which distros don't have them?
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<aka_[m]> bamse: any chance these:... (full message at <>)
<aka_[m]> im quite in need for these on 8976 too
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<mal> I'm also waiting for those to get in because my msm8226 wcnss patchset depends on the yaml conversion
<aka_[m]> Qcom subsystem gets quite busy lately lol
<aka_[m]> So is mediakek probably, that's why I want to try mainline Unisocs xd
<mal> same for modem remoteproc, yaml conversion blocks my msm8226 modem changes
<aka_[m]> Oh so there is one combined too
<aka_[m]> I hope we can get all stuff quite early in 6.3
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<mal> aka_[m]: I think there was one combined patchset for wcnss and modem but it was split into separate patchsets which those two
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<deathmist1> steev: any that only ship tagged versions of software to users in binary repo, for example on Void Linux I've been carrying said packages as out-of-tree ones for over a year; I've not even tried to submit them as per, specifically the last paragraph
<deathmist1> I could maybe try to get them in as "restricted" packages meaning you have to build it from source, but arguably it's not really any different to what I'm doing right now then assuming they'd still even accept it
<deathmist1> oh well they mention exceptions can be made so won't hurt to try anyway I guess, tags would still be way more ideal for such critical pieces of daemons mandatory for ath10k-snoc and modem to work
<aka_[m]> any idea why something derps on me if i add parent 0 to apcs-msm8916 driver?
<aka_[m]> i added it in both parent map and data and code detects cpu booted with XO but shortly after change to 400Mhz it dies
<aka_[m]> wdt trigger
<aka_[m]> even if i boot it preconfigured at 800mhz it still die
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