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<aka_[m]> Marijn: what is a status of DSC within DPU code?
<aka_[m]> I remember you had some devices with it
<Marijn[m]> aka_: It "depends"
<aka_[m]> per soc?
<Marijn[m]> 845 works flawlessly - no corruption at all unlike downstream
<aka_[m]> what about champ socs like 8x50
<Marijn[m]> 8[1234]50 we're having some trouble because cmdmode also is broken; IIRC I was testing on 8250
<Marijn[m]> More concretely, do you need anything from me? Is there any specific SoC/setup I can help out with, test, or clarify?
<aka_[m]> ah,so unless it gets fixed then its quite dead, is dsc only used on cmd?
<aka_[m]> I had someone asking me about status of dsc and he/she probably have alioth(poco f3?)
<Marijn[m]> Pretty sure DSC is also used on video mode
<Marijn[m]> s/Pretty sure//
<aka_[m]> 8250 dev appears
<Marijn[m]> Is poco f3 cmd or video mode?
<aka_[m]> lets see
<aka_[m]> k11a_38_08_0a_dsc_cmd
<Marijn[m]> cmdmode yay.
<aka_[m]> dsc cmd panel with some focaltech controller it appears
<aka_[m]> K11a reffers to some focaltech IC family, its quite hard to find who make panel, sources like panelook not always have panels listed
<Marijn[m]> If they then run into timeouts... That's an unresolved topic
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<flamingradian[m]> z3ntu: what's the copyright year here based on?
<z3ntu> flamingradian: Nothing really, should probably make it like this:
<z3ntu> Probably sm8250 one since I built my generator on that one and I tried to minimize diff
<flamingradian[m]> Oh, okay. I guess I'll change the year then. Thanks for making it.
<flamingradian[m]> It looks like the _virt nodes shouldn't be nested because they aren't in -next.
<z3ntu> You're welcome :)
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<aka_[m]> bamse: thanks for accepting stuff for 6.2 :)
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<anholt_> anyone know anything about MAC addresses on the RB5? Mine are all getting a 00:0e:c6:81:79:01 default value on ax88179_178a, which is not going to work well when I have multiple on the network.
<z3ntu> bamse: if you can still pick up more patches, there's still a number of patches from me that either got a review or haven't gotten a negative review at least
<alfayt[m]> Guys how do we build downstream 5.4 kernel for A12 with clang and llvm there is no tutorial out there
<aka_[m]> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
<aka_[m]> we are not downstream guys
<aka_[m]> well
<aka_[m]> konradybcio: you are pro
<aka_[m]> and have access to these things
<aka_[m]> from what i remember these GKI kernels are real fuckin pain to go around and they like expect you to use one specific compiller or shit will collapse
<aka_[m]> what a pitty