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<bamse> deathmist1: gave them a nice even v1.0, hope that helps
<bamse> aka_[m], mal: build-testing the two series now
<aka_[m]> nice.
<aka_[m]> there are few fixes and patches for SM6115 from Konrad
<aka_[m]> would be great to get these there too
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<aka_[m]> bamse: any idea why PLL naming is so missleading?... (full message at <>)
<aka_[m]> issue is besides "register layout" there are different ways of handling plls, so we cannot be sure if this "stromer" is same like our "stromer" and if we can use it after changing regs
<aka_[m]> /* Stromer APSS PLL does not enable LOCK_DET by default, so enable it */
<aka_[m]> Meanwhile reset value of LOCK_DET appears to be 1 on 8953
<aka_[m]> I don't think im really able to test it(from lk2nd maybe?)
<deathmist1> bamse: thanks!