<Ansuel> my god wtf is the 7zip soruce
<Ansuel> full of commented code
<Ansuel> all messed up
<Lechu> Got my hands on next Ruckus devices, this time AR7161 based. I got almost everything working, save for Ethernet port using RGMII and MV88E1116 phy. Regardless of PLL data, no data is ever received by the interface, though the TX works. PHY is detected properly. Any ideas what to check next?
<Lechu> The same happens for ZF7351 and ZF7363.
<Lechu> In statistics I see zero received packets, not even error frames.
<Lechu> PHY statistics also show zeros in ethtool
<Lechu> I get throughput when link speed is reduced to 100 or 10Mbps
<Lechu> I managed to extract something from U-boot's logs based on different speeds and setting for GbE was different. Let's see if that helps.
<Lechu> There is one more elephant in the room, RTL8363 switch in ZF7363.
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<Lechu> And nope, still no throughput at GbE.
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<Znevna> hmm
<Znevna> hmz
<Znevna> dragons
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<opty> & dungeons
<Znevna> x.x
<Znevna> boy
<Znevna> these are bad dragons
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<stintel> can we have a bot that automatically does s/OpenWRT/OpenWrt/g ?
<jayk> people know what it means, why bother
<stintel> because it's wrong
<Znevna> some devs use the "wrong" casing anyway
<stintel> then they should be corrected also :)
<Znevna> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
<Znevna> as long as they fix bugs I wouldn't care about the casing
<Znevna> and probably for some WRT has more meaning
<stintel> how would you feel if someone you work with keeps consistently spelling your name wrong ?
<jayk> shouldnt let little things bother you
<Znevna> but the spelling is right
<stintel> look at it differently: if you can't be bothered writing it correctly why should we bother looking into your problem?
<Znevna> why is it Wrt and not WRt ?
<Znevna> or WRT? :P
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<jayk> openwrt is easier to type
<jayk> i prefer that!
<jayk> ..and the outcome is the same..does not effect operation, only user
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<stintel> I wasn't there when they decided on the name, I just know it's OpenWrt and not OpenWRT
<stintel> and we care enough to make that the 2nd slide of presentations
<jayk> perhaps the channel should be renamed then, too
<jayk> #OpenWRT-Devel
<Znevna> Wrt-devel
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<jayk> *open***-*evel
<jayk> how bout that
<jayk> fill in the blanks!
<oliv3r[m]> still strikes me as odd; Wrt vs WRT; WRT is an abbreviation, Wrt reads like CamelCase and doesn't make sense :p
<stintel> I don't mind openwrt. but if you use caps, use them correctly
<oliv3r[m]> 'correctly' with big quotes, as 'what is correct' :p
<jayk> ask alexa
<jayk> i dont think she cares much about spelling
<jayk> +syntax
<stintel> there's are reason the logo is OpenWrt. there's a reason we write OpenWrt the website/forum/...
<jayk> dns doesnt care
<jayk> itll get there if you type oPeNWrT.oRG
<stintel> wasn't talking about DNS
<jayk> poor logic
<stintel> right
<jayk> dont change what aint broke
<stintel> open openwrt.org or forum.openwrt.org, do a case sensitive search for OpenWRT
<stintel> you'll find not matches
<Znevna> since there's nowhere mentioned what "wrt" stands for and why only W is uppercase is hard for people to type it "correctly"
<jayk> should rename tomato tomatoe then
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<slh64> doing automated string replacements has unintended consequences, as it is prone to 'fixing' things that must be 'wrong', e.g. in configuration files, code snippets or patches
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<oliv3r[m]> Wrt comes from the linksys WRT54g doesn' tit; where WRT stood for 'WirelessRouTer' if memory serves me well
<Znevna> that's what google tells us
<oliv3r[m]> hence, OpenWRT would stend for Open WirelessRouTer :); however now, it's just wrt without meaning, but camelcased :) the logic got lost. While 'lede' was a poor name, it was a very destinct name
<oliv3r[m]> also, afaik OpenWrt won't be just rireless routers for long, generic networking gear solution is comming closer (or has come already?) and who knows, hopefully we can run it on (door)cams soon too :)
<robimarko> I mean, its just a flexible distro, so you can run it on anything
<Znevna> and back in 2004 the webpages had <title>OpenWRT</title>
<oliv3r[m]> In that sense, you can argue 'wrt' no longer stands for anything, its just a (confusing) name with some history )
<Znevna> so it was confusing even when that went online ;P
<oliv3r[m]> time for some rebranding :)
<oliv3r[m]> My bet, is some camelcase lover at some point figured 'it must be camelcase!'
<robimarko> What is the point of rebranding now that everybody knows the name OpenWrt
<Znevna> germans might argue that the R should be uppercase
<Znevna> since .. Router
<f00b4r0> more importantly, how do you pronounce the "Wrt" part? ;)
<oliv3r[m]> 'everybody' is a bit strong :p
<oliv3r[m]> but I think the XBMC -> kodi transition went quite nicely in the end
<jow> it was rebranded?
<f00b4r0> sort of
<robimarko> GH actions are pilling up
<Znevna> from wiki: The ending of Xbox support by the original project was also the reason that it was renamed "XBMC" from the old "Xbox Media Center" name, and why it later was renamed "Kodi".
<f00b4r0> also it's "Kodi", not "kodi" :)
<robimarko> Can we make GH stop the builds for branches that got force pushed as they are just wasting resources to get built again
<ynezz> robimarko: I'm toying with an idea to simply just trigger the builds manually https://github.com/ynezz/openwrt/pull/3/commits/349d8822e754cf411509a4aa44a8d3ccb7a23712 using labels
<ynezz> once you assign `ci:kernel:x86:64` it's going to do kernel tests for that target
<robimarko> Good idea, I see that Ansuel is trying to achieve the same: https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/pull/11762
<ynezz> although this is going to trigger on every push to that PR
<robimarko> I have been looking and it seems that GH has the concurrency model
<ynezz> ideally we whould use that bot
<Znevna> doesn't someone need to "check" something in a PR so that it gets built?
<robimarko> It allows automatically canceling existing jobs to just build the latest
<robimarko> Znevna: No, all PR-s are currently built on every push
<Znevna> I remember mine were sitting idle until someone accepted something
<Znevna> can't remember the details sorry:P
<ynezz> robimarko: still, with many concurrent PRs it's going to pile up
<robimarko> Yes, but it would still be way faster then now
<robimarko> As most builds seem to be building old code to then build again the stuff that got force pushed
<ynezz> well, there is some bot, where you somehow mark PR as ready (label, comment) and it's going to build test it, once it builds, it merges it
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<Znevna> wish some PRs would get accepted faster
<robimarko> We all do
<oliv3r[m]> or actually merged :D
<Znevna> or that :P
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<Ansuel> hello
<jow> I wish some PRs would be mergeable from the get-go
<robimarko> Good one
<Ansuel> ynezz i had a similar idea but i would make it for specific test and keep the current way
<Ansuel> something like "I need this pr to be tested with each subtarget" and we add a tag and the test is triggered
<Ansuel> (instead of creating TODROP commit to manually trigger tests)
<robimarko> Ansuel: Since you are online, does IPQ806x have the VDD_APCC and VDD_MX logic
<robimarko> For normal and turbo states?
<Ansuel> mhhh how to check that?
<robimarko> I mean, does it change the voltage source for memory controller etc once in turbo state?
<Ansuel> mhhh no or yes? they are linked to cache voltage i thing and cache voltage is changed to max value when cpu are at max freq
<robimarko> Ok, so its completely different then
<robimarko> Cause, it seems that they moved to APM on newer SoC-s
<robimarko> And here it just switches between 2 voltage "sources" depending on if a voltage threshold on CPU has been crossed
<robimarko> Basically turbo mode for memory controller and peripherals once you are in high OPP-s
<robimarko> Investigating all of that now that upstream CPR is being worked on again to get rid of the downstream implementations
<ynezz> jow: thats what I like on that bors bot approach, you simply add `bors r+` and rest is handled automagically
<ynezz> s/add/add comment/
<robimarko> But isnt currently stuff getting manually picked to git.openwrt.org and then pushed which then syncs the github mirror?
<ynezz> indeed, we would need to adjust for that
<Ansuel> ynezz bidirectional sync is a nightmare from what i read online
<ynezz> I didn't meant bidirectional sync
<ynezz> we should finaly decide where the project should live, move there and stay there until it makes sense
<robimarko> That was a bit of an hot topic
<Ansuel> eh fun times since last meeting we were still questioning if github was a good idea
<ynezz> yes, even mentioned on the last meeting, some other hosting
<ynezz> exactly, so lets make a vote and move on?
<robimarko> I mean, whats the competition?
<Znevna> oh noes and I was just getting familiar with github
<robimarko> Codeberg, Gitea and Gitlab?
<ynezz> codeberg IIRC
<Ansuel> codeberg i think? but honestly github ci are too good compared to other platform
<f00b4r0> and then there's the matter of platform popularity (i.e. how much do we want to have a wider audience and make contribution easy)
<Ansuel> ynezz we should first fix the other problem with the vote rules itself no idea if we made some progress on that
<robimarko> Lets be honest, Codeberg is a complete unknown for 99% of the people
<f00b4r0> ^
<f00b4r0> i only opened a gitlab account to be able to contribute to buildbot ;P
* f00b4r0 hides
<Ansuel> but honestly moving to github and enabling merging pr would result in the repo getting bloated by empty commit with Merge #3238 from blah/bhu that I really hate...
<robimarko> ^ Second that
<robimarko> I hate merge commits
<f00b4r0> same
<ynezz> you can enable fast-forward only mode IIRC
<f00b4r0> correct
<robimarko> Whats CI in Codeberg like?
<ynezz> it's drone.io IIRC
<Ansuel> and that won't solve anything since people will have to rebase each time or maintainers will have... Wonder if the merge bot can be instructed to rebase and merge to git.... we can consider giving him a ssh key and pass it with github secrets
<robimarko> Github does have an option to rebase and merge PR-s
<robimarko> ynezz: We use drone.io at work
<robimarko> But havent personally had to work with it
<Ansuel> right the rebase and merge way
<Znevna> I don't see any "empty" commit from my PR and it got merged fine (I think?) how was that ok?
<Ansuel> mhhh what are you referring to?
<robimarko> I am not getting the point
<robimarko> There are no merge commits currently as its manually picked and pushed to the branch
<Ansuel> Znevna i created a script... github flag pr as merged if the commits are merged in the base branch with fast-forward
<Znevna> ok x.x
<Ansuel> ynezz btw i would check if triggering tests with label is not too hard to implement... It would be very useful. Ideally the tag is removed as soon as the test is triggered.
<ynezz> Ansuel: it works, I've done it
<ynezz> the problem is, that it currently doesn't affect the main check status
<ynezz> so this would mean probably some additional API call
<ynezz> I mean, if the workflow trigerred by the label addition fails, then we would need to update the global checks status
<ynezz> weird, it works now
<Ansuel> github is slow to refresh stuff
<ynezz> that UI is teribbly broken sometimes
<Ansuel> probably that
<Ansuel> yep
<Ansuel> btw think i will just merge this
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<Ansuel> easy change that should massively speedup tests
<robimarko> Oh yeah
<Ansuel> what I'm scared is the changed file detection... but at worst we will have the tag method to the rescue
<dhewg> no idea if that's possible, but every now and then I force push but just change the commit messages, maybe it can skip ci if there're no incremental file changes?
<dhewg> just happened on #11728 if that helps
<Ansuel> force push brake the entire system... github internally lose track of the last event so you can't track what changed before and after so it's a big corner case hard to handle
<robimarko> Ansuel: They have a concurrency system now
<dhewg> there's a "Compare" button next to each force-push, so the info is somewhere?
<robimarko> So you can force to only have 1 build on the same PR/branch/whatever and cancel the old build
<ynezz> yes, but it's still going to build everything again
<robimarko> Yes
<robimarko> But its a start
<Ansuel> at least the prev job will be stopped it's not that bad
<robimarko> I dont see how can we prevent a build once force-pushed
<robimarko> Cause, you cant compare the content as you literaly overwrote git history
<ynezz> build on demand for the start?
<jow> don't overthink
<Ansuel> we can set the group based on the branch+author
<jow> it's not like people constantly force-push PRs without actual content changes
<robimarko> Indeed
<robimarko> Just stopping existing builds to not build outdated stuff would be a good start
<robimarko> Cause, I see those all of the time, one workflow fails
<robimarko> Then they fix it, force-push
<robimarko> But the old one is still building/or in queue and its just wasting resources
<Ansuel> https://github.com/Ansuel/openwrt/actions/runs/3892727793/jobs/6644485736 yay objtool with musl libc is broken as kf
<robimarko> You are a brave man trying to get Alpine working as build host
<Ansuel> robimarko what i can't understand is where to put that... they give plenty of example and for that feature... none
<Ansuel> well the container image dropped from 1.1gb to 400mb
<ynezz> either per job or workflow level
<ynezz> depends where you want that concurrency limit
<robimarko> Probably on the workflow in this case
<robimarko> So it stops all builds that are outdated
<robimarko> Ansuel: You can just use the PR number as part of the group id
<Ansuel> that is problematic for push event tho
<robimarko> Yeah
<robimarko> There are plenty of options for the build ID
<robimarko> *group
<Ansuel> mhhh actually it's not that trivial we don't want test for master to be stopped
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<robimarko> Hm, maybe it possible to limit it to PR-s
<robimarko> I know there is on.pull_request filter
<robimarko> Using github.head_ref as group should work
<robimarko> As its only gonna exist if triggered by PR
<Ansuel> we need to ""abuse"" the fallback way to have something that works for both push and pr
<Ansuel> or we can just limit this to pr and be done with it... problem is github ci that is overloaded
<robimarko> Well, its getting hammered with building x86 and malta with nonshared
<robimarko> Kernels for all targets
<robimarko> And whatever the packages repo does
<Ansuel> packages test are very good they are fast as they use sdk and all
<Ansuel> this 100% won't work but worth to test
<Ansuel> cancel-in-progress: ${{ github.event_name == 'pull_request' }}
<ynezz> looks legit to me, good idea
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<Ansuel> ok wow the thing actually works with a simple
<Ansuel> concurrency:
<Ansuel> cancel-in-progress: ${{ github.event_name == 'pull_request' }}
<Ansuel> group: ${{ github.ref }}
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<robimarko> Thats great
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<Ansuel> Canceling since a higher priority waiting request for 'refs/pull/11766/merge' exists
<Ansuel> need to put the workflow name
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<Ansuel> Canceling since a higher priority waiting request for 'Build host tools-refs/pull/11766/merge' exists
<Ansuel> works correctly
<Ansuel> we need to test how this thing works for master... will keep an eye on push tests
<Ansuel> (the thing cancel job that still needs to run and this is not configurable)
<robimarko> Along with target specific build only change this should reduce the load quite a bit
<robimarko> Ansuel: I am gonna guess this was not supposed to be pushed: https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/commit/4eb587f7e0a49b9c404857b18571f45981b3a7fc
<Ansuel> yes GOD DAMN ....
<Ansuel> i should really add some confirm to the merge script
<robimarko> BTW, did you see Kalle send the patches for firmware-2 in ath11k
<robimarko> They are finally allowing to embed FW features
<Ansuel> link ?
<Ansuel> probably they will ship the fix for pci
<robimarko> Yeah, I am guessing they will use the FW metadata to be able to know which one takes QRTR ID and which dont
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<Ansuel> btw love how the entire chinese community merged in your pr LOL
<Ansuel> and everyone is reverting to the original partition layout
<robimarko> maybe recovering constantly due to custom bootloader annoyed me enough to revert back to stock
<robimarko> I am looking at the CPR patches, and yeah that aint gonna work
<robimarko> They rely on hardcoding most of the parameters for some reason
<robimarko> But they are per device and stored in efuses which the downstream driver (And we use) reads from them
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<robimarko> As there is quite a bit of difference even on the same SoC model
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<Ansuel> they hardcode as they think there won't be other user of it?
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<Slimey> doot doot doot
<robimarko> Ansuel: No idea as the inital driver implementation introduces 2 users in it
<robimarko> And they are passing all of the fuses as NVMEM cells but only reading like 4 of them
<robimarko> The whole series looks semi-broken
<Ansuel> it's the konrad one?
<robimarko> Yeah, but he just picked it up from others
<robimarko> But he sent it with a missing header, common code was not selected so you couldnt even build it
<Ansuel> strange o.o
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<robimarko> Ansuel: QCA came through finally: http://lists.infradead.org/pipermail/ath11k/2023-January/003886.html
<Znevna> that commit with "todrop ipq4019" scared me rofl
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<jayk> /win 2
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<jayk> oliv3r[m]: lolol camelcase lover...it should just stay as it is to avoid confusion and unintended breakages, not a good idea to change something that may have unintened consequences and isnt exactly broke but more of a personal preference..
<Lynx-> Is use of 'flock' in bash frowned upon in favour of lock-free solutions?
<jayk> i thought flock() could do both, maybe not in bash tho
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<KGB-0> https://tests.reproducible-builds.org/openwrt/openwrt_kirkwood.html has been updated. (100.0% images and 99.6% packages reproducible in our current test framework.)
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<Ansuel> Dynalink ax3600 at 70€
<Ansuel> is it a good price?
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<jayk> lowest price i see is 75€
<robimarko> Ansuel: It aint gonna get cheaper
<robimarko> I assume its Amazon.de
<Ansuel> yep
<Ansuel> problem is that i will have to use drop shipping so + 20 of shipping
<Ansuel> cause they only ship to de
<robimarko> Yeah, I know
<robimarko> I got mine off eBay via dropshipping while ago
<robimarko> No idea why they refuse to ship outside of DE
<Ansuel> ok so the way is find something on ebay
<robimarko> It cost me 70 EUR for an used one
<robimarko> So its not gonna be cheaper
<Ansuel> my problem is the keyword
<slh> there were a couple of dynalink offers on ebay until last summer, since then there haven't been any (at least not in the 2-figure EUR range); the 79 EUR amazon.de offer is the best you can find
<robimarko> Doubt its gonna be cheaper than 69 EUR plus MailboxDE
<slh> it wasn't any cheaper on black friday or cyber week, or singles' day either
<Ansuel> true i have the extention the price didn't change
<Ansuel> eh to ship 13,40
<Ansuel> 83,40
<Ansuel> cheaper than the xiaomi one and less problem to install openwrt
<Ansuel> also usb 3.0 + 2.5g port
<slh> yeah, in retrospect I wish I'd have waited as well
<Ansuel> but still i think the mvp is the qnap 301w
<Ansuel> but it's pricey
<slh> I've been searching hard for an excuse to buy the dynalink as well, but with the xiaomi ax3600 at hand, I don't really find one...
<robimarko> 2.5G and USB?
<robimarko> 1G of RAM as well
<Ansuel> ohhh
<Ansuel> 1g is even more important
<slh> sure, if I didn't already own the ax3600, this would be a no brainer
<robimarko> For the price Dynalink doesnt really have any competition
<robimarko> But I really like my Qnap for deving
<Ansuel> my parents are moving to a new home this march so that will probably be the house router
<Ansuel> but i'm tempted by the qnap... but it's overkill
<Borromini> which Qnap?
<Borromini> ty
<slh> vs https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/pull/11731/commits/ec4b679114d5edcfa38fe99e9a8b546e93e45508 for the dynalink, at 70-80 EUR, that dynalink is hard to beat
<Borromini> yes IPQ807x I saw :)
<slh> the important aspects are ipq8072a or up and 1 GB RAM (USB3 is a nice commodity on top) ;)
<Ansuel> the 1g is only needed for wifi offload
<Ansuel> to reach the 3gbps traffic
<Ansuel> 512mb is ok for normal use
<slh> and for all the other nice-to-have things, e.g. adblock with larger lists
<Ansuel> nss can be tunded to use a tremendous amount of ram for dma to handle 3gbps
<Ansuel> fun thing is they hide that under a script so without that option the thing perform quite bad
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<Borromini> slh: would you use USB3?
<Borromini> i can't recall when I used USB on a router
<slh> Borromini: no plans to do so, but it's always nice to have in the bag
<slh> it's more a question of 'why not', the SOC has it integrated, so it should be brought out
<Borromini> :P
<Ansuel> i normaly attach an hard disk to store some files like rdd stuff
<Borromini> yeah, makes sense for write intensive stuff
<Ansuel> also for simple share it's not that bad
<slh> Borromini: with ipq8072a, we're taling about 4*2.2 GHz cortex a53, not doo shabby (just ipq8071a lags behind at 1.38 GHz)
<Borromini> but 71a isn't viable for porting or is it?
<slh> Borromini: it is, as in xiaomi ax3600, which was first to the party and 'cheap' by then
<Borromini> ok then I'm confusing it with another platform where first gen is crappy.
<Ansuel> the last digit
<Ansuel> is just cpu running at less hz
<slh> but if you can get ipq8072a or better, take it, as it's twice as fast (and usually has more RAM)
<Ansuel> for some time we were running the xiaomi thing at overcloced freq
<Ansuel> cause the driver was messed up LOL
<Ansuel> nobody said a word about instability
<Ansuel> also the heat spreader on the xiaomi thing is overkill
<ynezz> is that mailboxde.com reliable?
<ynezz> the site looks like some scam from '90
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<hexa-> if you're looking for a mailhost in germany I'd recommend either mailbox.org or posteo
<hexa-> never heard of mailboxde.com
<hexa-> case in point: their mx goes to gmail
<Ansuel> i used tiptrans
<Ansuel> np
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<ynezz> thanks, love it, they looks like real smugglers
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<robimarko> I have been using Mailboxde for years
<robimarko> Its all legit
<Borromini> hexa-: it's a forwarder
<Borromini> not a mail host
<robimarko> Yes
<hexa-> oh ok
<hexa-> that kind of mailbox, funky
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<Znevna> is there any way to find the spi freq used in the oem firmware? on a tp-link archer c6u >.>
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<robimarko> hexa- Yeah, its a virtual adress forwarder
<robimarko> Cause since I am in Croatia a lot of times they dont want to ship directly
<robimarko> But I saved a ton of money from ordering from all over EU instead of localy
<hexa-> rough
<Borromini> robimarko: won't that get easier with Croatia joining the euro and Schengen now?
<robimarko> Borromini: For mailing it doesnt really change anything since we have been in the EU since 2013
<robimarko> But, for some reason most webshops dont like to ship
<Borromini> ok. And Schengen is about free traffic of persons, not goods.
<robimarko> Yeah, cause we already have free movement of goods
<Borromini> well i'm in BE and you see lots of shops in Germany that will ship to DE/AT/PL and that's about it :P
<robimarko> Yeah, thats the norm
<robimarko> Hence MailboxDE
<robimarko> Cause, I specifically search for sales and so far saved a lot of money that way
<robimarko> Especially on notebooks, phones, PC parts etc
<hauke> I think you have to take care of taxes in seach country you ship to
<Borromini> :)
<robimarko> hauke: Yes, if you sell over X amount per year
<Borromini> hauke: yes VAT differs, not sure how webshops are supposed to handle it
<hauke> and waste management ;-)
<robimarko> Borromini: There is a centralized EU service/portal for that
<Borromini> ok
<robimarko> They just have to make sure to charge different VAT rates
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<KGB-0> https://tests.reproducible-builds.org/openwrt/openwrt_x86.html has been updated. (100.0% images and 99.6% packages reproducible in our current test framework.)
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