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<oftcrandomnick> hello
<oftcrandomnick> can someone help me out?
<jayk> with?
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<KGB-2> https://tests.reproducible-builds.org/openwrt/openwrt_tegra.html has been updated. (100.0% images and 99.7% packages reproducible in our current test framework.)
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<Znevna> oh please add support for my ap315!111naw
<Znevna> morning.
<mrkiko> Znevna: Morning
<mrkiko> rmilecki: well, but it's also nice to see you workinb on BCM space, doing your best to support hardware which can be pretty hard to get working
<rmilecki> mrkiko: thanks
<rmilecki> the problem is it's some real niche and it's hard to get much help
<rmilecki> i mean - some people are definitely trying to help - but you won't get straight answers
<dhewg> I guess because there's no easy one
<dhewg> but it sounds like this may happen on other platforms too
<rmilecki> i'm sure it does, you can find a lot of forum posts complaining about perfroamnce drop between releases
<rmilecki> those are very non-technical reports though, from people who usually can't even bisect
<dhewg> I remcommend to nerdsnipe capable ppl while showing the issues on platforms they're working on :)
<dhewg> like the two qca guys in here
* dhewg ducks
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<robimarko> rmilecki: Well, its a niche of a niche
<rmilecki> apparently...
<robimarko> Well, I am still trying to load the external module symbols into perf as well
<robimarko> To actually see whats chewing up CPU time
<mrkiko> robimarko: "none of them are hard" you mean all of them can be, with some hickups, used with no UART access
<robimarko> mrkiko: Yes
<robimarko> Almost all of them are installable without UART
<nbd> rmilecki: hi. did you get the chance to run some performance tests with threaded NAPI?
<rmilecki> nbd: i did no see improvement
<rmilecki> but then I realized I use packet steering
<rmilecki> I'll try threading again with all CPUs "enabled"
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<mrkiko> I remember trying to port openwrt to an Netgear BCM device of which I don't remember the brand. I got at a point where It could not arrive to the CFE prompt, probably because I messed up with the JFFS2 partitions containing other CFE pieces or something. A night mare. :D
<nbd> rmilecki: another thing: how much memory does your device have. how much is free in the wifi-off and in the wifi-on case?
<rmilecki> plenty
<rmilecki> # head -n 2 /proc/meminfo
<rmilecki> MemTotal: 510328 kB
<rmilecki> MemFree: 475372 kB
<rmilecki> nbd: please note I don't even need interface up
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<rmilecki> nbd: without packet steering disabled (all rps_cpus set to 0) I get 650 Mb/s without wifi and with wifi
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<rmilecki> *with packet steering disabled
<rmilecki> AKA *without packet steering
<dhewg> maybe it's something that netifd does? It toggles some sysctls for example
<rmilecki> dhewg: if you check my recent "Enabling WiFi slows down NAT (bcm53xx)" e-mail
<rmilecki> you can see that all I need to reproduce this issue is to call: iw phy phy0 interface add ap0 type __ap
<dhewg> oh alright
<dhewg> does non-ap reproduce it too?
<nbd> rmilecki: found a potential issue in the driver napi code that could cause some slowdown
<rmilecki> dhewg: I can't have two "sta" interfaces or montor interface (brcmfmac doesn't allow it)
<rmilecki> nbd: happy to test anything you may have
* rmilecki is compiling
<mrkiko> rmilecki: trying with different wi-fi drivers is out of question I guess
<dhewg> nbd: do you know if MT7921AU supports mesh? It currently doesn't, but is that a hw or driver limitation?
<rmilecki> mrkiko: i may buy some USB adapters
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<Namidairo> i could have sworn i saw an issue where someone said it was a hw limitation
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<dhewg> aww, alright, thanks!
<oliv3r[m]> how can I forcefully rebuild a tool? make just keeps telling me 'already up to date' (which it really is not)
<rmilecki> nbd: sorry but it doesn't fix the problem :(
<oliv3r[m]> and if I 'find' for any traces of it, other then the 'tool' dir, there's nothign.
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<nbd> dhewg: it's a firmware limitation
<rmilecki> ok, this just got fun
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<rmilecki> uci set wireless.radio0.disabled=0 && uci set wireless.radio1.disabled=0 && uci commit wireless
<rmilecki> reload_config
<rmilecki> == here wlan interfaces get setup and I get slow NAT ===
<rmilecki> /etc/init.d/network restart
<rmilecki> == here NAT gets back to stable 940 Mb/s ==
<nbd> whee
<rmilecki> nbd: there must be some magic bit in network setup by netifd that affects NAT performance
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<rmilecki> a matter of order?
<rmilecki> some sysctl bit?
<nbd> netifd restart also brings down the wifi interfaces
<rmilecki> yeah, but there are not disabled, so they go back up during netifd setup
<rmilecki> they are up right now, part of br-lan and I get 940 Mb/s
<Znevna> x.x
<nbd> please trigger the issue and check how frequently the irqs of the brcmfmac cards fire
<rmilecki> will do now
<rmilecki> also after a reboot, NAT is still slow... so it's network restart (netifd network setup from scratch) *during runtime* that fixes NAT speed for me
<rmilecki> wtf
<oliv3r[m]> Anybody can point me where to find about how to force a rebuild of a package/tool? :)
<Mangix> force push
<rmilecki> oliv3r[m]: make package/foo/{clean,compile} V=s ?
<oliv3r[m]> yeah it just says 'already'
<robimarko> That aint gonna work for host tools
<oliv3r[m]> ah, exactly
<Mangix> yeah it will
<Mangix> replace package with tools
<oliv3r[m]> make: 'tools/libdeflate/' is up to date.
<oliv3r[m]> so no, it won't work :D
<oliv3r[m]> make tools/libdeflate/ compile V=sc
<Mangix> you need to clean first
<Mangix> or just wipe build_dir/host/libdeflate
<oliv3r[m]> i did :p
<oliv3r[m]> which is why I said 'find . -iname' won't find it
<oliv3r[m]> `find . -iname 'libdeflate'
<f00b4r0> there's a stamp in staging_dir iirc
<oliv3r[m]> wouldn't find find it?
<oliv3r[m]> find . -iname '*libdeflate*' to be more accurate
<oliv3r[m]> ohhh wait, the staging dir is inside my container, and i'm searching outside of it!
<oliv3r[m]> but, that's also not it alas
<Mangix> you using docker?
<oliv3r[m]> yeah
<oliv3r[m]> and volume-mounted my source dir
<dhewg> nbd: huh, so iiuc in theory a fw supporting it would make it work, since the hw would be capable?
<nbd> i think so
<dhewg> nice
<nbd> but i don't think we will get such a fw
<dhewg> because? marketing?
<nbd> the primary target market for mt7921 is client devices
<nbd> mesh support is irrelevant for that market
<nbd> the only reason why AP support is in there is hotspot mode on mobile devices
<nbd> and it's limited
<robimarko> Look at Intel, selling client cards for years without AP mode at all
<Mangix> ax200 and ax210 apparently can do 6ghz
<Mangix> erm only the latter
<robimarko> But that requires hacks
<robimarko> Not like Intel advertises that
<Mangix> yep
<dhewg> yeah, it's limited, but I gotta say, I configured my notebook to use that router-usb-wifi exclusively, mostle because 6ghz is less populated, but it's stable as a rock and works very nicely
<Mangix> i'm curious about that
<dhewg> are there any mesh capable usb devices?
<Mangix> where I live, nobody uses DFS channels on 5ghz
<robimarko> Hehe, same here
<robimarko> So channel 100 is always free
<Mangix> yep
<dhewg> same here, but the various devices used here refuse to connect to it on those channels
<Mangix> luckily DFS doesn't kick me off, although it used to
<Mangix> oh that is interesting
<Mangix> actually what devices would those be?
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<dhewg> lame but frequently used stuff, from the top of my head my kid's tonybox, my cycling computer and an air purifier
<dhewg> some work on some channels, but making them all work limits your channel options
<robimarko> That crap I dont even attempt to run at 5GHz
<Mangix> ah, I don't have devices like that
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<Mangix> worst device I have is a printer that fails to connect if 802.11w is set to optional
<Mangix> meaning no ax possible.
<robimarko> Printers are always the worst thing possible
<dhewg> same here, which is why I added an additional iot wlan for that crap
<dhewg> on 2.4ghz then
<Mangix> I think I'll just hardwire it
<Mangix> Oddly enough I hate wires. I'm considering swapping keyboard and mouse for wireless ones.
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<rmilecki> nbd: I don't see any significant amount of IRQs.
<rmilecki> after booting:
<rmilecki> 49: 48 0 GIC-0 163 Level brcmf_pcie_intr
<rmilecki> 50: 49 0 GIC-0 169 Level brcmf_pcie_intr
<rmilecki> (they don't increase as interfaces are down)
<rmilecki> after enabling radios and reload_config:
<rmilecki> 49: 112 0 GIC-0 163 Level brcmf_pcie_intr
<rmilecki> 50: 118 0 GIC-0 169 Level brcmf_pcie_intr
<rmilecki> after 3-4 minutes of iperf LAN NAT traffic (slow):
<rmilecki> 49: 127 0 GIC-0 163 Level brcmf_pcie_intr
<rmilecki> 50: 133 0 GIC-0 169 Level brcmf_pcie_intr
<rmilecki> after /etc/init.d/network restart :
<rmilecki> 49: 216 0 GIC-0 163 Level brcmf_pcie_intr
<rmilecki> 50: 235 0 GIC-0 169 Level brcmf_pcie_intr
<rmilecki> after 3-4 minutes of iperf LAN NAT traffic (fast):
<rmilecki> 49: 252 0 GIC-0 163 Level brcmf_pcie_intr
<rmilecki> 50: 270 0 GIC-0 169 Level brcmf_pcie_intr
<robimarko> That doesnt seem like a lot of IRQ-s
<rmilecki> i agree
<rmilecki> any idea how to dump network state after "reload_config" and after "/etc/init.d/network restart" to look for differences?
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<jow> hmmm
<jow> cmake in my openwrt buildroot begun picking up host libraries
<jow> in my case it tries to link /usr/local/lib/libubox.so (built for x86_64) while compiling an image for mips 24kc
<jow> it also discovers and uses libubox headers from /usr/local/include/libubox
<nbd> rmilecki: i just went back to your original perf flamegraphs for the wifi-on and wifi-off case and noticed something odd
<nbd> rmilecki: in the wifi-on case the output path includes cycles in br_dev_xmit
<nbd> which i can't find in the wifi-off case
<karlp> jow: any tips on resolving menu.d/blah.json problems? I get https://bin.jvnv.net/file/CH4SK.png and I've restarted rpcd, uhttpd, turned off the cache in luci,
<karlp> I can't really see what I've got different in this menu.d file vs any others...
<nbd> rmilecki: oh, never mind. they're just elsewhere
<karlp> I get that error if I try to go directly to the page, it's obviously not turning up in the drop down menus either.
<nbd> jow: can you please give me a build log of an affected package where it runs into this issue?
<karlp> hah, the menu.d file had a "depends" clause with a uci entry...
<karlp> removing that and I can navigate directly at least, still missing in the dropdowns.
<karlp> baby steps
<jow> karlp: dropdowns are cached client side
<jow> karlp: or rather, the menu tree structure
<jow> karlp: log out and in again, then it should update
<jow> or use the browser debu console to clear session dta, then reload page
<karlp> yup, that fixed the dropdowns,
<rmilecki> nbd: can you think of any way of dumping kernel network state? anything else than readying sysctl?
<nbd> make a tarball of /sys/class/net + a textfile with the ifconfig output before and after
<nbd> use diff -ur afterwards
<rmilecki> will try that ,thanks
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<jow> nbd: can't reproduce it after a clean/compile, I'll assume that it was a temporary glitch due to some unclean artifacts
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<karlp> jow: I've found luci-app-commands as an example app with .ut templates, so that's cool, but it also has ucode/controller/commands.uc, where does that run then? on the host, like an old lua controller?
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<karlp> jow: doe backticks mean anything special here? https://github.com/openwrt/luci/blob/master/modules/luci-base/ucode/template/header.ut#L7 ? I can't find any particular mention of it on github/jow-/ucode at least?
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<karlp> it looks like generally, I can rename my lua templates from luarsc/blah/view/blah.htm to ucode/blah.ut, and just replace <%: text %> with {{_("text")}} and all my plain html+js will "just work" by the looks..
<jow> yes
<jow> an any *.uc or *.ut runs server side
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<rmilecki> any hint how to solve this? see:
<rmilecki> # ( cd /sys/class/net/eth0; tar czf /tmp/eth0.tar.gz ./* )
<rmilecki> tar: short read
<PaulFertser> grep -r . /sys/class/net/eth0 > /tmp/eth0.sysfs.txt
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<rmilecki> PaulFertser: oh, nice one
<rmilecki> i didn't know how to deal with subrits
<rmilecki> subdirs
<rmilecki> thank you
<karlp> jow: ok, neat, wouldn't have found that. is there a way like for k,v in _ENV or something to print out all the variables that are already defined?
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<opty> karlp: declare -p
<karlp> {% declare -p %} and {{ declare -p }} are both empty on my view? does that mean it's blank, and you need a controller to provide anything? or am I holding it wrong?
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<rmilecki> ok, i found out why /etc/init.d/network restart brings back 940 Mb/s NAT
<rmilecki> diff -u slow fast:
<rmilecki> -/sys/class/net/eth0/queues/rx-0/rps_cpus:3
<rmilecki> +/sys/class/net/eth0/queues/rx-0/rps_cpus:0
<rmilecki> i think network restarts re-executes my target/linux/bcm53xx/base-files/etc/init.d/fastnetwork which provides steering optimization
<rmilecki> bcm53xx's init.d script actually does:
<rmilecki> echo 0 > /sys/class/net/eth0/queues/rx-0/rps_cpus
<rmilecki> so the remaining question is why rps_cpus gets set to 3 at some point (after creating interface? on reload_config?)
<Znevna> interesting
<stintel> rmilecki: package/network/config/netifd/files/etc/hotplug.d/net/20-smp-packet-steering ?
<rmilecki> ok, it's confirmed now
<rmilecki> root@OpenWrt:/# cat /sys/class/net/eth0/queues/rx-0/rps_cpus
<rmilecki> 0
<rmilecki> root@OpenWrt:/# iw phy phy0 interface add ap0 type __ap
<rmilecki> root@OpenWrt:/# cat /sys/class/net/eth0/queues/rx-0/rps_cpus
<rmilecki> 3
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<stintel> wasn't a big fan of that init script approach, also because it uses hardcoded interface names, but didn't have the time to properly review it
<dhewg> it hardcoded it to every interface
<dhewg> how about per interface user uci settings, which that thing uses instead if it exists
<dhewg> oh, the bcm script hardcodes names
<jow> karlp: it is parsed as `declare - p`, `null - null`
<jow> karlp: whch expands to the empty string when iterpolated
<jow> http is modelled after the Lua http class
<jow> e.g. http.getenv() to obtain a dict of all request env vars
<jow> or http.getenv("CONTENT_LENGTH") to get a specific one
<jow> see also the vairous theme templates for other usable vars
<jow> there's not much beyond those
<karlp> hrm, themes are a good place to look, thanks.
<karlp> have some new work, thought it might be best to at least try out doing it in whatever the new hotness is :)
<karlp> any nice methods of multiline _() translatable text in the new world?
<Lynx-> how to calculate x**y in integer arithmetic where x<1? if we multiply x*1000 to make it integer, what do we do to y to compensate
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<oftcrandomnick> hello
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<karlp> woops, just tried jinja2 templating a ucode template :)
<oftcrandomnick> anyone with IPQ806x knowledge here?
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<KGB-1> https://tests.reproducible-builds.org/openwrt/openwrt_kirkwood.html has been updated. (100.0% images and 99.6% packages reproducible in our current test framework.)
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<nick[m]12> any tips dumping the mtd partitions via serial console? I thought I could use base64, and write screen output to file, and decoce again. However, base64 always errors
<mrkiko> nick[m]12: if you have minicom and it's accompanying tools lzrs or osmething, you may be able to do that
<PaulFertser> nick[m]12: probably od or hexdump are available?
<jow> karlp: use backtick strings, those are allowed to be multiline
<dhewg> nick[m]12: that definitely works, I've messed up patches often enough to do exactly that and the reason I always enable the lrzsz package in my builds
<dhewg> oh, and if you're using picocom, which I recommend in any case, zmodem transfers are as easy as C-r or C-s
<dhewg> and I think uboot has zmodem stuff to, but not enabled per default iirc
<nick[m]12> mrkiko: PaulFertser those tools are not available :/
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<nick[m]12> dhewg: thanks I will have a look at zmodem
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<dhewg> feels like the 80s, but sometimes the best option to recover hehe
<PaulFertser> But if you do not have hexdump you probably do not have sx/sz either.
<PaulFertser> u-boot has memory dumping commands though
<dhewg> nice one too, but for big blobs the issue is primarily serial transmission errors
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<nick[m]12> dhewg: argh, but I need also the sz tool on the deivde for zmodem? hmmm
<nick[m]12> device*
<nick[m]12> I have no uboot. its an avm device
<dhewg> you do, zmodem is a just a protocol
<dhewg> and is that an avm fw?
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<karlp> jow: beautiful, thanks!
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