<stintel> samba4 has no maintainer?
<minimal> the last time I went to an audio shop the guy demoed an amp using an iPhone playing something over Blutooth and I don't believe APT-X was used so SBC only lol
<stintel> I think we should start aggressively dropping stuff from the packages feed for reasons like unmaintained, dead upstream, X months behind latest upstream release
<stintel> minimal: auch
<stintel> minimal: SBC is horrendous
<minimal> stintel: yeah, he didn't even know anything about blutooth audio, I tried to explain SBC vs APT-X and how SBC was no way to demo an amp/speakers
<stintel> I've B&W cans (PX7 iirc), apt-x is acceptable if you're streaming some lossy crap
<stintel> it's good for on a plane or train or so
<stintel> at home I use it only for meetings
<minimal> well there's several versions of APT-X now - "normal", low latency, and HD (from memory)
<stintel> yeah I think the px7 does aptx hd
<minimal> APT-X was invented here (Belfast) several decades ago for remote broadcast use of ISDN lines
<stintel> o_O
<minimal> a university spinoff AFAIK
<stintel> ISDN lines, omg, I'm feeling nostalgic
<minimal> ISDN doesn't make me nostalgic, 300 baud modems do ;-)
<minimal> or 1200/75
<stintel> not old enough for that :P
<stintel> but I was rather happy I convinced my dad to get ISDN in my early Internet days :P
<stintel> downloading mp3s at 8KB/s while my friends where maybe getting 6
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<minimal> I ran an ISP which had ISDN lines as well as modem lines :-)
<stintel> or 16KB/s but then expensive :P
<stintel> cool
<stintel> we've come a long way
<stintel> I am now unhappy if my download doesn't go over 100Mbps :P
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<minimal> you thought using 2 ISDN channels for 16KB/s was expensive???
<minimal> we started out paying GBP 48,000 p/y for 64Kbps transit lol
<stintel> hey, we were consumers ;)
<minimal> still remember the constant modem changes, started with 14.4K, then 19.2K, then 28.8K, then 33.6K, then 56K - all in the space of 3 years or so
<minimal> not easy for an ISP when customers often complained that they connected to a "slower" modem
<stintel> I think I started with 33.6
<stintel> USR
<stintel> later upgradeable to V90
<minimal> modem upgrades were........debatable - there were 2 pre-56K "standards" - K56Flex and I forget the name of the other
<stintel> ffs, now samba4 keeps failing on host build
<stintel> wtf
<minimal> some modems that claimed to be upgradable were in fact not as their hardware couldn't handle some stuff that ended up in the eventual standard
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<stintel> perl module "Parse::Yapp::Driver" not found
<stintel> yeah I guess samba ad dc on OpenWrt is not a good idea
<Lynx-> I had V92
<stintel> sigh
<Lynx-> that supposedly had ability to stop, receive call, and continue
<stintel> and parse yapp is not in packages
<stintel> ugh the halfassedness
<stintel> but perl is a complete clusterfuck in packages feed anyway
<stintel> hmm wait
<stintel> parse-yapp *is* in the packages feed
<stintel> then why is it not in my .config
<stintel> oh boy this is going to be a total disaster
<stintel> having to include perl in my image because samba host build now wants it for some reason
<stintel> and perl is constantly failing to build
<stintel> I think I'm gonna go for the gentoo musl VM instead
<stintel> what I don't understand is why it started failing after changing PKG_RELEASE from AUTORELEASE to 4
<stintel> let's see what CI says
<Habbie> that was not a lowering?
<stintel> is this 4 calculated or is that just a random value ?
<Habbie> this rings a bell, checking
<stintel> giving it a make clean, let's see
<Habbie> found my logs, when i ran into this, it was wrong :) https://github.com/PowerDNS/openwrt-packages/pull/16#issuecomment-1344128084
<Habbie> it's calculated, but it was wrong for me there
<stintel> if it still fails I can try 9999 :P
<Habbie> :)
<stintel> and if it still fails then it's gentoo
<stintel> reminds me of my comment "waiting for the bot to tell me what to use like I'm 4"
<stintel> and then the bot said PKG_RELEASE:=4
<Habbie> lol
<stintel> I probably laughed way to hard at that
<stintel> ERROR: package/feeds/packages/samba4 [host] failed to build.
<stintel> bleeergh
<stintel> what a waste of time, again
<stintel> gf is saying I should go to bed and tomorrow it will work again :p
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<stintel> this makes absolutely no sense, it built absolutely fine until I thouched PKG_RELEASE, and now it refuses to build again no matter what I try
<stintel> goddamnit
<stintel> and CI just built it fine for at least 2 targets
<stintel> ah but CI doesn't enable AD DC
<Mangix> stintel: dumpsterfire yes
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<Mangix> nobody wants to maintan it
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<stintel> then we should remove it
<stintel> and perl
<stintel> it's always shit with that crap
<Mangix> lots of stuff depends on it unfortunately
<stintel> then all of that shall be removed
<stintel> either someone needs it enough to fix it, or out it goes
<Mangix> :)
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<Habbie> are we talking about samba or perl now?
<Mangix> perl
<Habbie> "yes"
<Habbie> ah
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<Mangix> all perl scripts in OpenWrt should be rewritten in python :)
<Mangix> the tooling is much better
<stintel> I've had the idea of making a PR to completely drop perl and anything that depends on it before
<stintel> I'm gonna make one tomorrow
<Mangix> :)
<stintel> either someone steps up and fixes it, or I'm gonna merge it in a month
<stintel> HOST_BUILD_DEPENDS:=python3/host rpcsvc-proto/host perl/host perl-parse-yapp/host
<stintel> ugh the dependency is even there
<stintel> in samba4 Makefile
<stintel> and perl-parse-yapp already has a host build
<stintel> maybe it's just some race condition
<stintel> perl randomly fails here, often builds fine the next try
<stintel> but yeah perl is so ancient, nobody wants to look into fixing it properly, maintainer has not made any commits since 2018
<Mangix> is sed 's/\..*//' the same as cut -d '.' -f 1 ?
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<Mangix> stintel: race condition yes. the thing uses its own thread unsafe build system
<stintel> what an absolute piece of garbage
<stintel> so I fixed it with ... make package/perl-parse-yapp/host/{clean,compile} V=sc
<stintel> after that, all good
<stintel> I could use some vodka
<Mangix> cut is faster than sed
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<stintel> Sat Jan 28 03:25:16 2023 daemon.err samba[3689]: /usr/sbin/samba_dnsupdate: /usr/bin/nsupdate: cannot specify -g or -o, program not linked with GSS API Library
<stintel> christ
<Mangix> yeah, samba maintainer moved away from openwrt and into jellyfin
<stintel> jellyfin is nice
<stintel> unfortunately it doesn't work at all on Android 12 or 13
<stintel> another side project
<stintel> but I don't know anything about Android development
<Mangix> i need a proper device for it. my mvebo NAS is too weak
<stintel> Khadas VIM3 should be capable
<Mangix> *mvebu
<stintel> and that's also an android reference board
<stintel> but jellyfin has memory allocation problems on modern aosp
<Mangix> I was thinking odroid h3+
<Mangix> jellyfin can use intel quicksync
<stintel> I'm waiting for Arc Pro A40 to become available to throw it in my jellyfin server
<Mangix> do those even perform well?
<stintel> it should be able to encode/decode all modern video codecs
<stintel> AV1 included
<stintel> and it's single-slot PCI
<Mangix> hmm good point.
<stintel> barf, gonna have to introduce gssapi support in bind
<stintel> the rabbitholes I keep getting into
<Mangix> I still have an old haswell PC with integrated graphics
<Mangix> need a chrome extension to force h264 playback
<Mangix> is that gpu all mini displayport?
<stintel> I don't really care about the ports
<stintel> so no idea
<stintel> Output connectors: 4 x mini-DP 1.4 with audio support
<stintel> looks like it
<stintel> anyway
<stintel> joining the gf in bed
<stintel> tomorrow is another day for rabbitholing
<Mangix> Resizable BAR is a must-have feature for Intel's ARC A-series graphics cards
<Mangix> eww
<Mangix> ah not required
<stintel> considering an ARC A770 for my workstation. this one is available in EU, maybe I can get one and try this in my jellyfin server first, then decide if I want to get an A40 when it becomes available
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<stintel> just ordered an ARC A770 16GB :P
<jow> rewriting perl scripts in python... shudder
<Borromini> stintel: why? :P You know Intel just fucks you over with GPUs.
<stintel> Borromini: well ... I don't game (on PC), but I'm curious how it compares to my RX5700XT in OpenCL performance
<stintel> and also would like to test if Jellyfin can use it to do transcoding
<stintel> it supports all modern codecs including AV1
<stintel> if that works well, I'll get an Arc Pro A40 whenever it becomes available in EU, and throw that in my server running jellyfin
<stintel> A40 = single PCI slot
<stintel> and draws its power from the PCIe slot, iirc
<stintel> aaaand I have a Samba4 AD DC on OpenWrt
<Borromini> :)
<Znevna> congrats? :P
<stintel> well it took some effort and cursing, stupid perl host build dependency being stupid
<stintel> I'll do some PRs after I finish my server migration
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<\x> hi, how about multi channel samba
<stintel> I've not heard of it before
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<oliv3r[m]> Any idea why I can't use devmem? the binary and /dev/mem are there, the same registers poke fine from u-boot; but from within linux, the target just stalls
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<f00b4r0> stintel: btw speaking of gpus, any success bruteforcing the m300 uboot passwd?
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<hauke> oliv3r[m]: the memory map in u-boot and Linux is different
<hauke> on u-boot you normally use the phisical addresss and form Linux virtual addresses
<hauke> which address do you want to access?
<stintel> f00b4r0: nope - still at 8 ASCII characters
<stintel> Progress.........: 5903326467850240/6634204312890625 (88.98%)
<stintel> when it finishes this, I'm going to cancel it
<stintel> maybe I should write down what I attempted already
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<svanheule> hauke: probably something in the range 1b000000-1b010000 (or 1800xxxx); memory mapped peripherals on our realtek SoCs
<svanheule> hauke: oliv3r[m]: just tested on my device: "devmem 0x1b000004 32" works, but "devmem 0xbb000004 32" hangs
<dhewg> does anyone know why sstrip is only used for musl? did that break glibc binaries?
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<dwfreed> stintel: looks like runtime of about 8 days expected for that
<hauke> svanheule: 0x1b000004 will probably work in linux and 0xbb000004 will work in u-boot
<hauke> both sould access the same register
<stintel> dwfreed: Time.Started.....: Thu Jan 19 15:06:42 2023 (9 days, 8 hours)
<stintel> dwfreed: I did do 1-7 ascii chars also
<dwfreed> ah
<stintel> dwfreed: I guess if you have an rtx4090 it will be quite a bit faster :P
<dwfreed> yeah, 50 billion vs 9.6 billion hashes per second
<dwfreed> unfortunately, I also only have a 5700 xt
<dwfreed> but I think neggles is right about it not being 8 character ascii but a 32 char hex string
<dwfreed> and it's possible the hash in the gpl tarball is not the hash in the compiled firmware
<Mangix> stintel: in A40 even available anywhere?
<stintel> Mangix: some page suggests it arrived in December
<stintel> alright, my old server is decommissioned
<stintel> still need to finish some things on the new one, but the most important stuff is running
<stintel> I think the rest will be for another day
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