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<Tusker> hmmm... my local builds for the mr33 are failing to boot, but the snapshot builds are working fine :| anything I should check for ? (Hanging at Starting kernel ... ) The only two things I have included in the image are wpad-mesh-wolfssl and batman-adv
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<Tusker> did a fresh distclean and will build with just selecting mr33 target with no other options, and see whether that boots
<Tusker> OK, so grabbing the latest snapshot, the itb from snapshot fails to boot, but if I use the 22.03.3 release itb, it boots, and I can sysupgrade to the latest build... and 5.15.89 runs fine it seems
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<mrkiko> nick[m]12: do you think installing the GL-A1300 image on the GL-AP1300 will override calibration data or otherwise damaging the device? Hope not ...
<mrkiko> stintel: ?
<oliv3r[m]> gch981213: Oh the peripherial is deff. up and running (led controller) as i'm printing registers just before during boot (from C). Question though; do I access peripherials through KSEG0, 1 or 2? Right now I think it's KSEG1 afaik
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<gch981213> oliv3r[m]: You should use KSEG1. KSEG0 is cached.
<oliv3r[m]> ok; then I don't know why I can't devmem it :(
<oliv3r[m]> bb00cc00 should be kseg1 right
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<gch981213> oliv3r[m]: Yes.
<nick[m]12> mrkiko: from what I see, teh ap1300 and a1300 have the identical partition layout, so I would guess that nothing should break
<mrkiko> nick[m]12: great, we've been lucky :D
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<mrkiko> robimarko: regarding pull request of Netgear RAX120v2, I would suggest also changing the name of the dts file in accordance with schema used in other targets, if you think it's good thing
<robimarko> mrkiko: dts name is the least of issues with that PR that have not been adressed
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<mrkiko> robimarko: what's the expected thing to ahppen when you sysupgrade a dual-boot device? Particularly, I'm referring toe the Zyxel NBG7815. I didn't try sysupgrading yet, but from the latest comment on the forum it seems you're expecte to sysupgrade and then change boot partition. Is this usual?
<robimarko> mrkiko: Depends on the device, I did not look at what that one is doing
<robimarko> But I suspect that its gonna flash the non booted partition and switch to booting off that after its done
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<mrkiko> Ok, from the comment it seems this is the case indeed, except you're expected to change boot partition manually after the upgrade
<mrkiko> well, I fail to see how this might prevent you from bricking the device...
<mrkiko> or maybe the assumption is - if you have uart you might boot the old one via u-boot somehow
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<robimarko> That is gonna need to be sorted out, though like I said, there is plenty of comments that are waiting to be resolved in that PR
<mrkiko> robimarko: sorry - no, talking about the Zyxel NBG7815 now
<mrkiko> and related forum thread
<mrkiko> from my message about the expected sysupgrade behaviour onward, I was talking about the zyxel. Sorry, I'm pretty tired... so I understand I'm not being so clear... :D
<robimarko> Ok, I am not familiar with how that one works
<robimarko> Though, its sysupgrade script is updating the current one as far as I can tell
<mrkiko> robimarko: ehe, me neither :D still running the openwrt I flashed at the beginning... system seems stable so far
<mrkiko> I should probably stop reading forum posts and concentrate on code in the future... seems some users are reporting "failed" sysupgrades, where they sysupgradebut the device reboots in thesame openwrt version.
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<mrkiko> robimarko: ok, I read the code as you did... why do we reboot if config_mtdnum is of zero length?
<robimarko> Its normal error handling
<robimarko> As the partition is required during upgrade, so if you cant find it something is wrong so reboot
<robimarko> Instead of trying to guess the kernel/rootfs parts to write to
<mrkiko> robimarko: got it; I don't think that's what the users are facing atm, and currently have no good idea about how to emit some messages helping to understand what's going on here
<robimarko> For sysupgrade, currently you can only capture the log via UART
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<russell--> does anyone have or know of a source of docs on BCM68385C (apparently related to bcm63xx)?
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<mrkiko> blocktrron: ping
<mrkiko> blocktrron: I wonder if you can confirm the fact that on GL-AP1300 (+lte) you have lan with MAC and wan with MAC+1
<blocktrron> mrkiko: i do not have one
<mrkiko> blocktrron: oh, ok; thanks
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<neggles> russell--: there are none
<neggles> they're """related""" to bcm63xx
<neggles> in the same way that a BCM2711 is """related""" to a pi 1
<neggles> closest you'll get to docs is asuswrt-merlin sources
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<Ansuel> yo
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<robimarko> Yo
<Mangix> Yo
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<Znevna> oy
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<Borromini> sup
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<Znevna> trying to run a vm inside esxi running in vmware workstation on a windows host
<stintel> masochistic :)
<Znevna> indeed
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<minimal> I much prefer running Alpine containers on an Alpine VM running on a Alpine host ;-) Mirrors within mirrors within mirrors...
<stintel> I'm in the qemu/libvirt camp ;)
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<Borromini> just give me a docker image :P
<Ansuel> give up on trying to make openwrt work on alpine container
<Ansuel> switched to bitnami minideb
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<Znevna> k, that was fun :P deleted
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<f00b4r0> dhewg: thanks for clarifying
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<dhewg> hehe sure, it's intentionally this way to allow maximum flexibility
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<Znevna> is this guy for real? https://s.go.ro/f8d5s8lk
<PaulFertser> Znevna: you mean someone violates GPL and OpenWrt forum moderator says it's all right?
<Znevna> don't know the state about mtk drivers
<Borromini> PaulFertser: I think he's mostly miffed that people are trying to get the closed Mediatek drivers going on current OpenWrt (and failing horribly)
<PaulFertser> Kernel drivers must be GPL.
<PaulFertser> Whoever distributes closed source wifi drivers is likely in violation.
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<PaulFertser> (in any form, including "community builds" or whatever)
<Borromini> those two guys in the topic concerned aren't really the sharpest tools in the shed
<f00b4r0> no matter how you read this the moderator reply makes no sense ;P
<Borromini> i suppose he was trying to find a middle ground
<Borromini> Znevna: you can always reply they're supposed to link to their sources so people can roll their own...
<Borromini> and that redistributing Mediatek binaries is probably fishy
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<Znevna> I don't know if they come in binary form, but I thought for some reason that the community builds should be posted in .. community builds, along with the source code
<Borromini> i'm pretty sure Mediatek is not sharing the source to their drivers
<Znevna> I remember reading that community builds as a rule with the source code
<Znevna> maybe I've dreamt it
<Mangix> Ansuel: want some pain?
<Znevna> rofl
<Mangix> also what's wrong with alpine?
<Znevna> what's wrong with alpine?
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<Borromini> Znevna: i don't think you're mistaken
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<Znevna> I've searched for a rule or something mentioning this but I couldn't find anything :p
<stintel> yeah I'm not sure if we have rules specific to the forum
<Znevna> I'm pretty sure I've read something regarding this
<Znevna> donno where tho
<Znevna> I know I've spend a few hours browsing old pages in webarchive from like 2004-recent :p
<Znevna> spent*
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<stintel> how crazy am I to consider running a Samba4 AD DC on OpenWrt?
<Habbie> i dunno, what's weird about openwrt that might hurt here?
<Znevna> oh here it is
<Znevna> it was "unpinned for me" for some reason x.x
<stintel> Habbie: dunno, just asking :P
<Habbie> :)
<stintel> right now my "home server" is playing that role, but it's also the box containing all the data, and it's generally recommended to separate DC from fileserver hosts
<stintel> and it causes problems for libvirt too, you cannot have a libvirt cifs storage pool on a DC because of some signing that isn't supported
<Habbie> fun
<stintel> so I have to choose between doing it on OpenWrt, or Gentoo musl, which is what most of my VMs run
<Habbie> have you considered that "on openwrt" is not the part that is crazy?
<Znevna> :P
<Habbie> why gentoo -musl-?
<stintel> why not?
<stintel> maybe I'm a masochist :P
<Habbie> oh, i don't have arguments against it, was just wondering why "openwrt" and "gentoo musl" are the choices
<Habbie> but they are the choices because those are the choices you made earlier
<stintel> Habbie: it's what I run
<Habbie> ack
<stintel> I have maybe 15 of those Gentoo musl VMs running already
<stintel> with packer image and ansible playbooks for auto-deployment
<Habbie> :)
<stintel> the main reason for doing musl is that the memory usage is lower than with glibc
<Habbie> right
<stintel> which is always nice if you run a lot of VMs
<mrkiko> stintel: is KSM helping out in your setup? Kernel samepage merge or something
<stintel> mrkiko: I have no stats about that
<Mangix> rmilecki: compile error with b43-tools: https://gist.github.com/neheb/354e7ff0c6c5d4fcd285792ed0f95dd3
<stintel> # cat /sys/kernel/mm/ksm/pages_shared
<stintel> 247959
<stintel> that's ~1GB
<stintel> so it appears to be doing something, but 1GB on a 32GB RAM system is not that much I'd say
<stintel> although, if this is 1GB shared between 12 VMs ...
<stintel> it's a profit of 12GB, in that case, it's actually nice
<mrkiko> stintel: :)
<Znevna> nice
<stintel> the reality will be somewhere in the middle I guess
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<stintel> let's see how good or bad of an idea it is to try samba ad dc on openwrt ;)
<stintel> hmmm where's my documentation
<Habbie> you didn't write it
<stintel> I did
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<stintel> INFO 2023-01-27 23:13:12,589 pid:3757 /usr/lib/python3.10/site-packages/samba/join.py #1580: Joined domain ADLEVIO (SID S-1-5-21-3742874605-1648187168-3319584474) as a DC
<stintel> so far so good
<stintel> arg
<stintel> might not be able to change the internal DNS port from 53 to something else
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<stintel> ah, missing winbindd
<stintel> urf
<stintel> interesting, it's disabled if CONFIG_SAMBA4_SERVER_AD_DC=y or else also
<stintel> so basically it's always disabled, but the init script has references to it
<stintel> but the samba process tries to start winbindd, it's missing, and stops itself due to that
<stintel> in the maintainer's defence, AD DC support is marked experimental :)
<stintel> defense?
<Habbie> defense
<stintel> "onthekken" ... okeee :P
<dwfreed> AD DC support has been "experimental" for years
<Habbie> stintel, no, that's de-fence :)
<stintel> Habbie: ;)
<stintel> dwfreed: it works just fine
<dwfreed> stintel: that's my point :P
<stintel> ah
<stintel> that also came a long way
<stintel> samba4 is rather usable
<stintel> in the samba3 days it was a disaster
<stintel> I think it needed external scripts to do LDAP modifications or something
<stintel> probably best I forgot most of the details :P
<stintel> any audiophiles here?
<svanheule> stintel: got some high grade oxygen free copper for sale?
<svanheule> directional network cables?
<slh> switches with glowing tube amplifiers? ;)
<stintel> svanheule: ahahaha my cables are rather cheap :P
<stintel> svanheule: what about and audiophile network switch 😂
<svanheule> stintel: I saw a page about that recently
<svanheule> (I think)
<stintel> yeah I've recently saw something too, but longer time ago also
<stintel> like yeah right
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<stintel> but I recently replaced a pair of Bowers & Wilkins 706 S2 with KEF R3 because the latter are more neutral, the former rather bright, and it was causing listening fatigue
<stintel> guess I'm getting old
<stintel> but daaaaamn those R3
<stintel> looking at a house that has a cinema room, dreaming of what setup I would build there
<stintel> gonna be pricey though :P
<Habbie> lol
<stintel> but hey more incentive to make more moeny
<Habbie> probably a multi step process
<stintel> money*
<stintel> I'm thinking AV Pre-processor with balanced XLR outputs and monoblock hypex or purifi power amps for each speaker :P
<svanheule> maybe start a shop selling dumb D-Link switches for €750?
<stintel> :D
<Habbie> for that money, i'll sell you a smart one instead
<Habbie> i, honestly, wonder if they made any modifications
<Habbie> other than the sticker, of course
<slh> but that sticker makes all the difference!
<stintel> sticker tuning :P
<slh> they even tuned two things, the sticker and the price tag
<Habbie> stintel, i found some stupid emblem for a car in an old box recently :D
<stintel> > $2,500 Ethernet Switch Effectively Isolates Audiophiles From Cash
<stintel> $2500 gives you a *really* nice set of floorstanding speakers
<stintel> but I guess if you're in the "I'm buying a pair of speakers for 30k" category ... 2500 for some snakeoil doesn't hurt you that badly
<Znevna> didn't you guys link a similar topic in the past? :P
<Mangix> that is hillarious
<Znevna> similar story*
<Mangix> i still remember WAV sounding better than flac.
<stintel> not sure if trolling or serious?
<Znevna> ah it was a video
<stintel> Fri Jan 27 23:48:20 2023 daemon.err samba[3738]: exit_daemon: daemon failed to start: Samba failed to prime database, error code 22
<stintel> hmmmmm
<Mangix> and AIFF being better than WAV because of big endian
<Znevna> this one is cheaper
<stintel> samba no likey overlayfs probably
<Znevna> only 798 eur
<Mangix> stintel: making fun of these idiots
<stintel> Mangix: :)
<stintel> guess I'll be sysupgrading from squashfs to ext4
<f00b4r0> i've long been meaning to start an audiophile business. There's so much money to be made...
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<stintel> f00b4r0: that for sure
<f00b4r0> ;)
<stintel> I learned to ask for discounts
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<f00b4r0> sadly I'm always on short supply of holy snake oil ;)
<stintel> :P
<stintel> I'm liking audiosciencereview. they seem to at least trigger some manufacturers to step up their game
<Tapper> stintel I love kef speackers. I ame rocking a arcam a28 amp and Quad 12l stand mounts rite now.
<Tapper> They get the sound from my computer by USB in to a dack magic.
<stintel> Tapper: I gave my dad a pair of KEF R7 for his 70th birthday
<Tapper> Nice I bet he was made up with that gift.
<stintel> he didn't agree :P
<Tapper> lol
<stintel> but I wasn't going to take no for an answer
<Tapper> What did he have before that?
<stintel> I know how much he enjoys music, and my crappy old cheap quadral speakers ... they made my ears bleed
<stintel> he was using those quadrals
<f00b4r0> never had KEFs. I'm going with Cabasse, Triangle and DIY builds :)
<stintel> but once I bought my BMW 2 series with Harman Kardon and B&W 686 for my office, I could no longer listen to music on the quadrals
<Tapper> Are KEF R7 the florstanders?
<stintel> Tapper: yep R7 is floorstander
<Tapper> Triangle look reel nice I have bin told. never got to listen to a pair tho. Sad times!
<stintel> f00b4r0: never heard of either
<f00b4r0> never heard of Cabasse??
<stintel> nop
<f00b4r0> they invented quite a few designs; including iirc the first full coaxial loudspeaker
<f00b4r0> they've been around for probably close to a century now
<stintel> holy shit what hideous speakers do I see when I google that :D
<Tapper> I have allways wanted a pair of B&W ever since I spent a lot of time hanging around a hifi shop in my late teans. they staff there got sick of me and would just let me listen to stuff when it was set up in the demo room. lol
<stintel> Tapper: I grew up with B&W "pregnant penguin" DM6
<Tapper> stintel: look up the Triangle speackers.
<stintel> and until a month ago I was all B&W. but the brightness started causing listening fatigue (I guess due to age), and so I looked on audiosciencereview what is more neutral, not hideous, within my budget, and easily available in Europe
<Tapper> so kef?
<stintel> yep, a pair of KEF R3 - I can't place floorstanders here
<stintel> now I like them so much I asked my supplier to make me an offer for another pair of R3 + stands, a pair of R8a and an R2c :P
<Tapper> I feel the same about my quad 12l standmounts I mite make the same switch.
<f00b4r0> stintel: listening fatigue can also be caused by the abominable "loudness war" modern mixes
<Tapper> f00b4r0 true that.
<stintel> f00b4r0: yeah there's a lot that can cause listening fatigue, but I pinpointed it to the brightness
<stintel> and it's definitely much better with the R3 vs the 706 S2
<Tapper> mixing things to play on Spotify
<stintel> sure you can EQ things
<Tapper> I don't like eqing things.
<stintel> that's why I got the "better" speakers ;)
<Tapper> If i cant just play it there is somthing rong with the tracks or the setup of the hifi
<stintel> so I went to a supplier in Belgium where you can test a whole bunch of stuff, tested the R3, bought them right away
<Tapper> stintel on this Arcam I have there is no way to eq anything. no tone nobs.
<stintel> then took my dad another day, and we tested a few models together, KEF R5, KEF R7, B&W 704 S3 (I think), and sonus faber sonetto V
<f00b4r0> that's how you should always buy loudspeakers, provided you can you your own music (records you know well) and ideally the same amp as what you have
<stintel> both sonus faber and B&W were too bright, to the point the brightness masked other details in the music
<stintel> and the R5 ... something sounded off with the bass
<Tapper> I don't like sonus
<stintel> but the drivers in the R5 are smaller than in the R3
<stintel> in the R7 are same as R3, just 2 bass drivers instead of 1 and floorstand vs standmount
<stintel> seriously those R7
<stintel> <3
<Tapper> stintel: What amp you have?
<stintel> Tapper: I have an NAD T778 and a hypex ucd400 stereo power amp for my fronts
<Tapper> I like nad but never herd of the hypex
<stintel> that was half a mistake, I wanted to get the nc400 (newer generation, measures incredibly clean)
<stintel> Tapper: hypex sells amp modules to a lot of amp builders
<stintel> Tapper: the NAD T778 has hypex ucd inside
* Tapper Nods
<stintel> didn't know about hypex either until I started digging in audiosciencereview
<Tapper> stintel: If you ever get the chance you should demo a arcam amp. You don't get them mutch outside of the UK tho.
<stintel> now I'm torn between the new hypex nilai, or purifi something
<stintel> Tapper: I am looking at Anthem AVM70 8k or maybe the AVM90 as a next amp
<f00b4r0> is that a class-D amp?
<stintel> yes, hypex and purifi is class D
<f00b4r0> ugh
<stintel> next level class D however
<f00b4r0> next level abomination
<stintel> haha
<Habbie> do i recall correctly that we used to frown upon class D, until we found out what class A draws in power?
<Tapper> I would ask you both to demo a arcam if you ever get chance.
<Tapper> Trust a blind dude that knows about sound.
<Tapper> lol
<Habbie> lol
<stintel> Tapper: that crossed my mind 20 minutes ago ;)
<Tapper> Yeah clas A is a power mounster.
<f00b4r0> that's what I love about audiophiles: listening to lossy compressed music over class D amps or bluetooth headphones, and telling you they can hear 0.1dB variation in the 5th harmonic of a 100kHZ square wave ;)
<stintel> f00b4r0: https://audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/review-and-measurements-of-hypex-nc400-diy-amp.5907/
<Tapper> hahaha even I will not clame any of that rubish
<stintel> Conclusions
<stintel> Folks, welcome to adult amplifier world!
<f00b4r0> stintel: btw, don't look further for the cause of your listening fatigue ;P
<Tapper> haha yeah
<stintel> f00b4r0: like I said, it's gone since the new speakers
<f00b4r0> probably because the SMPS amp that powers them found them to be a suitable load to filter out the crap ;P
<stintel> you're living in the past
<f00b4r0> it's ok.
<f00b4r0> I'll suggest you rewatch Demolition Man some time. We can talk about the past vs the future then ;)
<Tapper> They do have some in Belgium
<stintel> Tapper: I'm in Bulgaria ;)
<Tapper> O
<stintel> f00b4r0: the listening fatigue I was talking about occured after maybe 15 minutes of listening, it's not the amp
<stintel> f00b4r0: sure, lots of class D junk out there
<Tapper> SOFIA 1618
<Tapper> Bulgaria
<Tapper> + 359 878 563690
<Tapper> Bul. Bulgaria 110
<stintel> but hypex and purifi is just really good
<f00b4r0> stintel: i fail to see the correlation between both assertions?
<stintel> there's this thing called amp fatigue in class D, occuring during longer listening
<Habbie> in people? or in amps?
<f00b4r0> lol
<f00b4r0> both
<Tapper> I think it's both
<stintel> but I can listen for hours to my current combo and not have any fatigue
<f00b4r0> I can provide you with a couple albums that will definitely cause you fatigue.
<f00b4r0> s/couple/few/
<f00b4r0> sadly.
<russell--> can someone suggest openwrt-supported wifi6 outdoor gear?
<Tapper> stintel All people find that difrent combos sound diffrent to them. Litel things can change you getting older Things in the room changeing. Heck even air pressure can change the sound of speackers
<stintel> f00b4r0: give me a few ;)
<Tapper> So if class b or d works for you then it works for you.
<stintel> f00b4r0: and I'll give demolition man a try after my server migration ;)
<stintel> russell--: I have litebeam ac gen2
<Tapper> the album, Death Magnetic,
<stintel> but might not be what you are looking for
<stintel> and it's qca, so I cannot recommend it :P
<Tapper> Was way to loud
<stintel> russell--: sorry. you said wifi6
<f00b4r0> stintel: let's see, in the music genre that are most mainstream, Metallica Death Magnetic, RHCP Californication, Rush Vapor Trails (the original mix, not the Remixed one - the fact that it was remixed should already be a hint), and if you fancy J-Pop, Perfume - Level3. That's off the top of my head. Should get you started.
<stintel> russell--: litebeam ac gen 2 is obviously ac so 5
<stintel> now I'm actually curious about demolition man
<stintel> have not seen this movie in a long time
<f00b4r0> stintel: re Demolition Man, I'll point in particular at the love scene with S. Bullock. I hope you'll agree that's not a future to look forward too ;)
<f00b4r0> to*
<stintel> this was with wesley snipes yes?
<stintel> I'm gonna have to buy that house
<f00b4r0> stintel: on a decent system and if your hearing can still get high enough in frequency, with all of the above albums you can literally hear the intersample clipping
<stintel> no more being gentle with the volume
<stintel> f00b4r0: high enough how high?
<f00b4r0> dunno; I'm 42 and I can still hear it. I have good hearing for my age though ;)
<stintel> yeah but in khz ;p
<f00b4r0> no idea. You will hear, or rather feel, clicks
<f00b4r0> and regardless of that, these albums are so deafeningly loud that you'll reach for the volume knob before the first minute is elapsed.
<stintel> f00b4r0: but is this in the albums, or only with class D?
<f00b4r0> in the albums
<f00b4r0> they are audio monstrosities.
<f00b4r0> in fact, Metallica's is very aptly named
<Tapper> f00b4r0 I love the sound of the ghost albem
<f00b4r0> Tapper: ;)
<Tapper> I know you don't get the full sound through youtube
<f00b4r0> anyhow, it's getting late and we're way off topic xD
<Tapper> f00b4r0 what's the graphic?
<f00b4r0> Tapper: the graphic?
<Tapper> this ;)
<Tapper> Sorry but my screen reader just reads that as the word graphic?
<f00b4r0> xD?
<f00b4r0> ;) is a wink
<Tapper> OK So a smiley
<f00b4r0> aye
<Tapper> O rite.
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<stintel> Samba failed to prime database, error code 22
<stintel> meh
<stintel> still, with ext4 image
<f00b4r0> samba. Another monstrosity ;)
<minimal> Mangix: what do you mean "what's wrong with alpine?"
<f00b4r0> anyhow, i bid y'all g'night
<stintel> f00b4r0: gn
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<minimal> not an audiphile but an avid music listener and no idea what "brightness" means regarding speakers, my KEFs and B&Ws don't have any leds ;-)
<stintel> the graph is not great, but clearly shows a dip in mid and a peak in high
<stintel> high frequency plays at louder level, they sometimes refer to this as "showroom sound"
<stintel> because at first it's like "wow"
<stintel> but after longer listening it's fatiguing
<minimal> ok, makes sense from a marketing perspective, as do most things :-(
<russell--> stintel: i'm looking for something to suggest for a grant which is stipulating wifi6 (although not necessarily outdoor)
<Tapper> minimal: When speackers are brite then the high frequencys are a bit harsh.
<stintel> minimal: I should have known when I found B&W in the local mediamarkt
<stintel> russell--: not sure what you mean exactly, but I am absolutely loving my EAP615-Wall
<Tapper> stintel: B&W are not bad speackers.
<stintel> Tapper: they're much better than a lot of stuff that is available, but they're quite colored
<Tapper> It's that they don't soot your amp or ears
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<minimal> Tapper: my ears aren't great without getting any soot in them lol
<minimal> can't say I've noticed speaker "brightness", I have however noticed lossy audio codecs being more likely to affect some types of music
<stintel> minimal: go to an audio shop with auditorium, compare KEF R3 vs B&W 7 series (e.g.)