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<Thagabe> Hello all, could I ask for some assistant creating a config file (UCI) for DSA? Basically a tool someone created was using uci commands for swconfig but I'm trying to make it DSA compliant. I managed to make it work on my test device but when i built an image from it it didnt work right of the bat. The script did not pick up @device[4] (on wrt1900acv1) which is enable by default which is port 4 on my router. however with
<Thagabe> (wrt3200acm) did not show anything past @device[1]='br-lan' but if I picked the lan4 I had to manually enable the lan4 on the web gui THEN it would show up as @device[2]. How does DSA choose to assign these devices?
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* russell-- just popped open a calix gigapoint 803G ONT and got (with difficulty) a bootlog
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<russell--> serial console seems to be operating at 120180 baud, screen isn't doing a good job decoding at that baud, so sucked the bootlog down with pulseview
<dwfreed> 120180 ? that's a really odd number
<russell--> yes, it is
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<dwfreed> 4,980 over 115,200
<russell--> it is probably either an out-of-spec oscillator or intentional obfuscation
<russell--> got a little more
<russell--> "CLI/Web GUI admin password e6f50318"
<dwfreed> nice
<russell--> anyone have favorite tools/method of dumping NAND flash?
<Znevna> spending two days screaming in the vbox channel about a bug should be enough :p next.
<KGB-2> has been updated. (100.0% images and 100.0% packages reproducible in our current test framework.)
<damex> is ar9380 really obsolete? found full size board with 3 antennas :)
<russell--> damex: i still have a device that was EOL'd in 2005
<damex> oh my
<damex> russell--: i just wonder if that old cards could have any good use in modern day and age
<damex> since we have some features of wifi6 available for 2.4ghz too :)
<slh64> damex: obsolete is such s flexible term... I'm still using 802.11g /clients/, but I surely won't buy anything below 802.1ac/ wave2 anymore (and I am using) prefering 802.11ax for new purchases)
<slh64> 11g to 11n wasn't much of a real world improvement (but it paved the way), ac and ax really are
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<mrkiko> slh64: out of curiosity, what device are you using as AP?
<mrkiko> russell--: bcm at it's finest :D
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* russell-- is dumping firmware over serial from CFE
<dwfreed> russell--: what's funny is I used to work around the corner from Calix
<russell--> i asked to buy one of these devices about 4 years ago after seeing them on display at a conference and was asked to sign an NDA just to buy one, and i laughed and said i'd just buy one on e-bay.
<dwfreed> lol
<russell--> but, being new at the time, there weren't any on e-bay. but 4 years later, one lands in my lap
<robimarko> Thats new, NDA to buy a device
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<russell--> i got serial working by switching to another usb-serial device, which seemed better able to cope with the baud variation
<neggles> stintel / robimarko: oh are we trying to crack a hash?
<robimarko> Thats all stintel
<neggles> 'cause i have uh
<neggles> ...quite a bit of hash-cracking power
<neggles> what's the hash/algo?
<neggles> russell--: for parallel NAND dumping, a 360clip and a u-link NAND
<neggles> (or desoldering it and attaching to a T48/T56/TL866 II)
<russell--> neggles: the hash 2023-01-19 01:52 stintel: so the hex has should be e597301a1d89ff3f6d318dbf4dba0a5abc5ecbea if I'm not mistakenit was posted in the channel about 24 hours ago
<neggles> dumping from CFE is the most straightforward way though
<russell--> oops, ... that's the hash and the algorithm was posted too
<neggles> oh just dumb sha1
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<mrkiko> russell--: are you able to get a root shell? In the end of your last bootlog I've seen a bcm shell or something
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<dwfreed> neggles: yes, just dumb sha1 :)
<russell--> mrkiko: yeah it's a limited shell. ps shows /bin/bash is running but there isn't anything obvious to spawn one
<dwfreed> neggles: we have no idea what the search space is, but it's probably 8 characters or less; if you find an answer, let me know, I can test it easily
<mrkiko> guess you tries several things like "!" and so on
<neggles> heh. they made it device-specific with some of the later ones.
<neggles> my T20 does some crimes with the serial number, and what it's doing in the decompiled binary is *not* the same as what's in the GPL dump.
<neggles> i just binpatched the JNE to a JEQ
<dwfreed> heh
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<russell--> neggles: my math suggests my serial dumping be done when i wake up tomorrow
<neggles> sounds about right
<russell--> 13-ish hours
<neggles> dumping a 256MiB chip at 115200 took me 27ish
<neggles> wonder if i uploaded that script somewhere
<mrkiko> russell--: do you plan to modify the dump and write it back?
<neggles> dwfreed: fwiw, it's probably a 32-char all-uppercase hex string
<dwfreed> oof
<russell--> mrkiko: just examine to begin with, i don't have an immediately obvious way of writing it back
<russell--> nor, for that matter, anything to write back
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<neggles> oh dear. did stintel take this out of the u-boot sources from the gpl tarball
<robimarko> Probably
<neggles> because it's the same as the hash that's in my gpl sources, which does not reflect what the binary on the device actually does
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<oliv3r[m]> I want to do this in some assembly: lirSEL, ~(RTL839X_PLL_CTRL0_CMU_DIVN2 | RTL839X_PLL_CTRL0_CMU_NCODE_IN) but the preprocessor makes it 64bits. How can I cast this to 32 bits?
<oliv3r[m]> The pre-processor generated stuff (my own handrolled genmask) produces the following: `Error: operand 2 must be constant `li $t7,~(unsigned long)((((~(0))-((1)<<(12))+1)&(~(0)>>(32-1-(19))))|(((~(0))-((1)<<(4))+1)&(~(0)>>(32-1-(11)))))'` so not sure what its complaining about. I suppose the preprocessor won't do the bit inversion?
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<nbd> oliv3r[m]: i think it's most likely complaining about the (unsigned long) bit
<nbd> :)
<nbd> that's C, not assembly
<oliv3r[m]> yeah, i tried several combinations, I was hoping the pre-processor would deal with that. I know the preprocessor was pretty smart in doing some basic operations (math, shifts ands/ors, not/invert) on constants
<oliv3r[m]> but if I don cast it, it generates a 64 bit long value :S
<nbd> maybe do & 0xffffffffU
<neggles> `UL()`
<neggles> macros for days
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<oliv3r[m]> ohh right, of course; d'oh
<oliv3r[m]> so can I do 'and' via the pre-processor?
<oliv3r[m]> sadly, also that macro is not allowed :S
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<jow> oliv3r[m]: the preprocessor should be able to do bitops
<oliv3r[m]> i know i can write assembly for it :p but if the preprocessor can do it; why not :)
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<jow> oliv3r[m]: could you provide some more context though? I don't undertstand how the cpp "makes" the values 64bit, it should just expand defines to code
<oliv3r[m]> so the PLL on the realtek needs to be (re)configured whilst running from SRAM, since there's only very little space, and we want to do as little as possible from SRAM, that code is written in assembly (not by me, though maybe it would have worked as C code -> object -> sram just fine ... who knows. Anyway, I do want to re-use as much of the normal macro's, defines etc as possible, and ideally let the preprocessor do as much work as
<oliv3r[m]> possible. I could hard-code the values (they are currently) but that's even less appealing :)
<jow> so you want to use constants in an inline asm expression and the code thoe macros expand to is invalid?
<jow> s/constants/defines/
<jow> is it a .c file with inline asm?
<jow> in any case the precompiler will *not* turn `((((~(0))-((1)<<(12))+1)&(~(0)>>(32-1-(19))))|(((~(0))-((1)<<(4))+1)&(~(0)>>(32-1-(11)))))` into a constant integer literal expression which you can paste into asm code
<jow> it needs to be compile-time eliminated by a C compiler
<oliv3r[m]> so why does '(1 << (12))` work
<oliv3r[m]> guess I'll end up doing 0xff00ff /* DEF1 | DEF2 */ and let it be
<jow> oliv3r[m]: seems GNU assembler supports a certain amount of integer operations:
<jow> however it seems like the 1-complement (`~` in C) would be `!` in GNU as
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<oliv3r[m]> You reccon !
<oliv3r[m]> Bitwise Or Not. is the same as the C '~'?
<oliv3r[m]> lol that
<Ansuel> o/
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<dhewg> Ansuel: I cherry-picked the xdr patches to master to prepare for a PR
<dhewg> that breaks all of our attempts
<dhewg> I dont care enough to dig through all of that, but the PR with v1.2 should hopefully be okay
<Ansuel> ok with that shit i can safely say bpf is a shitfest
<dhewg> at least for cross compiling to multiple arches
<dhewg> but yeah, messy enough that this is where I drop the ball
<Ansuel> having that sort of stuff is really asking for problem
<Ansuel> like you will have to update the header if something change upstream? and what if you target other kernel version? big brain time
<jow> works for iw
<jow> works for libnl
<dhewg> wanna see some gems?
<dhewg> nl80211.h is a nice standalone header, that's like the other end of the spectrum compared to bpf
<jow> well the entire bpf business is a clusterfuck imho
<jow> cross compilation is simply no concern right now
<dhewg> having digged a little though it in the last two days I approve of that message
<jow> apparently it is expected to have a full fldged llvm toolchain on target and reconfiguring bpf things implies compiling stuff
<Ansuel> now i understand the difficulties in gcc trying to standardize the thing and llvm say nha we don't need that :D
<jow> it's like running varnishd with it's weird C-based configuration "file"
<jow> which is actually compiled into a shared library before server start
<jow> you can only hope for alternative/leaner toolchains becoming available
<jow> something akin to tcc
<jow> or using precompiled objects and simply linking on target
<jow> or writing generic bpf programs which can be "configured" through maps and the like
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<mrkiko> how does unetd use bpf?
<oliv3r[m]> so one final issue i have, is that as doesn't like 0U, (or 0UL) so how can I make it use 32bits and not 64bits (i dont' even know where it's getting that idea from
<nbd> mrkiko: whenever vxlan tunnels are used, it attaches a bpf program to them to fix up tcp mss
<nbd> in the future i also want to add a feature that redirects ip traffic on vxlan tunnels to the base wg interface where possible, and does the reverse on the other side
<nbd> in order to optimize away the tunnel encap overhead
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<oliv3r[m]> jow:
<oliv3r[m]> instead of loading a mask, and doing a and + or; I could also instead, just use the 'ins' instruction I think
<oliv3r[m]> what the code does, is a read-modify, write. e.g. read register, mask out the bits we want to keep; or-in the new bits; which I think the 'ins' instruction does in one go
<oliv3r[m]> ah crap, while that will work in theory, I still need to set the 'size' using the mask in some way
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<Ansuel> btw i'm following the x86: use mkfs.fat, sed, mmd and mcopy from staging_dir thing
<Ansuel> and i read something interesting
<Ansuel> unsetting the PATH for anything the is not host tool compilation
<Ansuel> wonder if it's doable
<Znevna> nbd: hello, if you have 5 minutes I was told you were the one to ask about nmbm :P
<mrkiko> nbd: thanks!
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<Ansuel> jow can we have some feedback on the opkg series?
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<Znevna> RouterOS just added ksmbd support :p
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<nbd> Znevna: sure, just ask
<Znevna> nbd: we're not sure what settings to use on ax53u for nmbm
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<nbd> Znevna: is there any gpl tarball for that device?
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<owrt-snap-builds> Build [#763]( of `mvebu/cortexa72` failed.
<nbd> Znevna: from what i can tell, the device should be fine with the nmbm default settings
<nbd> at least i can't find the overrides in the sources that were put into the dts settings of that PR
<dhewg> Ansuel: oh nice, now I see what you really meant with the enum, I was thinking of like half of that solution
<dhewg> but is that common, having an enum and define of the same name?
<Ansuel> looks ugly but it's the only way to keep compat and those anum are really internal
<Ansuel> the pattern is also used in nl80211
<dhewg> alright
<dhewg> I know the pattern, but with different names
<dhewg> and I see that you pushed that to the PR.., or something? But... where is it :D
<dhewg> like, how to pull it
<Ansuel> pushed to your pr
<Ansuel> wanted a feedback from you before creating a branch but honestly i would push everything to iwinfo branch
<dhewg> but the branch used for the pr is unchanged
<Ansuel> Just can you give it an extra test if you have time?
<Ansuel> dhewg i force pushed
<Ansuel> there should be 17 patch now
<dhewg> the github frontend sais so too, but... where is that branch? that push didnt affect my fork at least
<Ansuel> is github smoking weed or what o.o
<Ansuel> for me it's ok
<dhewg> I'm having a beer, maybe thats better as usual and me being stupid
<Ansuel> in web it's correct
<Ansuel> or are you talking on your local repo ?
<Ansuel> if that's the case then i think you have to git fetch and git reset --hard origin/iwinfo
<Ansuel> (pay attention to git reset --hard if you have other changes)
<Znevna> nbd: i see in the vendor dts they have `forced-create;` should we add it too? and what would be the proper mediatek,bmt-max-reserved-blocks ?
<Znevna> all the info I've gathered from the device is here:
<dhewg> oh sry, must be the beer indeed. of course its the patche files on the main repo, I was looking at the iwinfo clone
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<Ansuel> dhewg np waiting for your feedback
<dhewg> on it, iwinfo, rpcd and rpcd-mod-luci all build without warnings
<dhewg> cli looks good, luci still offers channels and even the channel analysis still works
<dhewg> lgtm, can't find anything that's broken :)
<dhewg> patch 6 title looks fine too
<dhewg> fyi, you probably already now, restart rpcd if replacing libiwinfo and rpcd-mod-luci is a nice usecase too, because it doesn't link but dlsym()
<nbd> Znevna: force-create is not necessary
<Znevna> sweet
<Ansuel> dhewg ok then thanks for the extra look
<Ansuel> currently fixing a stupid thing with upstream kernel and then I will take care of brake the ABI :D
<KGB-2> has been updated. (100.0% images and 100.0% packages reproducible in our current test framework.)
<Ansuel> ahhh 100% so proud of it
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<dhewg> just remember bpf, our abi issues are peanuts
<dhewg> oh btw, nbd, are those preserve_access_index warnings safe to ignore?
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<nbd> dhewg: should be fine
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<dhewg> k
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<owrt-2203-builds> Build [#220]( of `ath79/mikrotik` completed successfully.
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<owrt-2203-builds> Build [#217]( of `bcm27xx/bcm2709` completed successfully.
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<mrkiko> dhewg: ping
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<karlp> PaulFertser: how does the quoting fix ccache? I mean, yay, well done! but... I don't get it?
<karlp> PaulFertser: am I correct that fixing these packages is a pre-req for your other patch we were talking about to drop the wrappers?
<KGB-1> has been updated. (100.0% images and 100.0% packages reproducible in our current test framework.)
<karlp> right yep, I see your other mail now :)
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