<jow> heh, I remember the discussion years ago where I opposed the idea of using codeload
<jow> stement back then was that we're blowing the issue out of proportion
<jow> here we are now, wasintg precious volunteer time debugging frigging tarballs
<jow> so Ansuel, Mangix: do you have a list of things to purge from sources.openwrt.org ?
<jow> also we might consider restructuring the directory hierarchy
<jow> iirc Redhat (?) uses hash prefixed paths for the source tarballs, so something like jow@j7:/tmp$ https://sources.openwrt.org/lldpd-1.0.9.tar.gz
<Mangix> oh I see. stintel used codeload :)
<jow> not very human frieandly though
<Mangix> jow: interesting way of doing it. Would avoid conflict.
<jow> I removed the lldpd-1.0.9 tarball
<jow> oops, the 1.0.16 one was the one to delete
<Mangix> does the buildbot source its downloads from there or are they cached?
<jow> they should be sourced from there
<Mangix> ok
<Ansuel> jow thanks for deleting the tar
<Ansuel> btw i think adding the hash means that we have to fix our script in openwrt i guess
<Mangix> 8
<Mangix> git grep codeload | wc -l
<Ansuel> (if we really want to follow that path also I agree it would make things less userfriendly)
<Ansuel> Mangix for other it may be O.K. but imho better be sorry than investigate changes produced by codeload
<Ansuel> better be safe*
<Mangix> I'll probably end up ninja fixing those.
<Ansuel> our tool also strip .git when the tar is generated but the changes are under our control instead of some github mistery
<Ansuel> almost to bed and was giving a last check to the ipq807x pr before merge
<Ansuel> think i will merge 11717 tomorrow
<Mangix> OK
<Ansuel> time to sleep bye
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<Namidairo> the @ on github is a little finicky with large lists it seems
<Namidairo> woke up to see i was maintaining a package.
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<Mangix> Namidairo: might have been my fault
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<oliv3r[m]> Anybody here that understands the OpenWRT makefile madness well? : ) I'm trying to rebuild a tool (without any dependencies other then gcc). However, no matter what I try, copying the tool to a new name even, it always tells me 'already up to date'. How does openwrt decide this? (See https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/pull/11717 for some background)
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<dhewg> `make V=cs -j4 tools/zip/{clean,compile}` works just fine here
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<PaulFertser> f00b4r0: offtopic: do you think it's wrong I'm caring about keeping OpenOCD updated in Homebrew but not in MacPorts?
<f00b4r0> PaulFertser: heh who am I to say what you do is wrong? ;) These are volunteer projects, volunteers do what they think is good. Personally I know that I would not use homebrew again on any of my systems, but at the same time I'm aware it's probably more popular than macports, simply because it seems every howto on the web starts with "install homebrew".
<dwfreed> homebrew sucks
* dwfreed ducks
<f00b4r0> amen ;)
<ldir> anyone else getting recursive package dep warnings with PACKAGE_luci-app-pbr
<robimarko> Yeah, everybody is
<ldir> ok, I'll avoid asking the next question ;-)
<robimarko> AFAIK, the author is notified but doesnt seem to fast to fix it
<robimarko> It is quite annoying
<ldir> it is
<neggles> hello friends
<neggles> can someone refresh my memory on what the contents of 'CONTROL' in a sysupgrade tar is meant to look like
<Znevna> robimarko: he doesn't know from where it is
<Znevna> i've tried looking into it and gave up
<neggles> qnap's latest switches are using a new encrypt/decrypt method without the old footer, outer .img is a plain old sysupgrade .tar now (json manifest and all) but the files in the subdir are encrypted individually
* neggles grumbles
<robimarko> Znevna: Well, the solution isnt to just ignore it
<PaulFertser> Homebrew system saw a new release and updated the "formula" automatically on the same day it was tagged, hm, that's kinda cool.
<neggles> ah right, BOARD=<blah>
<Znevna> robimarko: I know, but I don't know enough to look further into it, and this looks funky to me anyway: https://paste.debian.net/plainh/3dbd356e
<neggles> oh qnap you silly geese, you changed encryption methods on an already-released device... which means the "transitional firmware" must have the necessary information to decrypt the new encryption format :D
<robimarko> Thats nice of them
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<neggles> des-ecb with a 14 character string for a key.
<neggles> yikes.
<neggles> ...hey qnap you do realize you're meant to pass 168 bits to this right? not 112?
<neggles> openssl even complains that the key isn't long enough...
<neggles> ah sorry, 128 bits not 112, still.
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<neggles> ayyyy 98DX3520
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<oliv3r[m]> dhewg: yet, this does not work for libdeflate for some reason :S
<Znevna> how is /tmp/.config-package.in generated?
<oliv3r[m]> let me just nuke that entire '/tmp'!
<Znevna> oh it wasn't meant for you to nuke it
<Znevna> I'm trying to figure out something completely different :P
<dhewg> oliv3r[m]: which means that clean/uninstall target doesn't do what it's supposed to do
<oliv3r[m]> ok so fine, but how can I manually nuke things, so it will stop telling me 'nothing to be done'
<dhewg> it's more than one spot, fix those targets and that earlier clean cmd will do that then
<dhewg> huh, nice, github expands CVEs mentioned in commit messages
<oliv3r[m]> yeah but the makefile for libdeflate is trivial; and the same as the zip one
<dhewg> add "$(call Host/Default/Clean)" as last cmd to Host/Clean
<dhewg> if that's copypaste from zip you might as well fix that in a 2nd commit
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<dhewg> it's missing from quite some tools, if one overwrites Clean you're supposed to do whatever is required and the Default/Clean on top, so if you're up to it fix 'em all :)
<oliv3r[m]> dhewg: actually, here is the latest version: https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/pull/11788
<oliv3r[m]> and since i couldn't wipe anything, i couldn't build it, and if I can't build it, i can't validate if it's okay or not :)
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<Znevna> can we bribe nbd to bump the mt76 version in openwrt? :P
<Znevna> the mt7915 are just waiting to light up.
<Znevna> mt7915 LEDs*
<dhewg> oliv3r[m]: right :P so it works with that line added?
<dhewg> you might as bump to v1.17 released today
<oliv3r[m]> nope; but distclean eventually wiped it
<oliv3r[m]> dhewg: that's part of that MR :p
<oliv3r[m]> ah it's not; did my rebase break it?
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<mrkiko> gch981213: hi!!
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<pekster> How interseting would patches be that address quoting edge-cases in initscripts & shell libraries (like procd)? I'm noticing some very intermittent handling that suggests the intent to be quote-safe but appears to break if passed a quoted string from UCI containing spaces.
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<jow> pekster: hard to tell without seeing the patches :)
<pekster> Heh, sure. Sounds like it's sane as long as it's an actual fix, not just deck-chairs on a lost ship. I've got an eye for shell & quoting (or failing that, beefing up the wiki to say where you can't use such filenames.)
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