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<Znevna> morning
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<russell--> limited shell on the calix gigapoint 803g allows $(cmd) arguments to echo, that's interesting
* russell-- thinks about how to exploit that go get /bin/bash
<russell--> > echo $(cat /etc/passwd)
<russell--> admin:$1$1e5I1TCd$Cni4fVzye/.SMF0CMj.5n.:0:0:Administrator:/:/bin/sh support:$1$F2fKvMmO$Qy2dNGGVaF0TL4.8U9uHR0:0:0:Technical Support:/:/bin/sh nobody:$1$Ir6CBYjv$R28PgSGQ4xOeQwIqvXGk2.:0:0:nobody for ftp:/:/bin/sh
<lemmi> md5 keys?
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<russell--> > echo $(/bin/sh < /dev/console > /dev/console)
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<russell--> there is a timeout so it doesn't run forever
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<Tusker> heya guys, it looks like mr33 doesn't like the kernel 5.15 bump, it hangs after decompressing the kernel. The obvious thing I can see is that the kernel is now over 4MB, which could be the culprit, anyone experience something similar ?
<Tusker> 22.0.3 boots fine, on 5.10.161 at 3.8MB
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<Znevna> how come the kernel is that huge?
<Tusker> maybe something broken on my build machine
<Tusker> i did a distclean, but maybe something hanging around
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<Tusker> but, given that there isn't much difference between 3.8MB and 4.1MB it is probably normal on this target
<Znevna> the kernel partition is defined with a size of 4MB on many devices, that's why I ask
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<Tusker> i think the mr33 stores the kernel on an ubi partition and boot from there. it uncompresses and crc32+ and sha1+ hash integrity seems OK
<Tusker> let's see if the snapshot build boots on 5.15, to see if it's just my environment causing issues
<Tusker> OK... odd snapshot boots fine
<Tusker> and kernel is even bigger at 4.3MB
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<Tusker> job for tomorrow, will see how the snapshot behaves after the bump to 5.15.89
<Tusker> thanks for the sounding board :)
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<russell--> hmm, so i kill the iptables rule blocking ssh, i empty the /var/passwd hash for user admin, and try to login (with three deprecated settings) and see this on the console: "user 'admin' has blank password, rejected", which implies it is looking in the file i changed, then i try a hash for a known password (copy/pasted from an openwrt box) and get a permission denied, implying it is using a
<russell--> different hashing algorithm than modern openwrt. telnet also fails with empty hash or openwrt-derived hash.
<russell--> the dropbear ssh on it is v0.46 (circa July 2005)
<dwfreed> try md5crypt
<dwfreed> hmm, or is openwrt still doing md5crypt ($1$)
<dwfreed> my 19.07 device is md5crypt, but, well, that's 19.07, which is a bit crusty
<neggles> russell--: reverse shell time!
<neggles> does it have bash or no?
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<russell--> busybox sh
<russell--> i also tried "openssl passwd -1" on the device to create the hash
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<dwfreed> russell--: probably need legacy crypt
<russell--> i managed to remount rootfs (jffs2) rw and modify the inittab to give me a real shell, required a space after the comma in mount -o remount,rw /
<dwfreed> whack
<russell--> that'll be more comfortable than the limited shell provided by /bin/consoled
<dhewg> jow: commented there, but still confused by it
<robimarko> jow: I know I poked you before, but can you take a look at:
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<Ansuel> o/
<dhewg> Ansuel: still not seeing it, i'll try another coffee
<Ansuel> let me sanity check if the define conversion are correct
<dhewg> lol :P
<Ansuel> i can't believe it!!!
<dhewg> I knew that enum=define thingy is fishy
<dhewg> ...but didn't catch that either :(
<dhewg> you know what's even more annoying than that fix? we need new bumps :facepalm:
<Ansuel> nha just one bump
<Ansuel> no abi change
<dhewg> dunno if my other chunk there wrt wep still makes sense
<Ansuel> pushing fix... pushing iwinfo bump and i'm merging all the pr to trigger rebuild
<dhewg> nice, thanks, let's hope the annoying parts are done with that
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<Ansuel> dhewg ok good all done
<Ansuel> jow ping? (can you delete the extra branch for iwinfo and rpcd?)
<dhewg> with ipq80xx in tree now, does that help ipq50xx?
<jow> Ansuel: where?
<robimarko> dhewg: a bit
<jow> the ABI-changes-* branches?
<Ansuel> yes
<jow> will do
<Ansuel> i have no power of force push and delete so only an admin can do that
<Ansuel> thanks
<robimarko> dhewg: But ipq50xx is a whole new thing, upstream there is exactly nothing
<robimarko> Not even a clock and pinctrl driver
<robimarko> I got it booting after reworking the downstream clock driver, but its low in the queue
<robimarko> SoC itself is stupid simple as they cut everything out of it to make it as cheap as possible
<Ansuel> how much they cut o.o
<jow> Ansuel: done
<robimarko> Ansuel: Well everything that can be optional
<Ansuel> thanks jow
<jow> Ansuel: dhewg: thanks for taking care of the regression
<dhewg> my pleasure, better than seeing stuff reverted :)
<Ansuel> now we have the fun part... luci changes.....
<dhewg> robimarko: alright, nice. It sounds like there may be an avm ipq50xx+vrx518 device in the future
<Ansuel> wait they did an ipq50xx + dsl ?
<robimarko> Why not, its just an addon
<dhewg> last paragraph
<dhewg> any rough idea how ipq40xx compared to ipx50xx?
<dhewg> *compares
<robimarko> In what sense?
<Ansuel> i think ipq60xx is comparable to ipq40xx
<robimarko> ipq50xx is just a cut down ipq60xx
<robimarko> Where they removed 2 cores
<Ansuel> so it's 2 core + 1 nss
<Ansuel> and lower clk ?
<robimarko> Depends on the exact model
<robimarko> Its biggest upshot is that has the 2.4G AX radio fully embedded inside
<schmars[m]> there are ipq40xx boards with 4 cores (e.g. fritzbox 4040 and many mikrotiks)
<robimarko> All ipq40xx models are quad core
<schmars[m]> got it, i read that ipq50xx 2 core wrong
<robimarko> Ansuel: I love that they say Dual-core ARM Cortex-A53 at 1.0 GHz
<robimarko> But actually run it higher
<schmars[m]> maybe the clocking is part of the licensing
<schmars[m]> * of the arm licensing
<Ansuel> depends on the fuses
<Ansuel> i guess
<robimarko> Hehe, they are actually running it at 1.3GHz
<robimarko> And they dumbed it down so that you dont even need a PMIC
<Ansuel> what i love is that they are starting to call nss core NPU LOL
<robimarko> Its been that forever
<robimarko> It was always advertised as Network Processing Unit
<Ansuel> and that is now problematic since now NPU is Neural Processing Unit
<Ansuel> but for ipq is Network Processing Unit
<robimarko> Who cares, these get reused all of the time
<Ansuel> marketing magic people will think they are AI cores
<robimarko> Nah
<robimarko> These things dont even have marketing
<robimarko> Their marketing is being cheap as chips
<robimarko> Heck, they even have a model with RAM embedded on the die
<dhewg> I meant as in performance, cut down ipq6 doesn't tell much how it stands against ipq4
<dhewg> if avm indeed ships it, I guess it's not an insignificant step up since a new soc costs more than a few engineering hours
<Ansuel> new wifi better core type
<Ansuel> 64bit
<Ansuel> better soc in general
<Ansuel> nss core
<dhewg> is nss supported at all? mainline and/or here?
<Ansuel> avm use qsdk
<Ansuel> on openwrt in theory we can since they started providing nss firmware but it's a nightmare driver wise
<robimarko> Its Cortex-A53 so way better than A7 found in ipq40xx, and it has AX radio
<dhewg> is that 6/6e too?
<robimarko> Thanks to Ansuel, NSS-DRV now works without using removed asm instructions for DMA with the generic DMA API
<robimarko> dhewg: The embedded radio is 2.4G AX only
<robimarko> So they put multiple PCIe controllers
<robimarko> And have companion 6/6e cards
<Ansuel> do you know how much line?
<Ansuel> considering dsl is one line
<robimarko> You mean PCIe lines?
<Ansuel> yes
<robimarko> 1 x PCIe 2.0 X2 + 1 x PCIe 2.0 + 1 x USB 2.0 or
<robimarko> 1 x PCIe 2.0 X2 + 1 x USB 3.0
<robimarko> Do note that there is no built-in switch anymore
<Ansuel> edmav2 ?
<robimarko> Only one SGMII/SGMII+
<robimarko> Nope
<robimarko> EDMAv2 is IPQ9574
<robimarko> This is just another variation of EDMAv1
<Ansuel> but external
<robimarko> ?
<robimarko> The PHY is external yes
<robimarko> But its always been like that
<Ansuel> wonder what magic they use to comunicate with nss since it's not built-in
<robimarko> What do you mean its not built-in?
<robimarko> It is built-in the SoC
<Ansuel> you said no built-in switch
<robimarko> Yes
<robimarko> NSS runs on the UBI32 NPU core
<robimarko> Which is in the SoC
<robimarko> Always has been
<robimarko> Switch is just a switch
<robimarko> My favorite model is IPQ0509 which has 256MB of RAM built-in
<Ansuel> the die must be big
<Ansuel> also how that means less production cost o.O
<robimarko> Cause its probably the same size as IPQ807x
<robimarko> I am sure they are making a profit
<Ansuel> we are at the point where ram in die is cheaper than some trace on the pcb wow...
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<robimarko> I suspect there will be a flood of these ipq50xx models
<robimarko> There is already quite a lot of them in ODM designs
<robimarko> I did have an issue with reboot not working for some reason on my Motorola Q14
<robimarko> Need to test on EAP104 to see if its happening there as well
<Ansuel> probably really easy to develop considering you don't need to care about ram and regulators are easy
<robimarko> SW wise you dont care about RAM anyway
<robimarko> They train that in SBL
<robimarko> And yeah, it only needs couple of rails and they recommend just using LDO-s
<Ansuel> i mean hw side
<robimarko> There are only 2 models with RAM built-in
<robimarko> All of the production has been with external RAM
<robimarko> As they are doing triple radios so 256MB aint gonna cut it
<robimarko> BTW, did you have time to poke at the crypto?
<robimarko> I think its panicking on spin unlock for some reason?
<Ansuel> it seems strange that it does panic at spinlock
<robimarko> I agree
<robimarko> I though it was a NULL pointer on kfree
<robimarko> Still no idea how to use decode_stacktrace with kmods on OpenWrt
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<Ansuel> well the print don't lie
<Ansuel> user must be NULL
<robimarko> I agree with you
<robimarko> However, it doesnt panic on spin_lock_bh(&user->lock);
<robimarko> And if user was NULL it would have to crap out instantly
<Ansuel> well where user is used?
<Ansuel> in nss_cryptoapi_copy_iv i guess?
<robimarko> In everything generic
<robimarko> Its the nss-crypto abstraction
<robimarko> Lets continue this on the forum, to not spam here
<Ansuel> ok
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<dhewg> Ansuel: do you plan to look at the luci part of the iwinfo changes?
<Ansuel> pretty busy at the moment but the big change for the wifi chanel to extend the limits to an array is there and done
<Ansuel> currently it's all driven by a variable true or false
<dhewg> you mean that available var from your PR?
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<dhewg> I meant PR6104 :)
<xback> Looks like sysupgrade is broken on imx target
<xback> it still scans the nand for badblocks, but doesnt not erase/reprogram it
<xback> does not*
<Ansuel> imx use emmc ?
<xback> nand
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<xback> aah .. found the offending commits ..
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<mrkiko> I would like to be sure - does openwrt use the "firmware" partition name in some scripts to do things? I'm in the process of upstreaming a mvebu DTS, and I am asked to identify "u-boot" as firmware, due to the (very valid) reason that in that platform, the u-boot partition contains "TIM firmware + wtmi + u-boot". The device I'm looking at is gl-mv1000 (emmc) so this shouldn't constitute a problem,
<mrkiko> but I would like tobe sure
<KGB-1> has been updated. (100.0% images and 100.0% packages reproducible in our current test framework.)
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<robimarko> mrkiko: Yes, by default it is using the "firmware" name
<robimarko> But these days the proper name is usually set in upgrade scripts and there is compatibles for mtd parsers as well
<robimarko> You are gonna have to name it "firmware" as it makes sense, not only u-boot is there
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<mrkiko> robimarko: yeah, indeed
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<mrkiko> robimarko: still wanted to avoid situations where an user sysupgrades and finds no u-boot then :D
<mrkiko> robimarko: then, another thing is - I am being asked (righly) to defined kernel part, rootfs part and rootfs_data part in DTS. But I am scared this is not feasible due to the fact those offsets will change any time the stock firmware gets upgraded for some reasons
<mrkiko> will have to look at that to understand if that's the case, but I think it is
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<robimarko> Well, defining those upstream has just caused them to get patched downstream
<mrkiko> robimarko: ok, so it makes no sense ... wish I knew better
<mrkiko> robimarko: gl.iNet didn't define any of them when submitting thedts upstream
<mrkiko> upstream = openwrt
<robimarko> Which device are you upstreaming?
<mrkiko> gl-mv1000 /mvebu)
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<robimarko> Well, it really makes no sense to define kernel, rootfs and rootfs_data separately
<robimarko> That is what we have parsers for to dynamically create rootfs_data
<robimarko> But, on that device, NOR is not used for OpenWrt at all?
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<mrkiko> robimarko: no, it's not used at all - unless you mess with the env
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<mrkiko> robimarko: so - in openwrt I did a mistake, probably I should keep just u-boot, u-boot-env and dtb, right? And maybe rename u-boot to firmware ? But then how can I define the rest?
<mrkiko> and in a way that is acceptable upstream
<lucenera> Are the mount options for rootfs hardcoded somewhere?
<mrkiko> robimarko: I mean, ideally to have parser split partitions automatically in openwrt even tough they're not used, and if possible in upstream Linux as well ? never looked at this part of things
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<robimarko> mrkiko: I would just call that factory-backup or something like that
<robimarko> Its pretty much meant for recovery as far as I can tell
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