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<alyssa> lina: uh oh
<alyssa> I think I'm figuring out what the 02345 buffer is...
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<alyssa> OK. I think I have a more or less complete picture of bindless texture handles then
<alyssa> still mystified by bindless samplers.
<alyssa> namely
<alyssa> add the register (if present) to the 64-bit uniform (must be present) and that's the address of the texture descriptor in memory, bam, done.
<alyssa> Metal's texture handles are 32-bit offsets into the heap or something like that
<alyssa> byte offsets
<alyssa> multiples of 24
<alyssa> as for the samplers though
<alyssa> the sampler register is a 16-bit index, not a byte offset (!)
<alyssa> but it isn't at all clear to me where the sampler descriptors themselves live. presumably this is indexing into a global heap but I can't figure out where.
<alyssa> i feel like i'm getting warmer but this isn't clicking yet
<alyssa> either my Metal code is wrong or something is horribly broken in my decoder ..
<alyssa> I'm clearly missing something dumb
<alyssa> but, if changing the sampler descriptor is not changing memory as far as I can see, IDK what to make of that other than not mapping memory hard enough
<alyssa> IOGPU Compute word 38: # of bindless samplers + 1
<alyssa> IOGPU Compute word 39: # of bindless samplers
<alyssa> ??
<alyssa> (seeing as they each bump up when I create a bindless sampler even if it's not actually used)
<alyssa> and corresponding index in the 02345 buffer gets the second word replaced by 0x780 or 0x781
<alyssa> but that, doesn't tell me where the actual samplers live!
<alyssa> 02345 is the only interesting thing here but, I'm printing it and it's not telling me what I need
<alyssa> 02345 is clearly a table of 8-byte records of some kind
<alyssa> relating to the bindless samplers
<alyssa> but .. I'm not seeing where the cntents go
<alyssa> there'sjust, not enough entropy here
<alyssa> unless.
<alyssa> no this would be pathological even by AGX standards..
<alyssa> no it's not that either.
<alyssa> at a loss here, where is this missing memory
<alyssa> managed to provoke 0x783
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<eric_engestrom> marcan (lina, alyssa): for the manjaro/alarm snafu with enabling asahi in the can't-work-upstream package, this reminds me that I was surprised by the choice to rename the mesa package in the asahi repo instead of naming it `mesa` so that it would shadow the one from alarm; perhaps this should still be done now to avoid this kind of issues in the future? (although I can't think of something else they could do)
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<jannau> eric_engestrom: I suppose the idea was to make it optional and easy to revert to the upstream version in the case we screw up