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<lina> alyssa: Portal/Portal2/HL2 are smooth now, and even Crysis runs too though with some glitches. 34 tested working games now ^^ Going to get dinner and actually send the MRs after!
<alyssa> review please?
<alyssa> and I already had essentially that patch in agx/next, maybe if there weren't so many patches waiting for review first it could've been sent out..
<alyssa> and if you'd sent the trace like i'd asked on wednesday this could've been shortcircuited...
<alyssa> but... nice work
<alyssa> ++ on the valdity tracking, though, that's good
<alyssa> thanks
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<alyssa> ok now that I've actually digested the patches yes this looks good
<alyssa> thank you for looking into this, I should not have early-morning IRC crabbed, that was uncalled for
<alyssa> i'm sorry for *gesticulates above* that
<alyssa> i just know you've been bleh about duplicating work in the past and so i was bleh because i thought that happened here
<alyssa> but that wasn't really the case? especially if the valid buffer range tracking was what actually mattered in the end, so nicely orthogonal actually
<alyssa> really wishing irc had a delete message button right about now >.>
<alyssa> hoof_in_mouth++
<unko> it's ok, irc just makes us accept our mistakes without hiding them <3
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<flibitijibibo> on the subject of games, i've started building some commercial titles for aarch64, happy to throw together test builds if any of these are on the list (mainly the FNA ones)
<handlerug> flibitijibibo: oh that's super nice! what about Celeste?
<handlerug> the blocker is no native FMOD
<flibitijibibo> yeah, fmod's the blocker but someone found a way to patch around that... let me see if i still have that repo somewhere
<handlerug> also see my comment
<flibitijibibo> ah yeah, that one
<flibitijibibo> the main thing for FNA stuff is that and have prebuilds now, so self-building will likely only apply to stuff like steamworks stubs and that fmod workaround
<handlerug> yeah, I went with the system mono and manually built libraries for the time being
<handlerug> still interested in the FMOD thing because the bank that's shipped with the game is not fully compatible with the 2.0 version
<flibitijibibo> oh, and bastion, i definitely replaced fmod but that never went into the final build, at least not on steam. maybe gog has it, but i added a `-usefnasound` since i got tired of fmod being... well, fmod
<flibitijibibo> has someone upgraded the celeste fmod project to the latest version maybe? i think those files are still public
<flibitijibibo> slowly making my way through the mastodon thread... fez steam if you opt into the beta now includes the arm64 binaries
<handlerug> you can do that using the public version of the project, yeah
<handlerug> open it in fmod studio 2.0, it'll prompt for an upgrade, then export the new banks
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<flibitijibibo> handlerug, steam beta pass is `aarch64thisisahack`, completely blind build but seems okay at first glance
<handlerug> ooh hm, let me see, never ran steam on aarch64
<flibitijibibo> can always copy it over from an x86 setup, that's what i usually do :shrug:
<handlerug> exactly what I was planning :P
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<handlerug> haha they finally made it say "Press C"
<handlerug> flibitijibibo: seems like it works!
<handlerug> even the music is fixed
<flibitijibibo> neat! i'll have to try it locally as well... fmod really shook their ABI up (again...) so it took a minute to stitch it back together
<handlerug> is it like actually working properly, without workarounds?
<flibitijibibo> as far as i know it should be - the C# side they changed the typedefs a little but i was able to alias the old to the new
<handlerug> by which I mean those hacks to make the dotnet side think it's the older FMOD version and rename the symbols
<handlerug> nice!
<handlerug> I should play through a chapter
<handlerug> played through old site and a tiny bit of farewell, can't spot any issues
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<handlerug> I wonder if Everest is going to work
<flibitijibibo> it _might_, depends on how much it cares about the exact bytes of celeste.exe, otherwise it'll probably work fine
<tabby> hi
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<handlerug> okay, seems like everest doesn't like new fmod stuff but I guess they'll fix it once it's released. regardless, awesome work!
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<flibitijibibo> i'll file these changes in our repo somewhere... upgrading fmod is always risky so who knows if it'll make its way into the public branch
<flibitijibibo> but, i can at least say that a possible angle to fix fmod support from the outside is to hack up the fmod namespace to use the newer SDK's version, then dropping in the native libraries should be okay. it came _pretty_ close to basically being that in src
<alyssa> flibitijibibo: Are you the one putting Mesa on xbox 360?:D
<alyssa> (er. no. the newer xbox. i stopped paying attention to xbox after 360.)
<flibitijibibo> alyssa, yep :)
<tabby> does anybody know how tf2 performs?
<tabby> not so hopefull since tf2 contains lots of explosions, gibs, decals etc. but perhaps using config may help the fps.
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<alyssa> flibitijibibo: :-D
<alyssa> dozen on xbox coming soon? O:)