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<minimal> dwfreed: there are some mkfs.f2fs option you can tweak. I tried using f2fs in the past (not for OpenWRT) but ended up giving it up as a bad idea
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<dwfreed> minimal: if everybody has to tweak it, those should be the defaults
<minimal> does OpenWRT do a fsck BEFORE the fs is mounted? As Alpine's initramfs' init mounts rootfs before the fsck that was the main issue I hit with f2fs - ext2/3/4 don't mind being run on a read-only mounted fs, F2FS's fsck had to be forced to do anything in such a situation which meant it did a full fsck on every boot rather than just look to see if it can been clean/unclean unmounted previously
<minimal> dwfreed: why would "everybody" have to tweak the mkfs.f2fs options?
<dwfreed> because the amount of wasted space is ridiculous?
<dwfreed> see slh's example above
<dwfreed> 165 KB of files, 144 MB used in the fs
<slh> on a 900 MB partition
<slh> which is insane
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<minimal> I'm not disagreeing. In general I wasn't impressed with F2Fs and stopped using it
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<owrt-snap-builds> Build [#792]( of `ramips/mt7620` completed successfully.
<minimal> dwfreed: checked my notes and I was seeing an approx 40% overhead for F2FS filesystems
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<neggles> f2fs has a bit of a tendency to eat itself
<owrt-snap-builds> Build [#900]( of `layerscape/armv7` completed successfully.
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<Mangix> neggles: i'd avoid it
<Mangix> it's not tested on 32-bit platforms. probably
<djfe> That felt wrong, so I did some digging: F2FS was developed by Samsung for 32bit Android ARM and was published in 2012. 64bit Android released at the end of 2014
<djfe> regardless I lost data using f2fs with Lineage OS some years back. I let the battery run dry and the device probably ran out of power in the wrong moment due to trying to save energy. Booted into a corrupted /data partition the next day :/
<djfe> I'm not sure how well fsck.f2fs even worked back in the day. These days it's supposed to be way better and Google switched to f2fs eventually with the Pixel 3 in 2018
<djfe> I'm still not confident in using it myself though. I like neggles wording, eating itself fits an unstable filesystem perfectly ^^.
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<slh> stability hasn't been an issue for me over the last 1.5 years, just its insane fs overhead
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<Znevna> morning
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<owrt-2203-builds> Build [#231]( of `apm821xx/nand` completed successfully.
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<ynezz> fwiw, I'm using f2fs on i.mx6 emmc (32-bit ARM) backed system in production for 5+ years, some projects are running on the cars, so dozens of daily sudden power loses, but f2fs copes well with that
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<djfe> Znevna: morning :)
<djfe> ynezz: that's actually pretty dope.
<Znevna> :)
<stintel> at some point master had f2fs corruption, seen by different users and on multiple archs, I suspect introduced in a stable kernel bump and fixed in another stable kernel bump later
<stintel> seen it on qoriq and bcm27xx, and I believe karlp saw it on sunxi
<ynezz> it's 21.02 with 5.4
<djfe> ok so I bisected an issue with disabling WiFi in luci a couple of weeks back. Is this actually a bug in OpenWRT or in LuCI?
<djfe> Should I open a new bug here?
<djfe> The bug only affects master so far.
<Znevna> I'm doing some more tests today
<neggles> I trust f2fs on Android because google control that implementation
<neggles> so they no doubt test it and make sure it doesn't go fucky
<neggles> but outside of a carefully controlled system, I have a similar opinion to openSUSE's
<djfe> agreed
<djfe> Znevna: awesome
<neggles> f2fs created on some kernel versions will cause a kernel panic if you try to mount it on a newer one :/
<neggles> as a bonus it corrupts the fs too!
<neggles> everybody loses!
<djfe> From Bugzilla: Currently the filesystem doesn't have a way to disable mounting of filesystems created with newer kernels, containing on-disk incompatible changes. I have talked with one of the maintainers and they recognize this fact but so far no one is working on this. This is a pretty major since newer images could potentially crash older kernels not being able to properly parse them.
<djfe> I think you reversed what they meant: older Kernels will try to mount f2fs partitions created by newer Kernels and fail and cause corruption
<djfe> f2fs is backwards compatible but not forwards compatible
<neggles> either way
<neggles> it's not great.
<neggles> and i'm not sure there are really any major benefits over just using ubifs or ext4? ext4 doesn't have compression, but
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<djfe> I feel like EROFS is the much hipper filesystem these days for replacing ext4 for read-only partitions, but in the end stability and size constraints are more important here
<djfe> *actually I have no idea how stable EROFS is. I mentioned stability because of the f2fs debate
<mrkiko> what's the advantages of erofs vs squashfs?
<goliath> read speed vs size
<mrkiko> goliath: thanks
<goliath> erofs packs data into fixed size blocks and makes sure they are aligned. It's more efficient in terms of disk access (and faster) than squashfs but sacrifices size
* goliath did a little benchmark on a Raspberry Pi a while back:
<mrkiko> goliath: thanks!! :) nice work
<djfe> live can be random, I stumbled across your blog post a while ago and only just shared it in an issue haha
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<Znevna> the firmware selector doesn't seem the be building anything? :P
<Znevna> 02/20/2023, 02:00:04 AM latest build
<Znevna> donno what time zone that is :P
<Znevna> hmm
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<djfe> Does anyone know anybody that owns a Sercomm AD1018 or a Sercomm H500-s (broadcom target)? Both likely need to be adjusted for the sercomm partition tables similar to this
<Znevna> sorry :)
<rmilecki> nbd: please check for CPU usage
<rmilecki> nbd: with threaded rps I still get varying iperf speeds depending on iperf session (i guess it's still a matter of assigning net traffic to CPU core)
<rmilecki> nbd: I can get iperf + flamegraph but those will most likely differ a bit depending on which CPU core handles what load (task)
<rmilecki> nbd: so I'm not sure for which CPU load / iperf speed you would be interested to see perf + graph for?
<nbd> i find it odd that cpu load is not properly distributed across cores with threaded rps
<rmilecki> its iperf -P4 with BCM47094 (2 cores)
<nbd> i wonder if there is something wrong with flow dissection + dsa
<nbd> that would lead to all flows being assigned to the same hash
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<EqUaTe> rmilecki: i dunno if it's improved in the last few years, but iperf always used to be appallingly bad multithreaded.. do you see different values running multiple single-threaded instances at once?
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<nbd> dhewg: ping
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<dhewg> heya, what's up?
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<Tapper> EROFS Gets Low-Latency Decompression For Much Better Performance
<nbd> dhewg: i just pushed some mac80211 changes to fix issues with mesh mode and improve performance
<dhewg> oh nice, will try them out!
<dhewg> no further results on my maybe a-msdu issue btw, inconclusive results so far
<dhewg> dunno what's up with that
<dhewg> maybe a heisenbug, or maybe just too populated wifi nets
<nbd> i managed to reproduce a-msdu issues with forwarding
<dhewg> ok nice, update required on both sides?
<nbd> it was broken on the node that forwarded packets to another node
<nbd> not sure if you're using mesh with forwarding or the forwarding=0 batman-adv variant
<dhewg> plain s
<nbd> then you need to update any node that's forwarding packets to other nodes
<dhewg> alright, that may explain another issue I've noticed
<dhewg> I had to restart the firewall on the forwarding router, NATed clients couldn't connect to anything anymore
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<dhewg> I've a bridge with multiple dsa ports and multiple wifi nets, the mesh one being one of them
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<dhewg> slighly related, but docs are so sparse. Does bridger make sense to setup on such setups? Or is that only useful on MT/WED?
<nbd> dhewg: bridger should help in any setup where packets are bridged from one port to another
<dhewg> ok, but what I'm still not sure about if "port" only means wired-only or if bridger can help wifi+wired bridges too
<nbd> any netdev, so wired, wifi, whatever...
<dhewg> alright, will try it out then
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<dhewg> stintel: LGTM, the toolchain line includes "and common tools which will be used to build the firmware image" though, which is wrong, that's all in tools/
<stintel> dhewg: thanks
<stintel> if noone else objects I'll add it later today probably
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<Znevna> I've pushed something again didn't I
<dhewg> rmilecki: daemon.notice procd: /etc/rc.d/S25packet_steering: sh: write error: No such file or directory
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<dhewg> nbd: that helped, thanks!
<dhewg> (just the new a-msdu patches, no bridger anywhere yet)
<rmilecki> dhewg: what is your:
<rmilecki> uci get "network.@globals[0].packet_steering"
<dhewg> rmilecki: "1"
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<rmilecki> dhewg: can you add some debugging to the /usr/libexec/network/ ?
<rmilecki> dhewg: to see from what line that error comes from
<rmilecki> (is that one of set_hex_val ?)
<rmilecki> oh, wait, i just saw the same error locally
<rmilecki> ok... so what's going on here?
<rmilecki> root@OpenWrt:/# ls -l /sys/class/net/eth0/queues/tx-0/xps_cpus
<rmilecki> -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 4096 Feb 17 18:55 /sys/class/net/eth0/queues/tx-0/xps_cpus
<rmilecki> root@OpenWrt:/# cat /sys/class/net/eth0/queues/tx-0/xps_cpus
<rmilecki> cat: read error: No such file or directory
<rmilecki> apparently my kernel replies with -ENO... for reading or writing to xps_cpus
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<rmilecki> nbd: any idea what's going on? could that affect all our threading testing?
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<stintel> hmmm, anyone know if ucode supports opening UNIX socket ?
<stintel> s/opening/reading from/
<stintel> kernel symbols .... sigh
<stintel> something is suddenly exposing CONFIG_PAGE_POOL even though it's been around since 4.18
<stintel> and CONFIG_PAHOLE_HAS_SPLIT_BTF=y keeps creeping into target config even after adding KERNEL_PAHOLE_HAS_SPLIT_BTF with default y
<mrkiko> stintel: I would say it's mt76
<mrkiko> stintel: page_pool
<stintel> mrkiko: no mt76 on this device at all
<stintel> nothing wifi even
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<mrkiko> stintel: mhm...
<stintel> probably PAGE_POOL_STATS exposed it
<janvenekamp> Hi, back in november I submitted updated patches regarding uci:
<janvenekamp> nbd: jow: stintel: ? Can somebody please look into these outstanding uci patches?
<janvenekamp> Also see this other uci patch from another author:
<stintel> janvenekamp: I don't feel comfortable with this codebase, sorry
<mrkiko> hauke: thanks for your comments on PR #10909
<mrkiko> hauke: I have an ART dump here, but taking off the device and trying things out would need some weeks still for me
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<stintel> sigh
<stintel> /home/stijn/Development/OpenWrt/openwrt/include/ *** Missing kernel version/hash file for . Please create /home/stijn/Development/OpenWrt/openwrt/include/kernel-. Stop.
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<hauke> You can just dump the partition in normal operation
<hauke> mirko:
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<oliv3r[m]> why am I getting 'certifiate of mirror? is not trusten on debian?
<oliv3r[m]> because i'm missing ca-certificates, that's why :p
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