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<KGB-2> https://tests.reproducible-builds.org/openwrt/openwrt_tegra.html has been updated. (100.0% images and 100.0% packages reproducible in our current test framework.)
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<fda> hello, i cant get a raspberry 2 boot with openwrt. i used several other device with openwrt before. i attached a display to the PI and i see booting until "cam-dummy-reg: disabling". then noting happens, also no login prompt. this is a complete new install without any config, just the unpacked self compiled openwrt-bcm27xx-bcm2709-rpi-2-squashfs-sysupgrade.img.gz
<fda> should the be a login prompt on the attached display? i think the ip should be like all openwrt devices, but ping get no reply
<dwfreed> there's a "factory" image for those
<dwfreed> that's probably what you should be using
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<fda> both are ~27mb, the factory is 10 kb smaller. i will try
<fda> i never can remember the difference between sysupgrade and factory
<jow> susupgrade = upgrade from openwrt to openwrt
<jow> factory the rest
<fda> beside that: should a raspberry show a "login" prompt on a attached display?
<Borromini> it should if the display is recognised (which it probably is if you see a boot log)
<Borromini> but one usually needs to hit Enter to have the screen cleared and prompt displayed AFAIK
<Znevna> and you should probably start with an official image instead of self build ones
<Znevna> self built*
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<lynxis> I've created the channel #openwrt-fosdem for everyone who is at fosdem this evening and want to meet up.
<lynxis> *this weekend
<jow> oh nice, ipaddress san support in mbedtls
<jow> was stumbling over the very same issue recently
<Borromini> seems there is no consensus in moving completely to mbedtls and ditching wolfssl for hostapd?
<Borromini> if mbedtls works I'd figure it would be a no-brainer to move back instead of supporting both wolfssl and mbedtls with official images (the meeting notes suggested keeping wolfssl for more modern hardware with more flash)
<jow> I'd go with either openssl or mbeldtls
<jow> and ditch wolfssl
<karlp> :+1:
<hauke> Borromini: someone has to do the switch
<hauke> by preparing some patches
<Znevna> the switch of ramips to 5.15? yes please
<f00b4r0> hauke: I thought that's what #11626 did?
<hauke> f00b4r0: ok, haven't seen that
<f00b4r0> hauke: ah sorry, I thought you did. Ansuel pinged there.
<Borromini> hauke: yes there's a PR for switching to mbedtls AFAIK
<Borromini> jow: couldn't agree more :P
<Borromini> Znevna: you okay? :P
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<fda> well, well, well, .. i have a etc/config/network file for every device to change the default ip. the raspberry is new and has not yet such a file. but from a build before there was still a file. and i just did not knew the ip
<fda> so it worked all the time perfect, with both images, facotry+sysupgrad
<fda> also there is no login prompt on raspberry's attached display (i have no usb keyboard attached)
<stintel> neggles: looks like there were 3 of those XD2-240 :P
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<fda> @jow: i have since a long time some luci patches here, maybe you want to merge: https://pastebin.com/pNx5SEmR - https://pastebin.com/gCitj9nf - https://pastebin.com/SiKXkNxa
<fda> screenshots https://ibb.co/zXVnYPz - https://ibb.co/DWw5hd3 - i dont use anymore the qtypes patch / statistics on the device
<karlp> have you considered making a PR on https://github.com/openwrt/luci/ ?
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<owrt-2203-builds> Build [#221](https://buildbot.openwrt.org/openwrt-22.03/images/#builders/40/builds/221) of `mvebu/cortexa53` failed.
<yolo> any chance to support long range wifi on openwrt trunk, 802.11ah for NRC7292, new to this
<yolo> isn't mbedtls not hostapd ready? tls1.3 that is? would love to have mbedtls as the default, openssl is fine too
<yolo> https://lwn.net/Articles/906473/ not sure if 802.11s will work
<f00b4r0> stintel: https://www.ebay.fr/itm/155389898707 - I grabbed it. Love the "ideal für openwrt" subtitle ;)
<karlp> heh, cute: xz: Reduced the number of threads from 8 to 5 to not exceed the memory usage limit of 3913 MiB
<Slimey> hehe
<karlp> now, to find out to let it use m,ore ram :)
<stintel> f00b4r0: Cette vente est terminée.
<Slimey> i dont think tech support reads case notes anymore these days..
<stintel> f00b4r0: ah another m300
<stintel> smart sller
<stintel> seller*
<f00b4r0> stintel: yes "cette vente est terminée" because I bought it ;)
<f00b4r0> there's another one listed for 99 btw
<f00b4r0> actually 2
<stintel> I have enough :P
<f00b4r0> ;)
<stintel> and apparently 3x xd2-240 on the way too :D
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<f00b4r0> fortigate 300C for 99. AIUI these use custom ASICs though
<stintel> some site claims 300d and 300e is intel
<stintel> no info on 300c there though
<Slimey> heh
<f00b4r0> rmilecki: I haven't checked what the current status is in fw4 but I think what's missing here is a configuration system for conntrack-extra. In fw3, having the package installed implies that all protocol handlers are activated by default, which is less than ideal imho
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<aparcar[m]> how do I correctly create a configuration for devices with SMALL_FLASH enabled?
<aparcar[m]> it seems to keep those packages from regular flash ones in the .config file
<aparcar[m]> nick: btw are you aware of LOW_MEMORY_FOOTPRINT? I remember you though about adding a SMALL_MEMORY variable
<Borromini> aparcar[m]: where are you seeing that decision that there will be an mbedtls/openssl split?
<Borromini> i am not seeing that in the meeting notes
<Borromini> (i will comment on the mbedtls PR)
<KGB-2> https://tests.reproducible-builds.org/openwrt/openwrt_kirkwood.html has been updated. (100.0% images and 100.0% packages reproducible in our current test framework.)
<aparcar[m]> Borromini: yea it's not correctly documented. I offered to create a PR so we have mbedtls for small devices and openssl for bigger ones
<aparcar[m]> it's 250kb vs 1000kb, wolfssl being somewhere around 500kb
<Borromini> ok.
<aparcar[m]> thoughts?
<Borromini> mind if i list them in the comment on the PR?
<Borromini> might have a bit more visibility/permanence so to speak
<aparcar[m]> sure please go ahead
<Borromini> ty
<aparcar[m]> 🙂
<stintel> what's the reason for this split?
<stintel> I'd feel more comfortable choosing 1 default and fixing whatever doesn't work in there
<stintel> (sorry I didn't attend the meeting, I got an invite only the same day and I had just returned from travelling)
<aparcar[m]> I see this causes some confusion. ynezz what do you think of mbedtls for all devices even if it is slower?
<Borromini> aparcar[m]: I fully agree about ditching WolfSSL, has caused enough pain.
<aparcar[m]> we could still merge the mbedtls patch and later on decide of the split
<aparcar[m]> Borromini: btw the meeting notes say "make it depend on flash size" regarding openssl/wolfssl/mbedtls
<yolo> is mbedtls ready? last time I heard here is that tls1.3 and hostapd, neither are not fully ready as far as mbedtls goes
<yolo> s/are/is/
<aparcar[m]> yolo: based on the testing of multiple people, it's fine
<owrt-snap-builds> Build [#452](https://buildbot.openwrt.org/master/images/#builders/72/builds/452) of `imx/cortexa9` completed successfully.
<Borromini> aparcar[m]: sure, but the sentence is led in by a 'maybe'
<Borromini> To me, that reads more like thinking out loud and not a statement of fact or a decision. But I am no native speaker.
<Borromini> Most of point 6 sounds open-ended, not like a decision was taken, the way it's phrased
<aparcar[m]> Yup, at the end it was summarized by suggesting that I make the pr
<aparcar[m]> anyway, mbedtls sounds fine to me
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<f00b4r0> i'd tend to think we do not have the resources to maintain two concurrent TLS implementations tbh. Mbedtls for all would have my preference, but I'm no expert.
<f00b4r0> power users who need bleeding edge performance I'm sure would be capable of using something else
<Borromini> i am using OpenSSL on anything mt7621/mvebu/x86_64 already
<Borromini> but yeah, I roll my own, so I can f*ck up by myself as well :P
<Borromini> even if mbedTLS becomes default, I suppose people using OpenSSL will have an 'issue' with 23.xx at some point since 1.1.1 will be EOL in September
<yolo> best, both be supported equally, even for 8MB flash I think openssl still can be used.
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<nick[m]12> aparcar: yes Im aware of this flag :)
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