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<owrt-snap-builds> Build [#459]( of `imx/cortexa9` completed successfully.
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<owrt-snap-builds> Build [#781]( of `kirkwood/generic` failed.
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<Znevna> morning
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<mrkiko> Morning all!
<olmari> Mr. Coffee is definitely needed
<dhewg> I'll take 8
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<dhewg> blasphemy!
<oliv3r[m]> truth hurts :p
<Znevna> If i drink coffee all day I give the energy back when I go to sleep
<Znevna> job done
<mrkiko> Znevna: eheh, would be nice
<oliv3r[m]> How do I properly define a PHY_INTERFACE_MODE_10GBASER | PHY_INTERFACE_MODE_1000BASEX port in the dts's phy-mode node? Since this is an SFP+ port, it depends on what you insert, or does the phy-mode in the dts just set the initial/highest mode and after that, it doesn't matter? (which in case it means phy-mode should be 10GBASER, unless of course the default is the lowest :p)
<nbd> mrkiko: pong
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<mrkiko> nbd: hi!! Sorry for the late reply. Wanted ot ask youfor some hints on why mtk_eth fails sometimes to "remove" peers emitting messages in the dmesg
<mrkiko> nbd: don't have the message anymore available, but said if failed to remove peer via 0 from FDB
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<mrkiko> robimarko: hi!! :D
<robimarko> hi
<mrkiko> robimarko: have you runtime-tested yhe QNAP AQR thermal zone ? Does it work as expected? or, in other words, are you experiencing the other termal zones disappearing as well?
<robimarko> mrkiko: Yes, I ran it but without any trips
<robimarko> Other zones were present as well
<mrkiko> robimarko: given my current patch state (dts): do you think I should assume the dts changes are correct and move on to search for problems elsewhere?
<nbd> mrkiko: i think it's probably not mtk_eth, but the mt7530 driver
<mrkiko> nbd: thanks
<robimarko> mrkiko: Its hard for me to guess
<Znevna> and hello
<robimarko> Znevna: You are just wasting energy on that guy, he will continue working on his magic secret code
<Znevna> yes I don't care about him wasting time on it
<Znevna> just I don't know if the OpenWrt forums is the place for builds using those drivers
<robimarko> Its not
<Znevna> well we're allowing people posting builds apparently
<Znevna> in various topics
<robimarko> Its fine as long as the source is there
<Znevna> none shared the source afaik
<Znevna> and the license on that source is .. not that open?
<nbd> Znevna: you're right about the legal status of the builds
<nbd> as long as they're not hosted on any openwrt servers, i don't have a problem with allowing discussion about those builds
<Znevna> I'd hate MediaTek poking OpenWrt with sticks because of them.
<nbd> an occasional reminder of the legal status might be appropriate
<stintel> if any vendor starts pointing sticks we can talk about the use of the OpenWrt name in their builds ;)
<stintel> s/name/trademark/
<Znevna> yeah i doubt the vendors we should worry about ;P
<nbd> i don't think MTK will be poking OpenWrt about this, as long as we don't host any of this stuff ourselves
<Znevna> ok, let's hope they see it that way :P
<Znevna> too*
<nbd> MTK has too much to lose if they alienate us :)
<robimarko> Doubt vendors go chasing random binaries on the internet
<robimarko> They would have work for years in all of the rando china forks
<robimarko> stintel: They have upgraded to leaving out the "based" part, now its all just running "OpenWrt"
<stintel> if SFC provides access to their ticket system we can start filing tickets for legal action to each of them ;)
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<rmilecki> nbd: I assume I should use -P4 with iperf?
<rmilecki> for testing threaded rps patch
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<stintel> Build dependency: Please reinstall the GNU C++ Compiler (6 or later) - it appears to be broken
<stintel> wtf
<dwfreed> nice
<stintel> if it's going to be one of those days I'm just gonna play call of duty
<stintel> it will probably involve the same amount of cursing :D
<nbd> rmilecki: yes
<rmilecki> nbd: thanks, starting tests
<Slimey> :]
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<Znevna> no way
<Znevna> ramips switched to 5.15
<Znevna> hell incoming
<mrkiko> Znevna: why?
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<Znevna> I expect a few devices to have issues
<mrkiko> Znevna: eh - I'm little bit worried by mt7620 / mt7628
<mrkiko> or maybe the R6220 breaks being MT7621ST ...
<Znevna> some initramfs might not boot anymore
<gch981213> Znevna: FYI MTK used to host a repo for .ko of their proprietary drivers compiled against OpenWrt master and stable releases themselves. So I doubt if MTK minds it at all.
<Znevna> binary blobs offered by them ok
<Znevna> but the source code with that license in them? :)
<gch981213> Znevna: Er... Publishing source code is likely against the NDA.
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<Znevna> sketchy
<stintel> I'm confused by that statement. you're talking about MTK so it's their source code, they don't need to sign an NDA to get access to that?
<Znevna> guess bricco here wasn't allowed to do this:
<Znevna> one of our private builds spammers
<gch981213> stintel: I mean a third-party publishing their source code.
<stintel> right
<gch981213> Znevna: There are leaked source code everywhere though.
<Znevna> I'm just meh at people wasting time with those builds
<Znevna> and at the ones trying them.
<Znevna> they serve no purpose :P
<gch981213> e.g.: Netgear leaked the mt7986 driver source + docs in their GPL dump:
<Znevna> surely by accident :P
<mrkiko> Znevna: understandable, but I think you should let go
<Znevna> of what?
<mrkiko> Znevna: of this thing :D
<Znevna> never :P
<mrkiko> Znevna: I agree with you it would be better to avoid private build with proprietary drivers and violating the NDAs, but ... if someone in the right position tought it was time to stop them, they would have said so at least. Nothing happening...
<Znevna> they could fix a bug or two and actually contribute to OpenWrt instead of using the forums as their personal playground
<gch981213> Znevna: Users may want battle-tested garbage from vendors. It does perform better after all :P
<mrkiko> Znevna: this is your opinion and I agree with that, but - as you see - nobody in the position to do so is listening to you. I'vebeen in the place you are several times, and maybe I'll find myself here again soon. but there is nothing you can do, and continuing to insist on that, you're actually "resonating" the problem. Sure, speaking about something is better than not, and hiding problems by not
<mrkiko> speaking about them is surely a bad thing. But while we are a community, we are not all equal, and you know that.
<stintel> maybe someone should try to convince them of trying to improve mt76 rather than messing with the mtk driver
<stintel> in a constructive way
<stintel> use the example of ath10k being so utterly broken because qca doesn't give a rat's ass about fixing their shitty firmware, so you end up with unfixable junk
<stintel> the same can happen if you're betting on proprietary drivers
<stintel> my .02 [insert_currency_here]
<Znevna> you can't convince people like bricco to work on something else, he's so convinced that the mtk drivers are so much better
<stintel> have you tried?
<gch981213> stintel:Building vendor crap is easier than understanding that :P
<stintel> well then just leave them be, you mention wasting time, yet you're wasting time getting worked up over it
<stintel> just ignore them
<Znevna> stintel: think I've tried, but then some forum mod came and said that this helps openwrt development
<Znevna> and that's where I've stopped
<stintel> alright, on to better things then ;)
<stintel> like fixing the ramips hell that's incoming
* stintel hides
<Znevna> :P hah
<rmilecki> nbd: enabling threaded rps EARLY (in rc.local) causes WARNINGs in net/core/dev.c:7124 (napi_threaded_poll+0xfc/0x120)
<rmilecki> it's napi_thread_wait() and: WARN_ON(!list_empty(&napi->poll_list));
<rmilecki> that happens without your bgmac patches
<rmilecki> i'm compiling with bgmac patches now
<rmilecki> what's interesting: doing echo 1 > /sys/class/net/eth0/threaded && echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/core/rps_threaded later (manually after OpenWrt boots) doesn't trigger that
<rmilecki> it doesn't happen with your bgmac patches! so maybe there is some real bug in bgmac after all :)
<rmilecki> nbd: my early testing show your threaded rps stabilizes speeds a lot but also slowes down NAT from 840 Mb/s to ~660 Mb/s
<rmilecki> *shows
<rmilecki> leaving testing running on
<mrkiko> "we are not all equal" -> we are not, for example, forum moderators :D
<mrkiko> On another topic - is ath79 converted to DSA completely or in the middle?
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<nbd> rmilecki: how's cpu load in that case
<nbd> and can you make a perf flamegraph?
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<nbd> rmilecki: were those tests with the default rps script?
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<robimarko> stintel: 5.15 has been in testing for a while
<robimarko> I doubt its gonna explode on ramips
<aparcar[m]> Ansuel: hey the CI is very sad over here, can you have a look? I don't think it's related to the PR
<robimarko> Its sad as there are patches that need to be refreshed
<robimarko> On 15th there was a push for mediatek kernel patches, I think that is when it triggered
<aparcar[m]> robimarko: I'll have a look
<aparcar[m]> but I think those test jobs shouldn't be triggered if no kernel changes happened
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<Znevna> hmpf
<Znevna> the uart rx signal path on my ax1800u is broken again
<Znevna> :(
<Znevna> mnope
<Znevna> it realy doesn't like to boot with the serial attached
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<mrkiko> Znevna: I experienced something similar some time ago with GnuBee PC1
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<owrt-snap-builds> Build [#780]( of `ramips/mt7621` failed.
<Znevna> boo
<robimarko> Looks like a builder issue
<Znevna> yeah
<Znevna> fishy
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<stintel> robimarko: I've been running it for > 1 month, the hell remark was mostly in reference to what Znevna wrote
<Znevna> what am I missing
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<mrkiko> robimarko: it works now
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<aparcar[m]> jow: please comment on this