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<djfe> bye for now
<djfe> will try again tomorrow morning now worries, I know I'm up way too late lol
<djfe> s/now/no/
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<yolo> for ucode the name uc is taken by unreal engine's script in vim, it actually highlights well for openwrt uc file, is there a better syntax highlight for it?
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<dwfreed> yolo: I doubt anybody's bothered to write a vim syntax hilighting script for it yet
<dwfreed> but it is js inspired, so that might work
<gch981213> Will this trigger the pstore_check in uboot-mediatek, and let affected routers stuck in recovery mode after reboot?
<gch981213> dangole isn't here yet. I guess I'll comment on GitHub instead :)
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<owrt-2203-builds> Build [#230]( of `apm821xx/nand` failed.
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<neggles> sigh
<neggles> we meet again, ipq4018
<neggles> oh well at least adding support to this one should be easy
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<owrt-snap-builds> Build [#750]( of `bcm4908/generic` completed successfully.
<owrt-snap-builds> Build [#791]( of `ramips/mt7620` failed.
<owrt-snap-builds> Build [#899]( of `layerscape/armv7` failed.
<owrt-snap-builds> Build [#331]( of `realtek/rtl930x` completed successfully.
<Znevna> curious
<Znevna> pppoe-wan: <POINTOPOINT,MULTICAST,NOARP,UP,LOWER_UP> mtu 1492 qdisc fq_codel
<Znevna> wan: <BROADCAST,MULTICAST,UP,LOWER_UP> mtu 1500 qdisc mq
<Znevna> x.x
<Znevna> can't find what sets mq
<neggles> "having a multicore processor"
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<owrt-snap-builds> Build [#461]( of `imx/cortexa9` completed successfully.
<Znevna> ok x.x
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<Znevna> just curious why on 5.10 it seemed to be fq_codel ?
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<robimarko> nbd: Do you maybe plan to update the backports to current point release?
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<Znevna> sooooo
<Znevna> if we increase the ubi size in .dts, how can we make use of that space on an already installed router by means of sysupgrade?
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<robimarko> Its not directly compatible
<robimarko> You need to basically reinstall from initramfs usually
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<Znevna> :(
<Znevna> there's no ubi resize option?:P
<robimarko> Well, how can you resize it on the fly if the partition table changed?
<Znevna> it somehow boots if you keep the settings when doing the sysupgrade
<Znevna> and I can see the new size in the bootlog
<Znevna> but .. we'd have to resize the actual volume(?) somehow
<yolo> will ucode also 'replace' config_foreach/config_get/config_set/option_cb, it seems trying to replace lua and shell all the way
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<djfe> I wanna help clean up stale/resolved issues on Github, I already got like 2 or 3 of them. Whom can I contact to get them closed? Or is it possible to flag such issues with the bot?
<Znevna> eh? what issues? :P
<Znevna> hello
<hauke> djfe: Please add a comment into the issue
<hauke> with some details like wheer it was fixed
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<Mangix> hrm coverity email. interesting
<Mangix> hauke: are patchwork patches still getting merged?
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<swalker> updated openwrt/upstream,
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<hauke> Mangix:yes
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<hauke> we have new coverity scan results: if someone wants to access them just register there and request access
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<Mangix> hmmmm
<rmilecki> nbd: i'll check CPU load and get graphs
<rmilecki> nbd: i was using default (netifd's) packet steering setup script
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<djfe> sorry for going afk ^^
<djfe> hauke: will do, should I also mention you?
<Znevna> I still didn't find a safe way to increase the size on our ax53u :P
<Znevna> the storage size*
<djfe> sad
<djfe> ^^
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<robimarko> Znevna: Is it using fixed-partitions or?
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<Znevna> and we have a pending PR but if it gets merged like this we'll make a lot of users unhappy
<slh> Znevna: do I read it correctly that we're talking about a 128 MB flash, with 2*(4+46) MB dual-firmware? if so, *I* wouldn't bother, at all. 46 MB is plenty for OpenWrt and dual-firmware halves your flash anyways (I'd rather spend efforts to actually get the dual-firmware feature working, than messing with the partitioning). <20 MB usable space would be another question, but 4+46 MB really is plenty
<Znevna> it's not actually dual firmware capable
<robimarko> It would break compat with current versions
<Znevna> the 2nd firmware is only used by uboot in case the primary firmware is corrupted
<robimarko> Though, in theory since kernel is separate it might actually work
<robimarko> But it requires ubiformating that new partition
<robimarko> So you cant just sysupgrade
<slh> that's odd, but still, with 4+46 MB, the the risks would imho outweigh the benefit
<Znevna> and by using it I mean it copies the 2nd firmware to the first partition and boots the first partition
<Znevna> robimarko losing data is no biggie
<Znevna> if we can avoid a bootlooper
<slh> especially as Asus (based on my experiences with the map-ac2200) does not have a reliable push-button tftp recovery (it's there, but doesn't work with 'unexpected' ubi contents, so unusable for desaster recovery, you have to explicitly invalidate the ubi)
<Znevna> going back to stock with asus recovery is easy on this one
<slh> (in other words, serial console required for recovering)
<Znevna> can be triggered by button
<robimarko> Znevna: You cant avoid bootloping
<slh> greta itf that works
<robimarko> That is why in previous cases of breaking the partition table you have to increase the COMPAT_VERSION to avoid easily sysupgrading
<robimarko> As it will soft brick it
<Znevna> robimarko: I swear I got it to boot at least twice with a sysupgrade (keeping data) obviously with the same ubisize (tho bootlog showed the larger size)
<Znevna> but it would go into bootloop on a reset
<Znevna> I wonder what this sysupgrade flag is supposed to do: -p do not attempt to restore the partition table after flash.
<robimarko> I am honestly surprised that UBI mounted properly
<robimarko> As like more than half of your partition will be non UBI data
<robimarko> BTW, has anybody ever implemented PSCI via U-Boot serving as EL3?
<robimarko> I can get spin-tables working great, but if trying to do the same via PSCI it fails to bringup the core
<Znevna> I can't reproduce that behaviour tho, probably because of some ubi remnants on nand
<robimarko> Honestly, usually breaking compat version isnt something that is done unless we are talking about partitions being too small
<robimarko> Like, unusable small
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<slh> Znevna: just to add some perspective, (140 MB fs overhead for f2fs is insane, as you see the actual file size on the overlay is under 0.2 MB; and those 18 MB on /srv/ are just static firmware files for my Cisco SIP desk phones); 32 GB SSD
<Znevna> I'm not a fan of doing this if it wasn't done before the device PR got accepted either
<Znevna> just that there were a few PRs trying to do the same and got stuck
<Znevna> I'm just trying to either find a solution or just to add a good enough reason to the current PR that we shouldn't do this.
<slh> NACK, high risk for little gain ;)
<dwfreed> f2fs overhead is really ridiculous
<dwfreed> like, who thought that was a good idea
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<slh> yeah, it's insane - and especially on the x86 images totally unusable. 104 MB, so just over the threshold for f2fs to be default, but that means only a few MB remain usable after the f2fs fs overhead
<Borromini> i suppose that gets better once you enter gigabyte territory?
<slh> Borromini: the problem is the default image for x86 being set 104 MB. I do build for myself and set the kernel to 32 MB and the rootfs to 960 MB, still, I have almost 150 MB useless fs overhead with f2fs (as I have enough unused space on my SSD, *I* don't really care, but f2fs is totally braindead)
<slh> Borromini: /dev/loop0 899.9M 144.2M 755.7M 16% /overlay <-- with 165 KB used in files on the overlay
<dwfreed> Borromini: not really
<dwfreed> I mean, yes, as a total percentage of available space, it does get better, but the overhead of f2fs is still insane compared to *any* other filesystem
<stintel> maybe they want to be absolutely sure not to follow in btrfs' footsteps with unrecoverable -ENOSPC ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
<dwfreed> rofl
<slh> the fs overhead for ext4 on my data partition (remaining space on that 32 GB SSD, 28.3 GB) is under 100 KB
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