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<dwfreed> dhewg: in the US, it is possible to run very narrow-band wifi on the 900 MHz ISM band; this has been done unofficially for years, but apparently was standardized in .11ah in 2017; it's used for long-distance links without clear line of sight (eg, tree obstructions)
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<dwfreed> stintel: building the entirety of openwrt from source for the m300 on a 40 thread system; wee...
<dwfreed> mostly just to see how long it would take
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<hurricos> OK
<hurricos> I just got done getting U-boot working on the AP175
<hurricos> I want to cry
<hurricos> the PHY is an IP1001. If you touch it AT ALL it will BREAK and NOT work.
<hurricos> To get this working I had to fool the system into writing to the wrong MII PHY offsets, but reading from the right ones.
<hurricos> The PHY autonegotiates fine.
<hurricos> All you have to do is convince the system that mac0 points to a phy0, mac1 points to a phy1 (mac0 really points to phy1), and only read, and everything is OK
<hurricos> 10/100/1000, link down detection, everything
<hurricos> you just have to deal with mapping the 10/100/1000 stuff individually.
<hurricos> I hate this dead platform
<hurricos> I'm sorry I bought so many of these
* hurricos sighs deeply
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<rmilecki> stintel: thanks for pointing me to the /usr/lib/qos/
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<rmilecki> stintel: i added that "config rule" to my firewall config, it doen't affect "iptables -L" in any way for me (21.02)
<rmilecki> i don't see anything new there. even with iptables_raw loaded
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<KGB-2> has been updated. (98.6% images and 100.0% packages reproducible in our current test framework.)
<dhewg> dwfreed: yeah, I figured it's something like that. But there're no drivers in linux using NL80211_BAND_S1GHZ (except hwsim)
<dhewg> There's NL80211_BAND_LC in >5.15 though, and the driver for pureLiFi X, XL, XC exposes that
<dwfreed> heh
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<stintel> rmilecki: you need to iptables -t raw -L
<stintel> iirc
<karlp> tmn505: so... literalyl just smear more shell layers on top to grep out the broken pipe errors. That fills me with confidence.
<stintel> dwfreed: with CONFIG_ALL=y ?
<dwfreed> stintel: yeah
<stintel> could be a while :)
<dwfreed> it was 2.5 hours
<stintel> there are some annoying packages in the packages feed :)
<dwfreed> wall time
<dwfreed> 78 CPU hours
<stintel> my m300 config is usually ~40m including toolchain
<stintel> on an old 80t system
<dwfreed> that includes building llvm-bpf
<stintel> heh, I use host llvm
<dwfreed> llvm-bpf was only a 15 minute build
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<dwfreed> I made a backport PR for the issue I mentioned the other day:
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<dwfreed> I realized that for someone who spends all day on his computer, I really don't have a whole lot of external storage media
<dwfreed> need to pick up a cheap USB stick and see if the image I built works
<tmn505> karlp: exactly that. Choose Your poison: 1. let users/contractors flood with complains 2. hide erros 3. fix it
<stintel> sounds familiar. I then got 4 kingston dtse9 16GB ... and they're either fake, or just garbage
<stintel> if I manage to get 1MB/s write speed on them, I should be happy already
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<dwfreed> oof
<dwfreed> the 2 USB sticks I have are slow, but they're also ancient as far as flash media goes
<dwfreed> probably 10 years old at this point
<stintel> I'm now mostly using the USB stick I got from Skydive Dubai with my video :D
<dwfreed> hah
<dwfreed> everything else I've used since then that needs flash storage has required a microSD card
<stintel> I could always use an SD or microSD in card reader
<Znevna> hmm
<Znevna> found a cheap IPQ8174 based device
<robimarko> Oh, you found an OAK device
<Znevna> But I guess adding support for it is pain
<robimarko> Its a variation of IPQ8074 with lover clocks
<Znevna> it's a tri band thing
<Znevna> 50 eur :P used
<robimarko> Thats cheap
<dwfreed> stintel: I still marvel at the fact that the uboot password can be sidestepped by just ejecting the SD card
<dwfreed> it's so hilariously stupid
<stintel> ;p
<stintel> well good thing, if not I might have had 3 bricks instead of just 1 (the m200 that simply refuses to RX on any port)
<hell__> sidestepping u-boot password by ejecting the SD card, lol
<robimarko> stintel: You havent tried decompiling the U-boot with Ghidra to try and find the password hash?
<stintel> nope
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<Lynx-> Is it reasonable to run git from router and push commits etc that way?
<stintel> nope
<robimarko> I dont see how that is easier
<Lynx-> For my cake-autorate script I develop on the router since it designed to be run on a router
<Lynx-> but hitherto I have taken script off router, then pushed to GitHub
<robimarko> I mean, nothing is preventing you from running git on the router if there is enough space
<KGB-1> has been updated. (0% images and 100.0% packages reproducible in our current test framework.)
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<dhewg> Lynx-: you could scp the git clone onto the router and add a ssh:// remote locally, then just git fetch over
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<dhewg> hm, or does that require the git client on the router?
<dhewg> I do exactly that with multiple lan boxes, but they all have the client of course
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<dwfreed> dhewg: the receiving side needs git, yes, and git by default will refuse to push to a remote that has an associated working copy
<dwfreed> (technically speaking, the remote refuses to accept the push)
<dhewg> yup, I've seen that warning :)
<dhewg> but my idea won't work out anyway, since you need to commit locally to fetch from somewhere else, brainfart
<Habbie> i sometimes use sshfs to a remote and then use the git command locally
<dhewg> if it's a single file I sometimes just use sz hehe
<Habbie> haha
<dhewg> I have it everywhere anyway, very handy if messing up a device and serial is the only option
<dhewg> rz sysupgrade; make coffee
<dhewg> not unheard of
<oliv3r[m]> I see 'lzma-loader' being replicated on a lot of boards/archs. What's the purpose of that? Can we not have a generic lzma loader (worst case, with some macro magic, but have the code centralized?)
<rmilecki> stintel: jow: could you review [PATCH] iptables: iptables-mod-conntrack-extra: don't select kmod-ipt-raw
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<stintel> rmilecki: did you verify existence of raw table ?
<stintel> and rules in it?
<rmilecki> stintel: not yet
<stintel> 09|10:41:33 < stintel> rmilecki: you need to iptables -t raw -L+
<rmilecki> will do
<stintel> without the +
<f00b4r0> not sure how the raw table could work without ipt-raw?
<stintel> well that's exactly what he needs to see
<f00b4r0> or is this an iptables/nftables thing
<f00b4r0> in iptables, -t raw doesn't work if ipt-raw isn't loaded.
<stintel> iptables -t raw -L with a rule like this:
<stintel> with and without that module
<f00b4r0> i mean, the purpose of the module is to provide the raw table (in iptables)
<stintel> I explained that yesterday
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<f00b4r0> k sorry i'm not following closely. Preparing a house move, been packing stuff like a mad man
<stintel> nice
<f00b4r0> fsvo ;)
<stintel> I'm planning to visit some banks tomorrow
<stintel> to see if they want to give a loan to a foreigner :P
<f00b4r0> heh, good luck with that :)
<stintel> thanks
<stintel> I've heard horror stories
<mrkiko> stintel: yeah, good luck
<stintel> I hope not being poor helps, but let's see
<f00b4r0> what country's banks are you visiting, out of curiosity?
<stintel> Bulgaria
<f00b4r0> ah, no idea what it's like there, so can't comment
<f00b4r0> but usually not being poor helps with banks, yes ;)
<f00b4r0> they might ask you to provide some collateral and/or move some of your monies in their coffers (they'll typically want an active account they can grab from if things go wrong), but I'm sure you know that already
<stintel> yeah
<stintel> I've been using KBC Belgium since I was a kid or so, have some savings there, and they own some Bulgarian banks
<f00b4r0> others things that help is going to a bank that has ties to your home one, if that's possible.
<stintel> hoping this might help :)
<f00b4r0> yes, it will, but you might want to sync with KBC so that they can send the right signals to the right places :)
<f00b4r0> anyhow, must get back to packing, movers come next wednesday ;P
<f00b4r0> ttyl
<stintel> gl
<f00b4r0> thx
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<robimarko> If you have solid income they will probably give you a loan, but will likely require that you move your income to their bank
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<stintel> robimarko: did you buy the holiday house?
<stintel> or what was it
<robimarko> stintel: Yeah, signed the pre-contract and reserved it
<robimarko> As its in construction
<stintel> nice
<stintel> congratz!
<robimarko> Thanks, sucks that it will done in October/November and not during the summer
<stintel> ahhh bummer
<karlp> you'ðll stil get some use out of it in the autumn? or will you get snowed in? (we can't get to ours right now)
<robimarko> I doubt it will get used this year
<robimarko> Still need to furnish it
<stintel> I found this house on the outside of Sofia, it's amazing, but the price is so low we suspect something is fishy. just wrote a laywer that was highly recommended to me to do some research
<robimarko> Its on the sea, so its relatively warm but its extremely boring there
<stintel> robimarko: what region
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<robimarko> stintel: Its in Novalja on the Pag island, Zadar region
<stintel> cool, I think I've been to pag some years ago
<robimarko> And yeah, better check every trick before any money is exchanged
<stintel> absolutely ;)
<stintel> I wanted to buy a house in 2020 but that turned out to be a scam
<robimarko> I wish I bought anything in 2020 or early 2021
<robimarko> Prices were rock bottom and then exploded
<stintel> I really need to buy something before we become Eurozone
<robimarko> Eurozone did not really influence prices here, they exploded way before
<stintel> too soon to tell, I suspect it will get way worse due to Eurozone
<robimarko> Currently they are "stable" and sales are low
<robimarko> Due to high prices
<rmilecki> # iptables -t raw -L
<rmilecki> iptables v1.8.7 (legacy): can't initialize iptables table `raw': Table does not exist (do you need to insmod?)
<rmilecki> stintel: ^^
<stintel> there we go :)
<stintel> so we can't just remove the module from the package
<rmilecki> calling /etc/init.d/firewall reload doesn't complain about missing raw module
<rmilecki> stintel: please elaborate
<stintel> rmilecki: but if you have ipt-raw installed, and that firewall3 rule from the gist, do you have rules then in the raw table?
<rmilecki> stintel: i'll verify, but most likely I'll
<stintel> if that's the case, we should make firewall3 complain if it tries to add such rule and the table/module is missing
<rmilecki> i agree
<stintel> it's probably a niche use case, so we don't have to depend on ipt-raw, but write a clear message to the user
<rmilecki> sounds good to me
<karlp> tmn505: if I get "upgrade: Image metadata not present" what functionality am I missing out on?
<dhewg> oliv3r[m]: there's a PR for that
<oliv3r[m]> dhewg: oh, do you have the number/link? :) before adding 'yet a nother lzma decompressor' ...
<oliv3r[m]> (also, what's the rate of progress)
<dhewg> 11867 maybe?
<rmilecki> stintel: with iptable_raw.ko loaded I can use "iptables -t raw -L" BUT adding your rule doesn't change output of that command
<stintel> interesting
<stintel> maybe it's not the right syntax
<rmilecki> possibly
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<tmn505> karlp: appended metadata, sunxi has this "sunxi-sdcard | append-metadata | gzip" as default (contrary to other targets), and because signature is checked before unpacking it fails to find it. So unpack the image befor feeding it to sysupgrade.
<stintel> heh
<stintel> yeah append-metadata should be after gzip
<tmn505> but some tools complain about corrupted archive
<stintel> so what happens in this case, sysupgrade cannot verify your are using the right image for your device, afaik
<stintel> tmn505: it's just a warning
<stintel> and the metadata is simply discarded by anything not sysupgrade
<tmn505> I red some report about gnome default archiver not accepting such file, don't know if that still the case
<tmn505> but it was long ago and can't remember where I saw that
<KGB-1> has been updated. (11.1% images and 100.0% packages reproducible in our current test framework.)
<oliv3r[m]> dhewg: that's quite recent! thanks for that; I'll keep that in mind and try to avoid duplication. Lets hope the guy keeps on working on it and doesn't abondon his MR
<Slimey> 12 copper interfaces and the one to die is the one handling link-state info between the HA pair
<Slimey> i like those odds
<mrkiko> Slimey: what do you mean by "die" ? Broken permanently?
<Slimey> cisco ftd2140, yes hardware failure
<stintel> Slimey: that's why you HA the link between the HA pair ;)
<Slimey> lol im going to ask about that, seriously
<Slimey> plenty of empty copper ports
<karlp> hrm, so bcm27x, mvebu, tegra, qoriq all build sdcard images, gzip, then append metadat. sunxi is the only one that puts metadata before gzip. I think I should just switch that around then :)
<karlp> in a few of those, there's "sdcard.img" style names, that are the sdcard image, gzip, with no metadta, and _also_ a "sysupgrade" named file that has the metadata, that would also make it very clear which files do what..
<stintel> the metadata is for sysupgrade
<karlp> so would a method be: drop metadata frm the sdcard images built now, and add a "sysupgrade" file that is the same, but with metataappended after the gzip?
<stintel> but yeah things aren't very consistent between targets
<karlp> yea, tell me about it :|
<karlp> at least for sunxi, that would make sdcard images be for isntall, and you can also use them for sysupgrade if you don't care about checks, and an obviously named sysupgrade file that does what you expect.
<stintel> karlp: and I'd say yes to drop md from sdcard img and add sysupgrade img.gz + md
<karlp> downside, largely duplicated files, but, what's a bit of diskspace...
<stintel> you could argue it's wasted space for the download server / mirrors though
<karlp> sunxi-sdcard | append-metadata | gzip | append-metadata ? :)
<karlp> sysupgrade works, and if your archive tool ignores trailers, you can still flash it?
<stintel> you could do a combined image with md appended, but then what tmn505 said / linked could be a problem again
<stintel> then again, we could just tell people to not use gnome archiver
<stintel> because it's not really usable to write an image to an SD anyway, is it ?
<karlp> well, there's plenty of targets already doing gzip | append-metadata to a file namd "sdcard" someething.
<karlp> so, not sure it's really a problem
<karlp> let me fire up gnome-archiver...
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<SherlockDomes> Hi all, is there a way for init.d to detect that start_service is being called from procd rcS (i.e. as part of bootup) rather than any other context?
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<karlp> gnome-archiver happily unzips the "sysupgrade" image and double clicking happily opens the disk image writer, so I'd evensuggest to just _replace_ the "sdcard.img.gz" with a "combined" ?
<stintel> works for me
<karlp> qoriq hs the duplicate, sysupgrade.img.gz with trailing metadata, and _also_ sdcard imge with no metata, but not sure if qoriq is such a beacon target to follow.
<stintel> qoriq is still source-only, and I made it, so it's probably not the best reference :P
<karlp> yeah, omap and tegra both only have sdcard named images, with trailing metadata.
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<stintel> I guess if we want to make things more consistent, we should start by documenting it all
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<stintel> hmmmz DSA is acting up again on my M300s
<stintel> there must be some bug in netifd
<stintel> because this isn't the first time I'm having issues with that
<stintel> last time I just rebooted :/
<johnf> stintel: man, things like that upset me
<johnf> I can't imagine how much it must upset you :(
<stintel> johnf: it could be worse, I'm mostly not using the DSA ports on my M300s
<stintel> also I wonder how I can trigger netifd to add an interface to a bridge again
<stintel> I manually removed one, and now netifd doesn't add it back
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<mrkiko> dangole_: ping
<dangole_> mrkiko: pong
<mrkiko> dangole_: hi!! :) Could you sugget me a command I can use inside openwrt/RT3200 to have u-boot rewrite the environment at next boot?
<dangole_> mrkiko: as in: reset the environment to defaults?
<mrkiko> dangole_: yes, but from inside openwrt itself
<dangole_> mrkiko: you can do that: `fw_setenv bootcmd "run reset_factory ; reset"`
<dangole_> mrkiko: then reboot and it clears the env back to defaults and then reboots again to openwrt
<mrkiko> dangole_: thanks a lot!!
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<robimarko> rmilecki: Have you seen the NVMEM layouts saga?
<rmilecki> robimarko: i did...
<robimarko> rmilecki: Well, that "fun"
<rmilecki> i hope mraynal can deal with it and work on another version
<rmilecki> and i'll request Srinivas to send patches early this time
<rmilecki> it's so annoying
<robimarko> I discussed it with Miquel yesterday, he is going to look into it
<robimarko> Probably include Michael Walle as layouts are his work
<rmilecki> oh, good to hear
<robimarko> I mean, its been in linux-next for like a month and patches have been public for almost a year
<rmilecki> i know too well
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<Znevna> who'se brain can I poke to try to build trx firmware for ax53u ?
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<Znevna> hmm
<Znevna> pick? :D
danitool has joined #openwrt-devel
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<rmilecki> Znevna: start with posting target name
<rmilecki> Znevna: ah, trx, it must be my part
<rmilecki> Znevna: did you send me some e-mail question about it?
<rmilecki> Znevna: please point me to somewhere I can find info about device / firmware / what you are trying to achieve
<Znevna> yes I was the one with the email, but I've seen you're busy and I didn't wanna disturb you :P
<rmilecki> Znevna: ok, just found your e-mail
<rmilecki> not much details there ;)
<rmilecki> Znevna: is that a standard TRX format?
<Znevna> asus uses this:
<KGB-1> has been updated. (96.2% images and 99.8% packages reproducible in our current test framework.)
<rmilecki> Znevna: ok, lzma stuff (probably for kernel), trx, should be rather simple
<rmilecki> Znevna: i'll check it later today (I really hope!)
<Znevna> afaik the broadcom trx files are signed? but this doesn't seem to be
<Znevna> so I think it could even be flashed via oem webif
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<rmilecki> Znevna: no, trx are not signed
<rmilecki> there is only crc32 in headr
<Znevna> they do something for sure in the newer devices :P not on the ramips target though
<rmilecki> $ otrx check FW_RT_AX53U_300438668526.trx
<rmilecki> Invalid TRX magic: 0x56190527
<rmilecki> Couldn't open & parse FW_RT_AX53U_300438668526.trx: -22
<rmilecki> it's not a plain TRX
PaulFertser has joined #openwrt-devel
<rmilecki> Znevna: this doesn't look like TRX at all...
<Znevna> it's the asus flavour :P
<Slimey> anus flavor?
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<Znevna> I see someone attempted this for ac58u (ipq40xx) in 2018
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<dhewg> dangole_: wrt iwinfo, "Rt305x/3350/3662"? Other entries do that too, even for some pci ids
<dangole_> dhewg: the thing is that previously they were properly identified by first 2 bytes of MTD EEPROM data. just this codepath now is no longer used if compatible from DT is present...
<dhewg> yeah, I know
<dhewg> that backfired on my ramips, which had a mtd partition of the name that iwinfo looks for
<dhewg> but it's just a pretty string, less detailed, but... not good enough?
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<rmilecki> Znevna: try something like: mkimage -l FW_RT_AX53U_300438668526.trx
<rmilecki> it's U-Boot image
<aiyion> Does somebody have staging "support" for the NanoPi R5S?
<rmilecki> Znevna: it's uImage
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<rmilecki> Znevna: so it's an uImage with some Asus stuff squeezed in
<rmilecki> Znevna: take a look at this struct;a=blob;f=src/asustrx.c;h=ce721687d84468eb3d61ee0bc1b902131d032d5a;hb=HEAD#l38
<rmilecki> version + product id + unused
<rmilecki> in hexdump I can see
<rmilecki> 00000020 03 00 00 04 52 54 2d 41 58 35 33 55 00 00 00 00 |....RT-AX53U....|
<rmilecki> that is version (, then product id
<rmilecki> that whole image has nothing to do with TRX in any case (except for file extension)
<rmilecki> Znevna: you know the format, you need to reverse engineere its details and then figure out how to produce compatible image within OpenWrt
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<rotanid> hi! we found out the commit e826b64 "ath79: convert remaining mtd-mac-address cases to nvmem" introduced a problem for at least two devices where the mac address location seems to maybe have changed to a wrong value, namely for TL-WR1043ND v4 and TL-WR1043N v5 . can anyone point me in the right direction which value i could change to test a fix?
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<KGB-1> has been updated. (100.0% images and 100.0% packages reproducible in our current test framework.)
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