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<dwfreed> Ansuel: are you telling it to bind to a port lower than 1024 ?
<dwfreed> or write to a dir it does not have write access as non-root ?
<Ansuel> dwfreed mhh currently i'm not even using ujail so just procd with user set to znc
<Ansuel> no error from znc and the config have the permission set to znc
<Ansuel> port is in the 40000 order
<Ansuel> what i notice is that znc can connect to oftc but i can't connect to it
<Ansuel> (btw telegram notification works like magic wow i'm impressed)
<dwfreed> are you using an ssl cert?
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<Ansuel> dwfreed yes
<dwfreed> can the znc user read the cert?
<Ansuel> yes znc report error if he can't
<Ansuel> but good idea let me test if it does work with no ssl
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<Ansuel> well well dwfreed seems ssl is te culprit
<dwfreed> yeah, make sure znc can actually read the cert, and note that it's expecting a combined cert and key file
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<dwfreed> you may want to have znc just generate a cert for you instead of using the same cert luci is using
<Ansuel> eh no i'm using let's encrypt cert so in theory it's not self signed stuff
<dwfreed> ah
<Ansuel> so now let me test ujail ehehheeh
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<dwfreed> definitely not going to work
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<Ansuel> dwfreed ok nice ujail works had to add "/etc/ssl"
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<Ansuel> dwfeed thanks a lot for the sal hint... The key file was 400 so obviously it could not be read
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<dwfreed> Ansuel: yeah, figured, that's the usual default :)
<Ansuel> yep also it should be the correct permission to set but can't find another solution to keep a centrlized way and copying the key is a no go for me
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<Ansuel> anyway time to sleep again thanks... finaly manage to fix this and have something secure
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<Jeff__> Hi, there isn't any precompiled firmwares for a NanoPi R5C. There is for an R4S, which is a different SOC but still a Rockchip armv8 subtarget. Can anyone help me understand or point me in the right direction to learn more about porting devices and what compatibility factors exist?
<Jeff__> It is currently running "FriendlyWRT" but I want to get it running vanilla. Specifically for the purpose of learning more about OpenWRT firmware and the related nuances.
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<Jeff__> Do I just have to merge the target folder from friendlyarm into the target folder for openwrt and compile away?
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<Jeff__> If anyone is available to help walk me through this even if not for free, I'd really love to learn more about the process of compiling to understand what's going on.
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<gch981213> Hmmm... Jeff__ has left.
<gch981213> RK35xx currently requires the rockchip loader for memory init.
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<gch981213> so we need stuff from this repo: https://github.com/rockchip-linux/rkbin . RK is willing to put it out on GitHub so I believe there's no extra licenses for it. The annoying part is that they don't package the blobs into usable loader and the packaging tool in their repo is a precompiled executables.
<gch981213> Jeff__: Hey!
<Jeff__> Hey gch I only saw the last message you sent as the web chat seems to have disconnected
<Jeff__> Did you reply earlier?
<gch981213> Jeff__: I was talking about RK35XX requiring rockchip bootloaders.
<gch981213> so It's not straightforward to port R5C support to OpenWrt
<Jeff__> I wonder though, can the target code from the friendlywrt repo not just be copied over? Have they not already done the bulk of the work?
<gch981213> Jeff__: Not sure about that though.
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<Jeff__> Right, because who knows what code they have point all around the place. It looks exactly like the openwrt repo and has different patches for things like generating mac addresses for certain rockchip chips, etc. So it's a bit of reverse engineering and a nightmare to figure out what they have going on.
<gch981213> I was talking about my concerns on merging support for this device in the upstream OpenWrt project.
<Jeff__> Gotchya
<Jeff__> There's a lot for me to wrap my brain around as far as firmware development and catch up to do.
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<gch981213> I believe there are a lot of people who don't want to execute precompiled executables when building OpenWrt. There are recipes for this in https://github.com/coolsnowwolf/lede/
<slh> there
<gch981213> Jeff__: At least they put the source code out there. :) You only need to add a device-tree, a image recipe and a sysupgrade script for adding a new device. Usually you copy these from another device with the same SoC but in this case you don't have that for reference :P
<slh> there's going to be a two (three) step process required, first making it work for you somehow, doing a proper license review of the newly required stuff - and then providing a minimal changes PR to OpenWr
<slh> reasonably possible, but still quite some work
<slh> these devices are quite interesting though
<dwfreed> especially licensing review and eliminating precompiled things
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<jeff___m> There we go, now I'm on a proper client lol.
<jeff___m> So there is a device that uses the RK3568B chip already, same subtarget etc I believe.. let me find it. Perhaps this is a device I can copy the device-tree and image recipe/sysupgrade script from
<jeff___m> Of course I understand the issues with precompiled binaries from a security perspective in merging upstream. First I just need to understand what's going on as far as device-tree, image recipes, sysupgrade etc..
<jeff___m> Truthfully I just bought the R5C as a board to learn firmware that I'm happy to brick, but from what I can tell the Rockchip wifi chipsets seem to be the only ones with solid 802.11ax support, AP mode, etc.
<jeff___m> gch981213: So, there are official releases/firmware builds for RK33xx - do they not require the rockchip bootloaders? They're also rockchip with armv8 subtargets.
<gch981213> jeff___m: For RK3399 and older, there's a gross approach in upstream u-boot submitted by Rockchip: Dump all the memory controller registers after initializing with their proprietary code, and write these raw values in device-tree. Their open-source dram init code just write all these register values back.
<gch981213> There isn't one for RK35XX yet.
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<slh> I didn't know what the nanopi r5c shipped with integrated wifi in th first place, nor that rochchip would produce wifi solutions...
<jeff___m> It doesn't have integrated wifi, it has an m.2 card they ship it with.. let me double check the chipset
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<jeff___m> Understood. Out of curiosity, the other device I have coming that I want to play with is a BananaPi BPi R3. I noticed on the firmware table, the only release is a snapshot. Mediatek/Filogic. Is there any reason there might not be an "official" and not a snapshot release for it? Just the binary that happens to be uploaded? That's the device with integrated wifi I hope to use in the end for my project. I know its a totally different chip
<jeff___m> set but the NanoPi is my playground until then..
<slh> economically (and functionally-) speaking it probably makes more sense to add an mt7621a+mt7915DBDC based AP
<jeff___m> *no official 22.xx binary and only a snapshot release for the BPI-R3
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<jeff___m> slh: NanoPi documentation says its an RTL8822CE.. but I just ripped the device opened and the card says AW-CB375NF.
<jeff___m> ..which is the same thing
<slh> realtek implies run, run for the hills
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<jeff___m> Why?
<slh> crap drivers, if any at all
<jeff___m> Gotchya.
<jeff___m> Also I would really love your opinion on the BPI-R3 mini board. I'm hoping to make a project out of it. Mediatek/filogic SOC with an MT7976C wireless chip. It's what I'm waiting on while I play around with the NanoPi. There's a snapshot build for the exact same chipset, can you help me understand why there might only be a snapshot build and not a 22.03.3 build?
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<slh> the BPI-R3 is /very/ interesting, but -imho- only financially viable if you can get a complete deal (case, PSU, pigtails, antennas) for a good price
<slh> support for it just came too late to 22.03.x, it'll be supported in 23.xy.0
<jeff___m> I'm hoping to turn it into a tiny industrial router and get them to make me one that has 2-pin power leads so I can add a switching buck converter, house the thing and end up with something tiny awesome and expensive. lol.
<jeff___m> Cool
<jeff___m> (Im talking about BPI-R3 mini but its the same chipset, well MT7976C wifi instead of MT7975 thats on the R3 but afaik its the same thing)
<jeff___m> 8x8 vs 5x5 but same drivers afaik
<jeff___m> slh: where can you see/look up when support for it came?
<jeff___m> Assuming your refering to the github addition 7 months ago for the R3?
<slh> https://git.openwrt.org/?p=openwrt/openwrt.git;a=commitdiff;h=a96382c1bb204698cd43e82193877c10e4b63027
<slh> but that also depends on a lot of more basic work for filogic 820/ 830 before- and after
<jeff___m> Right, that's on top of lots of existing work with the Filogic 830.
<slh> way too much for backporting to 22.03.x (well, backporting a whole target doesn't meet stable release criteria to begin with)
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<owrt-snap-builds> Build [#821](https://buildbot.openwrt.org/master/images/#builders/21/builds/821) of `bcm27xx/bcm2709` failed.
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<f00b4r0> tmn505: indeed, this looks very promising. Reading the conversation it seems this will force us to statically preallocate a "big enough" kernel partition. I'll take a deeper look later.
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<karlp> slh: rtl8822 is(already) part of the new realtek work, in upstream, new style not the old realtek drivers, rtw88, should be _substantially_ better than historical realtek
<karlp> last I looked radxa was shipping a preconfigured "old" realtek driver in their trees for 8821 though
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<shibboleth> stintel, ping. did anything stand out?
<stintel> shibboleth: I looked for a while but I'm not familiar enough with the way sysupgrade is handled on MTD devices, best you report an issue or send mail to ML
<stintel> I don't have time nor incentive to dig into this
<shibboleth> ok. have you been in touch with jwmulwalley-something, the device maintainer?
<shibboleth> like, back when the device was moved to -tiny?
<stintel> no
<shibboleth> ok, well, thanks anyway
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<Gramdalf> Hey again! Just a quick question: I'm trying to set a password by default for my image builder image, and it seems the best way is to use `/etc/shadow`. There seem to be two files however - `/etc/shadow` and `/etc/shadow-`. As far as I can tell, `shadow-` is just a backup of what the password was last. Is that correct?
<Gramdalf> Meaning that I just need `/etc/shadow` and not `/etc/shadow-`
<Habbie> that sounds right, but i wonder if there's no better way to do this (a tool like usermod or something)
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<Gramdalf> Yeah, that's what I'd prefer - but most tools don't allow you to specify a password automatically. Usermod isn't installed in openWRT, and passwd is only the busybox version - which doesn't contain `--stdin`: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/714915/using-the-passwd-command-from-within-a-shell-script
<Habbie> right, it is a constrained environment
<Habbie> i don't have more to offer than that, sorry
<Gramdalf> I suppose you could do it with a combination of sed, awk, and grep if you wanted
<Gramdalf> which would be more dynamic than just replacing the entire file - for example if more users are added
<Habbie> entirely on a sidenote, you almost never need grep if you have sed and awk
<Habbie> also, ew (no judgment ;) )
<Habbie> what password are you trying to set? root?
<Habbie> i see a few threads about doing this on various forums, but nothing conclusive
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<PaulFertser> And if you have awk you do not need sed either.
<PaulFertser> (both are Turing complete so awk isn't needed if you have sed too)
<Gramdalf> Yeah, is there any preference? I use grep for simple searches because the syntax is easy to remember, but what are the pros and cons of sed vs. awk?
<Gramdalf> Root, correct
<PaulFertser> grep is more efficient when you only need what it can do. If you need something that it doesn't offer, you use sed or awk, whichever language is more suitable for the task at hand. For something that involves data from more than one line of text usually awk is easier.
<Gramdalf> Ok, good to know
<PaulFertser> Of course, if you're not on a constrained system and you already know Perl or Python, those are usually considered to be better languages than awk. I personally don't know them so write a bit of awk every now and then :)
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<f00b4r0> Gramdalf: for setting root passwd from a uci-default script, one case use something like this: https://paste.debian.net/1275069/
<f00b4r0> can*
<f00b4r0> sans the broken indentation of course
<Gramdalf> f00b4r0: would you mind explaining what it does? As far as I can tell it:
<Gramdalf> Logs what it's doing (echo)
<Gramdalf> matches ^root:: (start of a line,root,double colon)
<Gramdalf> and I'm not sure what it's doing with the <<EOP > /dev/null
<Gramdalf> Also not sure what the if statement is for, looks like I might need to redefine how if loops in bash/sh work for myself
<Gramdalf> Is it basically saying if the command (grep) returns exit code 0 then it executes the following code?
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