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<owrt-snap-builds> Build [#837]( of `x86/generic` completed successfully.
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<karlp> Mangix: last message is more concerning:
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<aiyion> I'd like to take a look at googles mesh-set from 2017 and have considered backporting it to 22.03.
<jow> karlp: I defer that one to the original author of theu pdate
<aiyion> ist that worthwhile? Or is 23.xx nearer, than I think?
<jow> karlp: I did enough autoconf in the past ten years to know that the only viable change to anything autotools related is removing it
<aiyion> :D
<aiyion> / voice in the off: "and wiser words were not spoken that day"
<karlp> jow: soundsd good to me :) sorry for tagging you
<jow> anyone here a bit experienced with kernel flow offloading?
<jow> there's an ongoing bug report about broken offloading with pppoe in 22.03
<jow> the issue has been identified and is solvable by ensuring that only the pppoe device and not its underlying ethernet device are added to the flowtable, so instead of { wan, pppoe-wan, lan1, ... } it should only contain { pppoe-wan, lan1, ... }
<jow> this leads me to two thoughts...
<jow> 1) the above makes it conceptually impossible to use pppoe in conjunction with some other protocol directly on the same ethernet device (e.g. a static alias interface to reach the modem status page)
<jow> 2) shouldn't it be up to the kernel to simply not flow-offload `wan` if it has upper devices on top also doing flow offloading?
<jow> maybe defunct pppoe offloading on top of offloaded ethernet is simply a bug
<jow> I did not read into the offloading architecture but maybe it is possible to exempt pppoe frames from flow offloading?
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<shifttymike> Hi! Not entirely sure whether this should be in devel or not, but I have a device where the NAND layout differs to what is in the dtb. I'm appending mtdparts=... to the cmdline, but it seems to be getting ignored. Is there a way for the cmdline to take precedence over the dtb or adjust this without rebuilding the dtb? I want to avoid doing this everytime I do a sysupgrade, it should work with vanilla images
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<tmn505> what is Your target? You could add CMDLINE to device recipe in image builder, but I don't know if that still works or if it won't need kernel rebuild (which implies full rebuild).
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<oliv3r[m]> So I have a node in my devicetree (I2C regmap mux driver) that is responsible for muxing the I2C pinout pins. (Our I2C controller can select (mux) one of 8 SDA pins, to each SCL pin). My issue is with pinctrl setup. Each mux channel gets a pinctrl, to map the SDA pin. A mux can also select a 'disconnected state'. Very easy in pinctrl terms, define a "default" and a "disconnect" state. easy so far. But now, I need to at runtime toggle
<oliv3r[m]> the pinmux. However, the mux is a child node of the mux, and as such doesn't have a compatible and doesn't have a `struct device` associated with it, which means, i can't do 'devm_pintrl_get(dev);`, unless i can do it of the parent node (e.g. the mux itself) which doens't have a pinctrl of course defined.
<oliv3r[m]> unless of course, 'dev' is only needed to find the actual pinctrl, and not the pinhandle? :)
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<shifttymike> @tmn505 Linksys EA4500 (kirkwood). cmdline can be manipulated in u-boot, but it seems to be overridden by the dtb
<shifttymike> I could patch the dtb with imagebuilder, but then I'd need to do that every time I want to sysupgrade
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<tmn505> afaics required options are enabled in kernel configuration, maybe there's something wrong with the srting You try to pass
<tmn505> *string
<soxrok2212> im aware theres no 6e support in openwrt yet, but is QCN9024 driver at least expected to work? asking in regard to
<soxrok2212> robimarko: i think you may know the answer to that one
<shifttymike> @tmn505 yeah that's what I saw too... I'll fiddle with the string a bit and see
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<hurricos> (this is a joke. I do appreciate they have 2GB of RAM dangling off of a P1022 though)
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<svanheule> oliv3r[m]: you may need to provide a DTS (snippet) to clarify how you're defining your pinctrl and i2c mux nodes
<svanheule> oliv3r[m]: IIRC the SDA pins on rtl93xx can be either GPIO or SDA, so if they are used for I2C a static selection of the SDA should be OK, no?
<oliv3r[m]> svanheule:
<oliv3r[m]> svanheule: some more context, i'm writing an i2c-mux-regmap driver, which will try to handle these 'exotic' (or actually any) simple mux based on syscon/regmaps.
<oliv3r[m]> the thing I'm a) not sure of, is that the pins are being pinctrled at all; b) I want/need to also support the 'mux disconnected' state. This does relate tot he rtl93xx nicely, as we can select a mux; but we can not 'unselect' it. Making the pinmux gpio solves that nicely
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<robimarko> soxrok2212: QCN9024 works, I have it on AX9000
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<soxrok2212> robimarko: 6ghz working do you know?
<slh> soxrok2212: the ax9000 doesn't has QCN9024, but physically no 6 GHz (not allowed in China so far) - so you'll probably the first to try
<slh> err, the ax9000 has QCN9024, ...
<slh> also be aware that netifs/ iwinfo might not be totally on top of 6 GHz, yet
<robimarko> soxrok2212: No idea about 6GHz, but it should be working
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<soxrok2212> ok, i have a friend that is interested in sponsoring a device so i may look at it
<mrnuke> How do I fix "bash: line 1: staging_dir/host/bin/python3: No such file or directory" ?
<jakllsch> what's the first line of that file read?
<mrnuke> The file does not exist
<mrnuke> I did " rm staging_dir/host/.prereq-build " and now it seems to have re-generated that symlink
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<oliv3r[m]> svanheule: I moved the pinctrl node one level up; and put 'all' pins up there. Slightly less nice; but not horribly ugly afaik
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<johnf> I'm preparing a PR for packages, is there a way I can test this cleanly end to end
<johnf> so actually have scripts/feeds pull from my github based mirror, instead of the real feeds?
<johnf> it would be pretty sweet if this was covered here:
<johnf> though, uh, if it is, please be gentle :)
<stintel> johnf: cp feeds.conf.default feeds.conf
<stintel> then edit feeds.conf in your favorite editor
<stintel> you could also point it to your local clone even with src-link
<johnf> excellent, thank you stintel
<johnf> oddly enough I don't have a local clone because of how I'm doing this, but that will work quite well for me
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<stintel> johnf: you're welcome!
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<johnf> stintel: I was able to complete testing and submit my PR
<johnf> looking forward to having sscep in tree
<stintel> I've approved the CI. you should probably squash those 2 commits into 1
<johnf> I thought that would happen through the PR merge process
<johnf> I can squash them on my side though
<johnf> done
<johnf> stintel: it looks like another approval is required after the force push
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<Mangix> karlp: pointless drama
<Mangix> wonder if that patchset should be merged by openwrt. Up to ipq maintainers I guess.
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<slh> Mangix: probably not, unless there would be a sudden (surprising) expectation that it's going to be applied soon - stmmac is quite active in terms of drive-by contributions from various sides to make their hardware work, a large and invasive patchset that has no chance of being merged might create more problems than gains, even if it were (technically-) pure gold
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