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<KGB-0> has been updated. (0% images and 100.0% packages reproducible in our current test framework.)
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<robimarko> Hm, so the Github OpenWrt mirror is somehow out of sync with the
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<dwfreed> robimarko: because can't push because github rotated their SSH host RSA key, causing errors
<dwfreed> it has been mentioned in -adm already
<Habbie> just as a note, not even as a suggestion, you could also have github pull (but i think this involves writing some actions yaml)
<Habbie> you could even have both, they wouldn't conflict
<robimarko> dwfreed: Thanks, I am not following -adm
<dwfreed> I noticed when I went to try to tab complete your nick there before responding here :)
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<Ansuel> robimarko it will be synced as soon as the key problem is fixed and a new commit is pushed
<robimarko> Ansuel: It has already been fixed
<Znevna> all these mtk changes make me wanna upgrade
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<nbd> robimarko: nope, hasn't been fixed
<nbd> i just pushed something to openwrt and got the host key warnings again
<robimarko> Thats weird, cause it was in sync after the bmips commit
<stintel> looks like there were a bunch of offending keys still
<stintel> I manually removed them, due to HashKnownHosts this is slightly non-trivial
<stintel> there might be more offending keys for different IP addresses they're using
<stintel> yell if it happens again
<stintel> but yeah github should do DNSSEC and SSHFP
<stintel> I guess sales are more importanter
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<f00b4r0> github doesn't do DNSSEC? o_O
<Habbie> correct
<Habbie> (and no ipv6 either)
<f00b4r0> impressive.
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<Lynx-> Which vi(m) package is best for color syntax highlighting?
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<nick[m]12> github sync seems dead? Felix pushed more than an hour a mac80211 patch that is still not available on github
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<nbd> nick[m]12: stintel added a fix on the git server side. after the next commit it should sync again
<nick[m]12> nbd: thanks!
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<stintel> if not, yell
<karlp> I'm just getting "lto1: internal compiler error: original not compressed with zstd" on glib after dong a dirclean and removing my dl/*glib*
<karlp> I wish I could have simple problems like updating github host keys :|
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<Ansuel> karlp wipe ccache
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<Ansuel> ccache bug that doesn't detect config change and doesn't wipe itself
<karlp> might I suggest taht "make dirclean" should remove .ccache?!
<stintel> ${HOME}/.ccache ?
<karlp> no, this is in the openwrt build dir, I don't even ahve a ssystem ccache right now
<Ansuel> .cache in openwrt
<stintel> in that case, makes sense
<nick[m]12> nbd: I saw you send additional to the station fix, some mesh fixes to linux-wireless. You did not put them to OpenWrt? I looks like this is maybe fixing some issue for me in my mesh setup
<karlp> I certainly wouldn't expect it to remove my system home ccache dir, no.
<Ansuel> karlp eh these are workaround tho... imho the current way is fragile but yes wiping .ccache on clean call is not a bad idea
<stintel> we don't really CI how the average dev / user who builds their own images build
<karlp> especially dirclean, dirclean is meant to be the "yes, I'm prepared to rebuild even toolcahins because things are screwed up and I just want to rebuild clean"
<stintel> i.e. with leftover {build,staging}_dir and tmp/
<stintel> there is breakage all the time in this regard, rather frustrating
<nick[m]12> nbd: whups. they are not new and already included into openwrt.
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<oliv3r[m]> Ansuel: now that you are here, any thoughts on that 7z MR?
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<oliv3r[m]> nbd
<oliv3r[m]> i've seen same thing on my laptop, but my desktop is fine; something with github's ssh keys being ... something idk
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<stintel> nbd: strange
<stintel> but like I said the HashKnownHosts option that is enabled by default in Debian makes things difficult
<stintel> and I don't want to wipe the known_hosts file entirely
<stintel> might introduce other problems
<stintel> ah wait
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<stintel> the key isn't hashed, just the hostname/IP
<stintel> can someone confirm this is the exposed key?
<stintel> AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAQEAq2A7hRGmdnm9tUDbO9IDSwBK6TbQa+PXYPCPy6rbTrTtw7PHkccKrpp0yVhp5HdEIcKr6pLlVDBfOLX9QUsyCOV0wzfjIJNlGEYsdlLJizHhbn2mUjvSAHQqZETYP81eFzLQNnPHt4EVVUh7VfDESU84KezmD5QlWpXLmvU31/yMf+Se8xhHTvKSCZIFImWwoG6mbUoWf9nzpIoaSjB+weqqUUmpaaasXVal72J+UX2B+2RPW3RcT0eOzQgqlJL3RKrTJvdsjE3JEAvGq3lGHSZXy28G3skua2SmVi/w4yCE6gbODqnTWlg7+wC604ydGXA8VJiS5ap43JXiUFFAaQ==
<Habbie> checking
<stintel> nvm found it
<Habbie> good
<stintel> pffft can't even sed the thing out
<stintel> 8h of sleep in 3 nights is not enough
<shibboleth> stintel, what, getting divorced? :P
<stintel> nbd: I hope I did it properly now
<stintel> shibboleth: you need to be married before you can get a divorce :P
<shibboleth> true. and fortunately :P
* enyc meeps
<enyc> If I'm seeing things rightly, lots of changes being submitted to master which may go into a new 23.xx release cycle, or so, at this stage, and no real need for 22.03.x new point release now, or so?
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<stintel> since we didn't branch 23.xx yet, everything that's in master now will most likely end up in 23.xx unless something gets reverted
<enyc> stintel: sure thintg, but I'm just wonedring whats going on dev-wise, maybe this isn't unusual but it seems anomalous to me no new point release in some time, seems odd, could just be "watched kettle" syndrome ;o
<stintel> we usually do a new point release shortly after some bad bugs are found
<stintel> I guess that didn't happen recently
<stintel> release to release is pointless
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<olmari> hmm... openwrt buildroot, using "env" script, on save it doesn't seem to save file permission levels correctly
<olmari> always "create mode 100644" when saving
<olmari> and then no 600 anymore for key-files etc ;)
<olmari> anything I could do about that?
<dwfreed> git does not track permissions other than execute
<dwfreed> and execute is a single bit, not separate bits for user/group/other
<dwfreed> that single bit will then be applied to all 3 types on checkout
<dwfreed> if you have a file that should not be world readable, your package install script should be setting appropriate permissions
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<olmari> dwfreed: well... I don't have package installation script, but freaking ssh host keys :D
<olmari> (for openssh)
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<olmari> ...but took me apparently this long to know git doesn't care about permissions more than x
<Habbie> Ansuel, wow
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<olmari> Well... paid company is... paid company :D
<olmari> I mean.. that fact doesn't itself mean much, but incentives are always something else ;)
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<pekster> olmari: If you're using custom files (via the build system or image builder: there's support for both [1]) it's up to you to set permissions correctly before invoking `make`. An alternative is to use uci-defaults and script the key (or other material) to place.
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<pekster> Do beware if including private keys like that you should protect the resulting firmware image as you would key material since anyone with access to it could trivially extract your host keys.
<olmari> pekster: well... quite the funsies for git deficiensy... (yeah not openwrt failure on that particularity )
<olmari> rest of the facts are known :)
<pekster> Deployment isn't really git's responsibility; tools like scripts or Ansible/Puppet/Chef/… are better at that anyway.
<olmari> true... but also I am not deploying anything myself in the strictest meaning... only wanna throw keyfiles :D
<olmari> without env it even works :P
<olmari> so yeah...
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<olmari> I suppose the "env" should take care, while I have no direct ideas how, but yeah.. Also I can manage without this, just.. meh :D
<olmari> Okay, then totally another question... tplink WDR4900 still supposed to work wuth latest master?
<olmari> I know the past things happened with it and some kernel size and bootloader issues
<olmari> something similar issue again? :)
<slh> there's only ome way to find out ;)
<olmari> well... kind og
<olmari> of
<olmari> I know I can eventually take the device from wall and use TTL-serial, but first I need to get there :D
<olmari> ac7v2 went just fine ;)
<slh> it's not exactly a popular device (yes, I know, it's still rather fast), so I wouldn't expect too many others to have tried it - you may be the first in weeks/ months
<olmari> wdr4900 seems not to be tehre after update
<olmari> While I know and/or knew this is always option (to brick), at the moment was more beneficial to try update it rather than let it sit doing nothing