<slh> \x: Xiaomi be6500 is probably quite similar (~160 EUR inkcl 19% VAT delivered from aliexpress), if the seller specs are to be believed
<\x> slh: acwifi has a teardown of be6500, sadly no expandability
<\x> but ofcourse the question here is, "does usb matter?" for me it does, im one of those "no usb no buy"
<\x> btw heres acwifi teardown of be6500 https://www.acwifi.net/27123.html
<\x> castiel652: thats good, ehemm any /proc/cpuinfo dump? they likely are using recycled kryo mobile cores again
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<mrkiko> however, ipq4xx drivers in FB7530 do exhibit broken behaviours sometimes, atleast that is on the unit I am using with my setup
<mrkiko> *ethernet-related drivers*
<mrkiko> interposing a switch between the device and the rest of the network fixed issue for me
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<slh> \x: thanks, USB is something I'd really like to have - but sadly not a hard requirement (as that would disqualify half of the devices on the market)
<slh> SOC, RAM size, number of ethernet ports and their specs, as well as 6 GHz capability (yeah, that's not to be found in device for the Chinese market) take precedence over USB. it's great to have it though - and I do miss it, rarely, but when I do, I really miss it
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<mrkiko> slh: out of curiosity - what was your use-case for usb on the router?
<slh> mrkiko: two things, printer(s) and some small storage space, be it for logs (rrd/ luci statistics) and a bit more custom, a small tftpd-hpa instance to serve the firmware- and configuration to my SIP phone(s) (Cisco cp-7962g, cp7960g)
<slh> small stuff: 15.8M /srv/tftp/, 1.7M /srv/rrd/, 756.0K /srv/nlbwmon/
<mrkiko> slh: got it
<\x> damn mrkiko did not ask me
<\x> mine is uhh yes nlbwmon + https://i.imgur.com/WMgFGzQ.png
<\x> i haz one of those smol usb ssds https://i.imgur.com/Gav1eN4.jpeg, evtran 256GB TLC on this one
<\x> would be nice though if nlbwmon supported remote logging amirite
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<slh> I've never seen the point of mounting remote filesystems on routers, the router should always work - without depending on the rest of the network