<stintel> done
<stintel> how's the shower :P
<hurricos> DANKE SCHOEN
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<hurricos> oh God, @stintel it's ...
<hurricos> so it's fantastic, like, it's not even visible. Lemme get a photo. BUT, I fucked it up while putting some stuff back onto the shelves and I
<hurricos> tried to smooth it out and it sucked
<hurricos> sealed, sure, but it's clear there was a rookie near it afterwards
<hurricos> @stintel https://downloads.laboratoryb.org/images/shower.jpeg there's caulk there I promise
<stintel> :D
<stintel> should be getting the keys to the house I just bought Monday the latest
<hurricos> It was about four hours of work for my fiancee and i, was miserable. I had to take a plank of wood and menamine sponges and just full send for a solid hour to get the last bits off
<hurricos> OOOOOO
<hurricos> yeah I live in my parents' old house that they bought for about 50K in '99 because it was trashed and the owner was in trouble with the IRS
<stintel> so I'll also be getting into those kind of things soon :D
<hurricos> it's still, kind of questionable
<hurricos> but we make do
<hurricos> LOTS of improvements, the garage is 30' long and insulated now so it's tolerable for doing oil changes in the northern US winter
<stintel> most likely going to redo the entire electrical wiring and while at it install data wiring
<stintel> or install data wiring and while at it redo the electrical wiring works too :P
<hurricos> love it. IDK what EU has for electrical code, but my dad and my good friend have both banged the NEC handbook over my head
<stintel> lol, here in Bulgaria, there is no code
<hurricos> so I'm kind of used to looking at things and seeing how fucked they are
<hurricos> oh Lord
<stintel> my apartment doesn't even have an RCD
<hurricos> WHAT
<stintel> and one of the phase wires is yellow-green :P
<hurricos> I know EU uses 230V RMS back to neutral, but is it fed into buildings as two separate phases, 180* apart?
<stintel> my apartment is 3P
<hurricos> ahh
<hurricos> OK
<stintel> it's usually either 1 or 3
<stintel> 400V between the phases and 230V between phase and N, or was it the other way around
<hurricos> that sounds right RE: 400V
<hurricos> 230 normalized to 1 leaves 400 = 1.74 =~ sqrt(3)
<hurricos> which is the long side of a 30/30/120 triangle where the short legs are unit length
<stintel> you lost me :P
<hurricos> just silly trig
<stintel> anyway I need to hit the bed
<hurricos> yeah, you do
<hurricos> hahahaha
<stintel> :P
<hurricos> good to see you!
<hurricos> have fun with house :^)
<stintel> yeah long time!
<stintel> thanks!
<stintel> I'm gonna take the keys and just throw a matress on the floor and sleep there for a night, then start making a plan of how many sockets and lights I want where
<stintel> then calculate how many MCB/RCBO/... I'll need, etc
<stintel> and how many km of wire :D
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<Mangix> ugh. so many hostpkg failures with GCC 14
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<dhewg> jow: have you seen this yet? https://github.com/openwrt/luci/issues/7083
<enyc> stintel hurricos : could I suggest discussing the house troubles in liber.CHAT #diy ... indeed I'd discuss electrics there, one thing I know a lot about =).
<f00b4r0> stintel: ewww... Surprising Bulgaria hasn't been stampeded with EU-created code. I'd bet it is, but simply ignoring it :D
<f00b4r0> hurricos: Dunno about Bulgaria but here in .fr for retail consumers you can have either 1 (230V) or 3 (400V) phases, and we use TT earthing scheme :)