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<bryanodonoghue> aka_[m] still don't parse what you are saying. the 8976 dtsi for wcnss doesn't have sturbo
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<krzk> JIaxyga[m]: for few bindings such patches are not allowed anymore and sometimes driver's of_device_id table has a comment about it. For all other cases, we do not have strict rule but my preference is to use existing compatible as fallback, so add a patch to binding for "qcom,sm7150-rpmh-clk", "qcom,sm7180-rpmh-clk" and do not touch driver.
<krzk> That's what I recommend for the rpmh-clk. But I am not sure if it would work for the rpmh-regulator, because supplies might differ... regulators are usually quite specific and supplies might differ, so here it depends.
<JIaxyga[m]> krzk: Okay, thanks
<JIaxyga[m]> krzk: No, pm7150 is the renamed pm6150, and pm7150l is the renamed pm8150l. (The pm6150 and pm6150l are used in the downstream, but the schematic says the opposite). In any case, there is practically no difference between pm8150l and pm6150m. But I would like to use pm8150l for a clearer picture
<krzk> JIaxyga[m]: what about the supplies? Also the same?
<JIaxyga[m]> Only vdd-l1-l8-supply = <&vreg_s5a_2p0> does not work. Although I followed the schematic
<JIaxyga[m]> I don't know why
<krzk> JIaxyga[m]: I see, so if all regulators and supplies match, let's go with compatibility to pm6150l (so no new compatible in the driver, but new binding for 7150l+6150l)
<aka_[m]> krzk: i have pinctrl node like this:
<aka_[m]> and dt-bindings check is quite unhappy with last node due to lack of functions what can be done with that?
<JIaxyga[m]> <krzk> "JIaxyga: I see, so if all..." <- Similar question about gpucc. Atoll (sm7125/sc7180) and Magpie (sm7150) downstream use the same driver.
<aka_[m]> it ends with this:
<JIaxyga[m]> JIaxyga[m]: Adreno 618
<JIaxyga[m]> > <> Similar question about gpucc. Atoll (sm7125/sc7180) and Magpie (sm7150) downstream use the same driver.
<JIaxyga[m]> * Everywhere adreno 618