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<aka_[m]> Any idea who is to bother regarding qcom_iommu?
<aka_[m]> I see Will Deacon doing some pushes
<aka_[m]> its like 3 months already with patches on list and leaving platforms stuck is not good
<lumag> aka_[m], which patches?
<aka_[m]> the ones we discussed week ago or two
<aka_[m]> Marijn: started discussion
<lumag> pointer please
<Marijn[m]> aka_: at this point I might as well send 8976 display as a dependency of that series...
<Marijn[m]> It's taking too long with no feedback
<Marijn[m]> Effectively stalling everyone's 8976 bringup :(
<aka_[m]> if maintainers werent that strict you could just omit iommu definition and just leave it with "disabled"
<konradybcio> & 89(5[23]|[13]7)
<aka_[m]> entire 3 users of 8952 care
<aka_[m]> tho 76 isn't much better
<Marijn[m]> aka_: Tbh it isn't about the quality/usefulness of the SoC imho ;)
<aka_[m]> krzk: ?
<lumag> aka_[m], Marijn[m]: review done. Hope this brings some life to that series
<lumag> Also, if you have time, you might convert qcom_iommu.txt to yaml
<lumag> I think this might increase the likeliness of bindings changes to be reviewed ;-)
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<aka_[m]> lumag: your adreno patches haven't made into next yet right?
<aka_[m]> just having hang on latest
<aka_[m]> gpu is so sad
<aka_[m]> cannot even run terminal
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<konradybcio> a610 so sad can only spin kmscube
<konradybcio> (but nice folks at igalia are helping out)
<aka_[m]> question
<aka_[m]> can i use adsp as =y
<aka_[m]> ?
<konradybcio> i use everything as =y
<aka_[m]> do you bundle firmware in kernel?
<konradybcio> some of it
<aka_[m]> somehow adsp remoteproc loader throws me -2 and doing "start" into state ends in panic
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<lumag> aka_[m], which patches?
<lumag> a530?
<aka_[m]> yup
<lumag> No. They are part of msm-fixes, which is nor merged into linux-next
<aka_[m]> srinik-: How im supposed to set digital codec clock if i don't have it exposed as gcc clock(like on 8916) or as lpass_v2_clock(q6afecc clock)... (full message at <>)
<aka_[m]> my bad it should be default_mclk_rate however this is "done" inside "for_each_rtd_codec_dais" and i have no idea how that is working
<aka_[m]> minecrell[m]: maybe you have any idea
<aka_[m]> found some mentions about DIG here:
<aka_[m]> appears there is some kind of progress or regress
<aka_[m]> remoteproc is "running"
<aka_[m]> however i see errors about Multimedia1 dai
<aka_[m]> not anymore after changing some bindings
<aka_[m]> ok im quite content with results today, even without working audio fact opening port does not crash remoteproc makes me happy