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<konradybcio> flamingradian: please give me a link to the email, ive probably sent 200 since
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<junari> aka_[m]: what leeco do you have?
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<aka_[m]> junari: x522
<junari> aka_[m]: I have C103 or C106, should be similar with your
<junari> A years ago I built pmos on a downstream kernel, but cannot find mainstream branch
<junari> what is the progress now?
<flamingradian[m]> konradybcio: I guess "for the contents though" means I don't need to split it
<konradybcio> yes, it was the commit message that was wrong, you're adding an OPP table for sdhci and adding interconnects everywhere else
<junari> or where is the development for msm8976?
<konradybcio> flamingradian: also if you want this to be "extra nice", include include/dt-bindings/interconnect/qcom,icc.h and use it
<konradybcio> 0 corresponds to QCOM_ICC_TAG_ALWAYS
<flamingradian[m]> I'm already getting 49 checkpatch warnings on line length, so maybe not
<flamingradian[m]> but thanks for the review
<konradybcio> you can do line breaks, you know
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<aka_[m]> junari: So coolpad cool1
<aka_[m]> I'm not sure if it's exactly same device
<aka_[m]> There ain't much yet
<aka_[m]> I just managed to get partial audio via speaker and earpiece
<aka_[m]> Gpu have artifacts(like other a5xx)
<aka_[m]> I haven't tested charging and wifi while working is bit funky.
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<aka_[m]> junari_: fast Look on c106 compared to leeco it ship goodix ts and type-c ic is fusb302 not sure of its upstream already but it's used by loire so Marijn: might know more
<Marijn[m]> aka_: only the X Compact has fusb301, mine still has good old broken burned Micro-B
<Marijn[m]> (mine = just X, Suzu, not Kugo)
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<vknecht[m]> hmm, aware of any known defect of Kugo usb connector, when cable can not be inserted fully anymore ? got that a few months ago, and didn't really look into it (fell back to using my Suzu again)
<vknecht[m]> (tried with at least 2 different cables)
<konradybcio> try cleaning the port
<konradybcio> with a dull needle
<vknecht[m]> iirc tried wooden toothpick, but can try that
<Marijn[m]> vknecht: preferably use a needle, wooden toothpicks are thick enough to get stuck and break off... In fact that's what I once peeled from someone's USB port 😂
<Marijn[m]> In general these ports are very susceptible to dirt and dust (over time) or large particles/stones
<vknecht[m]> thanks, it's alive again :-)
<aka_[m]> did it charge before?
<vknecht[m]> yes, until cable couldn't be plugged in completely