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<aka_[m]> can anyone take a look?
<aka_[m]> If there is anything wrong
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<JIaxyga[m]> > <> can anyone take a look?... (full message at <>)
<JIaxyga[m]> Maybe we can do a reorientation for usb
<JIaxyga[m]> I don't think it should be hard
<aka_[m]> <JIaxyga[m]> "> <> can..." <- we should do proper pmi plug detection
<aka_[m]> peripheral mode is just workaround
<aka_[m]> how are pinctrl props handled in driver where it has no mentions of pinctrl in yamls?
<aka_[m]> i see
<aka_[m]> this doc has no pinctrl mentioned
<aka_[m]> so it sets "default" set of pins
<konradybcio> yeah i believe that's what happens
<konradybcio> and then you can use the gpio(d) framework to set a certain polarity
<aka_[m]> konradybcio: can you take a look?
<JIaxyga[m]> Hey krzk! aka_ wants to commonize all msm8953 xiaomi. Can I change my email in xioami-tissot license?
<JIaxyga[m]> I don't use protonmail much as of late
<JIaxyga[m]> * msm8953 xiaomi dts. Can
<aka_[m]> do anyone have edt,f5x06 ts and get -110 errors?
<konradybcio> aka_: i think lgtm
<steev> bryanodonoghue: i'm looking at your orientation switching patches, and trying to figure out how to enable that on sc8280xp; in the Kconfig, you have def_bool PHY_QCOM_QMP=y && TYPEC=y || PHY_QCOM_QMP=m && TYPEC, but in my kernel config, i have PHY_QCOM_QMP=y and TYPEC=m so i can't seem to get it to enable
<konradybcio> doesnt 8280xp use pmic-glink?
<steev> yes
<steev> (disclaimer that i'm just a random end user who stumbles around til i get things working)
<steev> i think that first one should just be TYPEC also though? otherwise, that option never gets enabled if typec isn't built in, when the phy is
<steev> oh, i see
<steev> if the phy is built in, typec has to be as well
<steev> otherwise you end up with undefined references
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