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<aka_[m]> any idea why i2c core would return timedout?
<aka_[m]> added some prints to edt driver and it appears i2c_transfer returns -110
<flamingradian[m]> maybe regularors
<flamingradian[m]> for cci
<flamingradian[m]> oh edt
<Tooniis[m]> aka_: misconfigured pins maybe
<aka_[m]> i2c ones are same
<Tooniis[m]> or missing some external pull-up supply or something
<aka_[m]> there is external pullup resistor
<aka_[m]> on both reset/int
<aka_[m]> and they are defined as _LOW
<Tooniis[m]> no external pulls on sda/scl?
<aka_[m]> bias-disable
<aka_[m]> VREG_CTP appears to be bridged L5+L6
<aka_[m]> L5 enabled by bootloader L6 enabled as iovcc in bindings
<Tooniis[m]> try disabling internal pull-ups on i2c pins if they are enabled
<aka_[m]> and how these are enabled?
<Tooniis[m]> bias-pull-up?
<aka_[m]> bias-disable;
<aka_[m]> reset have pull-up
<aka_[m]> and so interrupt
<aka_[m]> Tooniis: issue is, back in time after reloading module it was working fine
<aka_[m]> after reloading module iut kinda works but it does not really look ggreat?... (full message at <>)
<aka_[m]> ah wait
<aka_[m]> wrong i2c
<aka_[m]> both qup and edt built as modules
<aka_[m]> after adding BAM dmas to 8953 dts it reboots....
<aka_[m]> i give up
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<aka_[m]> from technical standpoint
<aka_[m]> is it possible that one OEM uses same certs to sign software for multiple devices?
<aka_[m]> from what i know on unisocs there is public test-key which most cheap vendors use, and it allows for signing own vbmeta and flashing own images
<aka_[m]> okkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
<aka_[m]> so i managed to get ts working
<aka_[m]> it took it 8 retries to read packet
<aka_[m]> do we need to sleep more?
<aka_[m]> somewhere
<Tooniis[m]> maybe reset or power on takes time
<aka_[m]> it appears at 30 mark(whats these numbers?) it reads
<Tooniis[m]> datasheet would be nice
<aka_[m]> ds reads bit different registers
<aka_[m]> it has ID field
<aka_[m]> which returns 0x54
<aka_[m]> and my device has ft5435
<Tooniis[m]> is QMI IDL documented somewhere?
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<AffeNull[m]> <aka_[m]> "after adding BAM dmas to 8953..." <- Did you add `qcom,controlled-remotely`? I had the same problem with msm8917 and that fixed it
<aka_[m]> will try, thanks
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<aka_[m]> what is purpose of gpiod_set_value_cansleep?
<flamingradian[m]> it looks like it does the same thing as gpiod_set_value, but the gpio chip can decide to sleep, whatever that means
<alikateshethey[m]> > <> ```... (full message at <>)
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