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<lumag> aka_[m], so, I too a glance. On a510 we should not use preempt at all, so nr_rings should be 1
<lumag> A506 should support preemption, so it is slightly more interesting
<lumag> Regarding a510. Does it work if you force nr_rings to 1? Also could you please try forcing prio = 0 at msm_submitqueue_create() ?
<lumag> if you can capture devcoredumps for your platforms, I can try taking a glance (enable devcoredump, make adreno hang/crash/whatever, then capture dmesg and /sys/class/devcoredump/*/data (it is useful to copy it quick, then dump/etc)
<lumag> Also I see that for A506/A510 (and all other a5xx) we should ping several regs on suspend/resume, which we do not do.
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<aka_[m]> lumag: after forcing num rings to 1 gpu works fine, obv we have artifacts and shit, but that's common for all.
<aka_[m]> For a506 I will give it a try next week.
<lumag> aka_[m], please send a patch limiting num_rings to 1 on a510
<aka_[m]> lumag: would that fit to patch a5xx_ucode_check_version to return has_whereami to false if gpu_is_a510?
<lumag> No. Pleas change a5xx_gpu_init() to check for a510 and pass 1 rather than 4 to adreno_gpu_init.
<lumag> It should be enough to make it work. Everything else is a bug
<lumag> aka_[m], I'd rather unsigned int nr_rings = 4; if (adreno_is_a510(...)) nr_rings = 1;
<lumag> aka_[m], yes
<aka_[m]> that should count as fix or not?
<lumag> Add an empty line after the variable declaration as a courtesy for kernel developers and that's good
<lumag> Yes.
<aka_[m]> fix for adding a510 support i believe?
<lumag> Yes
<aka_[m]> ok will send next week.
<lumag> :-)
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