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<alikateshethey[m]> Hello, I'm seeing some weird behaviour regarding PSCI in MSM8953. The cpuidle driver checks if OS initiated suspend mode is supported. Turns out MSM8953 reports it's supported but returns an error if it tries to set/change it. Then the idle driver assumes it wasn't enabled and stops loading.
<alikateshethey[m]> I wrote a small fix which just skips setting the suspend mode and assumes its already enabled if a property is set in the Device Tree (i guess this is firmware version specific). I'm not sure if it's a proper solution. Any thoughts?
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<Tooniis[m]> msm8996 does the same thing
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<alikateshethey[m]> Ohh nice, ty i'll read it
<alikateshethey[m]> lumag: hi, regarding this thread, did you send/write some patch for adding this 'force-psci-domains' flag? Just to make sure we don't do the work twice
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<aka_[m]> konradybcio: have you tried bringing audio on Bengal?
<aka_[m]> It's some unsupported yet wcd