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<aka_[m]> konradybcio: lumag
<aka_[m]> is that fine to send?
<aka_[m]> maybe change name of commit a bit like
<aka_[m]> "Set CX as parent of GX for GPU power domains"
<aka_[m]> hmm, still how would we go about if we intend to support "regulators" which supply these domains
<aka_[m]> on 8976 its supplied via spmi and behind CPR2-GFX block
<aka_[m]> on 8953 also spmi behind GFX-LDO regulator
<aka_[m]> same like 660
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<aka_[m]> ok so launched linux and modem is offline
<aka_[m]> what should happen if i try to start it and it miss power
<aka_[m]> reboot?
<aka_[m]> remoteproc remoteproc0: remote processor 4080000.remoteproc is now up
<aka_[m]> it keeps biting
<aka_[m]> soon i will probably reboot after fifth retrry
<aka_[m]> so appears msm8953 rpm firmware might not be happy with me voting on s1
<aka_[m]> weird there is no any return from rpm-smd core about not being able to process request
<aka_[m]> going to do it via pll-supply now and bringing s1 back to rpm regualtors
<aka_[m]> brought supplies back wonder if it still keeps crashing
<aka_[m]> prob too because im unlucky
<aka_[m]> yup
<aka_[m]> appears im lacking modem related packages like rmtfs/qrtr
<aka_[m]> seems like i have pmaports to update
<aka_[m]> only one service in qrtr-lookup