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<aka_[m]> ok i feel dumb now
<aka_[m]> i decided to read registers for ibit/osr on android during media playback
<aka_[m]> ibit changes to clk_enable from clk_root_off but OSR is still disabled
<aka_[m]> i have some ideas how to hack it but i don't understand much
<aka_[m]> Do anyone know how does that work?
<aka_[m]> there is clk 1 and clk 2 value
<aka_[m]> then later there is LPASS_MODE_CLKX_VALID
<aka_[m]> does that mean if i write 1 and 2 lets say 1.56Mhz and 12Mhz and i set CLK1_VALID then it set only first clock?
<aka_[m]> and if i set clk2_valid it will only set 12mhz
<aka_[m]> hmm
<aka_[m]> asoc8909 ship with this kind of stuff:... (full message at <>)
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