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<akaWolf0> steev, clover[m] did you try to discharge it to 0?
<steev> not sure if it reached 0 or not, but i've definitely left it on over night and come back to it not powered up
<akaWolf0> steev: maybe in that case firmware turn it off before it reached full discharge?
<steev> possibly
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<selmer443[m]> I haven’t noticed that issue with my x13s, and it’s been left on 0 battery for possibly weeks before and I haven’t had those issues you’re describing.
<selmer443[m]> Are they telling you that YOU caused it? They should be replacing the laptop IMO, sounds like you got a bad unit.
<akaWolf0> selmer443[m]: they said me that it's hardware protection and device is operating as it should
<akaWolf0> also they said that they update BIOS firmware and it should solve the issue with battery drain
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<steev> so they want you to disconnect the battery and power it on to update the bios firmware?
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<akaWolf0> steev: they already did it in the service, and maybe it should work fine after that, but I'm not sure, maybe they just lie to me that the device is ok.
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<steev> ah, i thought you meant over the phone/on the forums
<steev> well, you can always see if it does?
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<jenneron[m]> <steev> "you may want to check the list..." <- sorry, i don't know which patches, can you point it to me?
<steev> generally i look at but there may be other lists as well, like the pci list since it's on the pci bus
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<jhovold> steev, and anyone using 6.2 for the x13s: I've just pushed a new branch based on rc6 here:
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<jhovold> Changes since the previous -rc5 branch include:
<jhovold> - fix last-level cache-controller configuration
<jhovold> - fix interconnect race that occasionally broke cpufreq (and thus thermal mitigation)
<jhovold> - reenable a couple of crypto options in johan_defconfig for people using iwd
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<ardb> do i still need out of tree patches for c630 for the battery controller?
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<steev> yes
<steev> jhovold: awesome
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<ardb> steev: acl
<ardb> ack
<ardb> is there an up to date guide to follow? i am going to reinstall my c630 from scratch
<ardb> or can i just grab a bookworm installer?
<steev> can't just grab bookworm, i don't think, because of the uefi shell dance?
<steev> at some point i need to reinstall on mine as well
<steev> or maybe you can, at this point, as long as you have a usb with uefi shell on it?
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<ardb> i'll give that a go - i have the DTB loader that exposes a compatible DT
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<steev> oh that's true, that would still be on the efi partition unless you wiped it fully
<bamse> steev: you don't happen to know why blutoothctl says br-connection-profile-unavailable when i try to connect to my headset?
<steev> no guarantee this will work, but you can try setting ControllerMode = bredr in /etc/bluetooth/main.conf i think it is
<steev> pacmd load-module module-bluetooth-policy\npacmd load-module module-bluetooth-discover are also a possibility, if using pulse
<steev> if you're talking about on an x13s with my patches.... well, it's janky
<steev> and trying to make things "correct" based on feedback completely breaks things again :D
<bamse> wonderful
<bamse> and yes, i was hoping to give your patches a spin
<steev> i guess i can best guess the vregs :)
<bamse> someone with the schematics could probably give you that list
<mani_s> steev, isn't the bluetooth maintainer is opposed to handling all regulators in the hci driver?
<steev> mani_s: the 6750 has them there
<steev> maybe that's supposed to go away at some point, but i just copied the 6750's stuff
<mani_s> you would be using the pwrseq patches from dmitry but they didn't move further
<mani_s> steev, okay. I just remembered the comment
<mani_s> steev, also, when you get time, please give my iommu patch a spin :)
<steev> mani_s: will do :D
<mani_s> thanks!
<bamse> mani_s: not sure if we would come up with the pwrseq model if it wasn't being put in place for the wifi half of the chip
<bamse> mani_s: for pci it's actually needed...
<bamse> well, something is actually needed...
<steev> that something is for kalle to find the time to get us a board-2.bin :P
<bamse> steev: hehe, that too
<mani_s> bamse, yeah, I wanted to take over that work. But...
<mani_s> someone should fine some love for that
<bamse> steev: but do you see "unexpected event for opcode 0xfc48" and "Sending QCA Patch config failed" in your kernel log?
<steev> yes
<steev> mentioned in the cover letter
<steev> fc48 is raw rssi
<steev> idk about the patch config, since afaik, that's the tlv file
<steev> which... it also sense
<steev> which... it also sends
<bamse> but why do i manually need to add the bluetooth thingies to /etc/pulse/'t that be an indication that i forgot to install something?
<steev> i don't believe so? i believe they're installed but not enabled by default as they're supposedly not common
<bamse> hmm, i thought pulseaudio and bluetooth where common particular once i install the pulseaudio-bluetooth package ;)
<bamse> seems like the latter would come with some file thrown into /etc/pulse/
<steev> so far, i've only tested the h2go speaker. i was gonna test the airpods but haven't
<steev> mostly because i didn't wanna blow out my ears because its jank :D
<steev> oh, also, for some reason, when audio devices do connect, they're muted
<bamse> now it works
<steev> my apologies to your ears as you're playing music
<bamse> i've not tried playing music yet...just connected
<steev> ahh
<bamse> i installed pavucontrol and started that, then tried to connect again and success
<bamse> linux...
<steev> relatable
<steev> gonna go start Kindows, kali on windows, development
<bamse> definitely not muted...glad i didn't have the headset on my head when i started playing :)
<HdkR> When you start pavucontrol and it just shows "connecting to pulseaudio" and you realize the server hasn't been running at all
<HdkR> Too many times
<bamse> right, but i just assumed that connecting a a2dp device would cause it to spin up as well
<HdkR> Same!
<steev> get outta here with those conveniences
<bamse> ohh sweet, volume buttons on the keyboard works out of the box
<bamse> definitely test okay so far
<bamse> i think we're spending a little bit too much cpu time, but this is good...thanks steev!
<steev> if someone else wants to chime/carry it forward, i'm 100% okay with it
<bamse> steev: haven't looked at the feedback, what's needed beyond the list of regulators?
<steev> well the dtb check fails it pretty badly
<steev> making the dtb check pass (i looked at the way sc7820 does bt), makes bluetooth not work anymore
<bamse> steev: okay, so nothing on the implementation side?
<steev> nope, so far it's just -> either take out the commented out vregs, or put in actual ones, fix the bluetooth commit comment and remove the useless bits, and, make dtbs_check happy
<jenneron[m]> finally something mhi mhi0: Error moving from PM state: Firmware Download Error to: DISABLE
<steev> woo!
<steev> progress is progress :D
<steev> bamse: it's weird that the gpio122 thing though
<steev> surprised no one asked on list yet
<bamse> steev: i'll find some time to take a look at it...
<steev> i was gonna try to do the sleep thingie that they do too in sc7280, and might tonight
<bamse> steev: i have a dedicated laptop on my desk for playing music, so this will save defragment my workspace :)
<steev> i stream me doing this stuff on the kali discord in my evenings, so people can watch me fumble around in the kernel stuff, kinda like the asahi devs do on youtube, but i don't know enought o answer most questions
<steev> oh nice
<steev> well
<steev> if you get too far away from the thinkpad, things might go bad
<bamse> hmm, let me try that
<bamse> steev: it does break down when i'm about 20 feet from the x13s
<bamse> through my monitor....
<steev> oh weird
<steev> i get about 4 feet
<bamse> i have a better board file...
<steev> oh, that's true
<steev> well that's good to know :D
<bamse> need to do some profiling to see what's going on at CPU0...wonder if we have the same problem with the uart as we have with usb
<bamse> btm reports that we spend 10-15% on CPU0
<steev> hm, didn't we have something like that with the 8180x for a while? i remember something sucking up cpu0
<bamse> we did, had an incorrectly configured interrupt, so we where spinning on CPU0 handling nothing
<bamse> but here we only get a very reasonable amount of interrupts, but end up spending a lot of time handling them
<steev> audio is coming along nicely too, so things are definitely looking up on the thinkpad front
<clover[m]> oo
<steev> it's not perfect by any stretch, but it's usable
<clover[m]> is it something worth me trying to figure out and put in a wiki or should we just wait
<steev> i don't know what or where the issue is entirely, but i do believe it's kernel side
<clover[m]> what kern you using?
<clover[m]> im still on your 6.0.10-1-x13s
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<bamse> steev: i think the x13s is the best supported linux laptop i've ever had...
<bamse> steev: but there's certainly some more polishing needed
<bamse> steev: btw, i left youtube on while grabbing lunch and it's still playing just fine :)
<steev> clover[m]: mine are currently abominations
<steev> bamse: oh nice
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<bamse> steev: would have been nice if everyone got their own bt mac address though...
<steev> bamse: that'll come when it's actually correct
<bamse> you think?
<steev> 00:00:00:00:5A:AD or whatever is some sorta error fallback
<steev> the correct one should have a winstrom oui
<steev> at least, based on what i get in windows
<bamse> where?
<steev> where?
<steev> in windows, i checked device manager (i wanted to see if i needed the g firmware
<bamse> or you're just saying that it must be stored somewhere, for windows to access?
<steev> well
<steev> it *might* be that bsrc_bt.bin file
<steev> i'm not entirely sure what it is yet
<bamse> isn't that a snippet of dsdt?
<steev> seems like?
<steev> so they load it to patch the acpi table?
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<steev> iasl won't decompile it though
<steev> binwalk ignores it
<bamse> seems pretty high likelihood that that is the list of regulators you're looking for, for your dt patch :)
<bamse> steev: but need to know the name of the pins as well
<clover[m]> so steev you havent made ucm2 changes since early december when we were talking with srinck?
<steev> there are
<steev> but i haven't pushed yet, no
<steev> bamse: oh, and it also doesn't do LE scans
<bamse> steev: would it be totally crazy if that was a separate bluetooth adapter?
<steev> well, based on my reading of the inf, it might just be
<steev> if means what i think it means, both wlan and lte coex seem to be turned off (assuming 0 means false)
<bamse> steev: no, that's no the case...wysiwyg
<steev> ah
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<cyberghost> hi
<cyberghost> anyone here
<steev> sometimes
<cyberghost> yes
<cyberghost> i can see
<steev> welcome to early 90s technology
<cyberghost> yes
<cyberghost> and i love it
<cyberghost> are you on instagram
<steev> i have an instagram account, yes, i don't use it
<cyberghost> why
<steev> not sure what that has to do with the channel
<cyberghost> just asking
<cyberghost> i can see that you are a good person
<cyberghost> so i will not stay here for long
<cyberghost> that is why i am asking
<cyberghost> so that we can talk private
<steev> i have zero interest in talking to someone i've never talked to in private
<steev> especially not on instagram
<cyberghost> you are weird
<cyberghost> don`t you like privacy
<clover[m]> must be a troll
<rfs613> the nick seems to fit
<steev> they seem to be a kali user too :/
<cyberghost> thanks rfs613
<cyberghost> yes
<cyberghost> i am using kali linux
<cyberghost> now
<steev> that's unfortunate
<cyberghost> why say so
<steev> because you seem to think you need to use kali just to troll
<cyberghost> if any of you is on instagram tell me''
<cyberghost> no
<steev> no one is going to DM you on instagram
<cyberghost> i want friend
<cyberghost> that is why
<steev> there are better ways to do so than to just pop into a random irc channel and start asking people to DM you on there
<rfs613> must be tiring to keep asking that over and over
<clover[m]> None of you are on Instagram, our last bastion of privacy??
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* rfs613 tuned out around the time of myspace...
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<cyberghost> hi
<cyberghost> i have a question about my laptop
<cyberghost> hello steev
<clover[m]> Just ask your question. No one is obliged to answer
<cyberghost> ok
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<bamse> instagram...grr
<bamse> a friend and i built this service back in 03/04 where we could post pictures from our phones on the web...but the idea was pretty lame so we just let it die
<steev> to be fair, it is quite lame
<rfs613> bamse, you forgot the innovative part of swiping to to left/right... of course you would have needed to invent "swiping" first ;-)
<bamse> rfs613: that's probably the missing factor :)
<steev> you can swipe left and right in insta?
<ndec> you can .. but it does do what you think it does, since it opens photo app or your messages :)
<steev> heh
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