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<steev> bamse is gonna start playing Hades and we're gonna lose all his hard work :(
<HdkR> It does seemingly run flawlessly on the X13s
<clover[m]> Lol
<steev> definitely looked like it on the video
<steev> realistically, the only issue i notice in my day to day use is that occasionally alacritty's window will disappear, and sometimes it's just the titlebar that disappears
<HdkR> Need to build more from NFS :P
<clover[m]> Something is weird about the terminal emulator
<clover[m]> GNOME terminal also is buggy
<steev> i meant in terms of gpu
<steev> there's definitely other weirdness
<steev> a kernel build for me does the khugemap thing, but that's only building the kernel from scratch and only on next, so something between 6.2 and next
<HdkR> I totally just disabled huge pages because of that
<steev> technically, we shouldn't need them?
<steev> but most distro kernels enable them
<steev> fuck it. ordered an mt7921 off aliexpress, lets see if it arrives before the ath11k firmware does
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<steev> bamse: as a heads up, qualcomm sent a v2 of their qca2066
<steev> i either sent a reply with my testing results... or the word bluetooth.. i'm not sure
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<steev> (i forgot to CC you on it since you reviewed v1)
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<steev> clover[m]: if you do try the rc8, be aware, the most recent patch in it lets the x13s get a bit hotter - by default it starts throttling at 55c, but personally i find that a bit restrictive so i bumped it to 60/65/73 instead of the default 55/60/73
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<HdkR> oooo
<HdkR> I like
<steev> it would be nice if we could fiddle that in userspace, but i dunno how that would work at all
<HdkR> Expose multiple temperature points in some random debugfs path, if written to, range check and reject? :P
<steev> oh interesting
<HdkR> Then probably some files to expose the viable ranges but to each their own
<steev> hrm, found another interesting patch hiding in someone's git
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<HdkR> steev: Is it a good one? :P
<steev> dunno
<steev> it makes sense... and gets rid of 1 of our hacks
<steev> things don't blow up on boot, so that's good
<HdkR> Ship it
<HdkR> Silently corrupts all filesystems
<steev> it might :D
<steev> i wish they still did them
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<hexdump0815> travmurav[m]: do i see it right that you upgraded your aspire-1 tree to v6.2-rc - is the latest state of your tree working on your device?
<travmurav[m]> yep
<hexdump0815> travmurav[m]: i'm just asking to have a tested stable on another device base whenever i'll look again into samsung galaxy book go
<hexdump0815> cool - thanks a lot
<hexdump0815> travmurav[m]: and you are using the kernel sc7180 kernel config have checked into that tree - right?
<travmurav[m]> the -rc7 seems fine for me right now, didn't see too obvious regressions (other than my panel failing to read the edid much more often -> applied retry hack)
<travmurav[m]> Yes, the added defconfig is what I run, it should be very minimal apart of the stuff needed by 7c (and my laptop) + things specific for pmOS as I messed up the command order when creating it
<hexdump0815> travmurav[m]: thanks a lot for this info
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<HdkR> Oop, Lenovo X13s is losing to HDK888 in performance
<HdkR> Comparing a single threaded task between the 2841Mhz X1 on 888 to the 2995Mhz X1C on the Lenovo
<HdkR> Lenovo is quite a bit slower, 62% the performance in time delta
<HdkR> Lenovo took 0.129s for a task, HDK888 took 0.081s
<HdkR> Looks like pure compute difference. Are the caches clocked up on the Lenovo?
<HdkR> L3 or SLC potentially?