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<steev> and there we ahve it, 6.2 is out
<steev> let the good times roll
<rfs613> what, in the middle of a long weekend, what is Linus thinking? :P
<clover[m]> long weekend?
<clover[m]> what holiday is it?
<steev> presidents day
<clover[m]> oh snap
<clover[m]> shit yeah
<steev> lenovo-x13s-v6.2
<steev> there's a bit of extra stuff i pulled in, nothing notable, probably should have dropped them, but that's what i tested
<steev> oh, and if you dislike the machine being warmer, revert the "Make it hotter" patch
<robclark> steev: it is still winter.. revert the "Make it hotter" in a few months :-P
<steev> maybe there :(
<steev> it's 20C here today
<steev> so i have my AC going, and the thinkpad warm to offset it ;)
<robclark> hmm, like 9C here ;-)
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<steev> clover[m]: lenovo-x13s-v6.2 fwiw
<steev> oh, derp i did say it
<steev> it has been a day
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<steev> Spiffy
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<HdkR> Nice to see Box catching up
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<clover[m]> 6.2 working well here steev!
<steev> i'll split off linux-6.2.y and apply the patches
<steev> ugh, i'm not using my words correctly. i don't think tim understands what i'm trying to say
<danielt> steev: As a heads up, I took your 6.2-rc8 (plus laptop_defconfig) for a spin since I saw you asking about testers. I couldn't get the external monitor to fire up with this kernel. I haven't really had much time to dig into it yet. My benchmark kernel (where DP/USB-C works well) is currently Johan's *rc6* (rebased up to rc8 and running my own config) so I'd it will take me a while to narrow things down :-(
<steev> danielt: hm, you're right... i hadn't tested that, but it was working; let me double check things here - i have some time since no meetings today
<steev> ah
<steev> TYPEC_UCSI
<steev> i think we need that?
<steev> oh maybe not
<qzed> IIRC UCSI has something to do with usb-c role switching... so maybe?
<steev> i thought ours happened through the pmic altmod
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<qzed> I have no idea...
<steev> but i can always test :)
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<qzed> but now that you say... there was something with pmic
<steev> it has to be one of the patches on top of johan's stuff... just gotta figure out which one
<steev> possibly something in bamse glink fixes
<steev> otherwise... it's gonna be that i have mani's patch to not require force bypass and that punts that hack...
<danielt> steev: I haven't got much of a view... but I have just kicked off a johan rc8 build (with my config). Mostly that's a just in case (I suspect you might nail it before I get round to running this test... 'cos I've got to finish now and am busy this evening)
<steev> :)
<steev> i don't mind, this lets me not be so bored while writing up my report of what i did last week :)
<steev> doesn't seem to be that either
<steev> danielt: mind sharing your config?
<danielt> steev: Not at all! (this one isn't a well honed work of art, AFAIR it is something along the lines of `grep = arch/arm64/configs/johan_defconfig | cat /boot/config-6.1.0-3-arm64 - && make olddefconfig` and then turn off module signing (e.g. smash the Debian config into Johan's with considerable force... I was in a hurry at the time).
<steev> i get it :D
<steev> herm
<steev> everything i assumed it would be... it is not
<steev> [Tim] correct, I does not know where you get the WCN6855 firmware, for our side, we will use different name rule for android and linux , for android , we will add "b" in the front of board id, for linux we will not add this bit.
<steev> so... for the thinkpad we get android firmware?
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<steev> I really hope it isn’t working audio that breaks having external display
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<hexdump0815> travmurav[m]: thanks a lot! - based on your aspire 1 v6.2 tree/work and your aspire 1 dts plus a lot of comparing and adjusting i just got the gpu working on the samsung galaxy book go
<hexdump0815> right now glmark2 is running nicely on gpu accelerated xorg :) ... big thanks to robclark as well for his work on the trogdor freedreno which i guess is the base that it drops in so cleanly in the end now
<hexdump0815> will clean it up a bit and commit it to my git later this week
<hexdump0815> jenneron[m]: do you know what exactly EMCE in the acpi dsl of the samsung devices is? i saw some comments about it in your galaxy book s dts
<steev> hexdump0815: any chance of getting it pushed towards upstream?
<hexdump0815> to me it looks a bit the ec/battery stuff seems to be different on the galaxy book go than on the acer aspire 1 and thus most probably the battery hack from that does not seem to work
<hexdump0815> steev: first i have to get it clean and reliable reproducable - long term maybe upstream is an option maybe in collaboration with travmurav[m] - this is where most of the work is coming from
<steev> si, would just like to see stuff heading to mainline, so more eyes will review it/it gets more testing
<hexdump0815> its definitely still a lot to be done for the galaxy book go: touchpad is still not working, keyboard gives still i2c errors (but works) and display backlight control does not work yet - will have to look closer at the backlight stuff in the dts most probably
<hexdump0815> but its very nice to have the gpu working now at least :)
<hexdump0815> travmurav[m]: what is required on userland side to get wifi and sound working on aspire1 for you?
<hexdump0815> time to head to bed now :)
<hexdump0815> is the battery status info working for any samsung arm windows laptop?
<steev> i would check the samsung galaxybook2 but i sold it
<steev> ajhalaney[m]: apparently i somehow broke external display, so that's something to test :)
<steev> i'm probably gonna drop most of the "extras" out
<steev> and i'll pull in that patch, thanks :)
<steev> i truly don't know what the deal is with seccomp and why it keeps randomly flipping
<ajhalaney[m]> you and SECCOMP have beef I can tell! lol i'd try it if I could find my usb-c cable for it.. ill let you know if i do. unfortunately i have not tried it in the past (i know gasp someone works on the laptop display) lol so if it doesn't work could be my fault
<ajhalaney[m]> steev ^