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<steev> hmm
<steev> i haven't seen that here at all
<HdkR> Nothing in dmesg about it, but it just...stopped
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<steev> i'd definitely notice if the keyboard stopped working here because i don't have a keyboard to plug in to it
<HdkR> Wonder if it only happens with high co-processor load
<HdkR> Time to throw shadertoy at it for a while? :D
<steev> do it
<HdkR> Will need to do it after my game testing
<HdkR> Moving a bunch of data around
<steev> i do my kernel compilations on the thinkpad itsel
<steev> and no issues
<steev> using gnome for interface, and alacritty for terminal, so gpu is being used as well
<HdkR> Yea, I've been hammering the processor as well
<steev> at most, i get the khugepage issue
<steev> i am also using this as my daily driver, and do my kali work on it, which includes a whole lot of package compilation
<steev> at most wrt gpu, sometimes it un-redraws? not sure how to explain it
<HdkR> unordered frame presentation
<HdkR> I saw that as well
<HdkR> Seems fine when actual games are running, which is weird
<steev> i... haven't yet played a game on here
<steev> i should try running some kaizo hacks through retroarch or whatever... and using the stadia controller over bluetooth
<HdkR> Also showing external display is working with overlapping monitor regions, which is nice.
<steev> there's still some work to go there, but yeah
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<Melody91> Hi! A friend and I are looking at trying to get a Windows Dev Kit 2023 booting up mainline. We've seen and were wondering if there is anything we can do to help along the effort somehow.
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<steev> Ah, that reminds me that I need to grab the acpi tables off the x13s, I’ll do that when I get home
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<Melody91> Yeah, it looks like the ACPI tables have already been dumped for the WDK at
<Melody91> We're considering just giving it a go with the linux-surface grub patchset and either mainline or the arm64 git tree, but were wondering if there were any other tidbits we should be considering first
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<steev> yes, shawn wanted to compare the wdk to the thinkpad x13s, but we'd never committed them to git, so that's why i did that; you could also take a thinkpad x13s dtb and see how far it gets, if anywhere
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<shawnguo> steev: thanks much!
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<clover[m]> <steev> "bamse: so, with v2 of the..." <- what linux version is this?
<clover[m]> is it just called next?
<steev> it's 6.2.0-rc7-next-20230210
<clover[m]> kk
<clover[m]> tearing myself away from the blackjack tables to try this out. (Im in louisiana right now)
<clover[m]> ==> Extracting sources...... (full message at <>)
<clover[m]> dafook
<clover[m]> i thin its failing at this step:
<clover[m]> echo "-$pkgrel" > localversion.10-pkgrel
<clover[m]> echo "${pkgbase#linux}" > localversion.20-pkgname
<clover[m]> and indeed i don't have these files. i just have localversion-next
<clover[m]> should i just touch those files and proceed?
<clover[m]> nvm its that setlocalversion script
<clover[m]> but fails with no useful error message, and if i run it manually it seems to work
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<clover[m]> steev can you post your kernel config
<steev> i have no idea what those files are; the laptop_defconfig is the config i use, but the full config can be found at
<clover[m]> excellent. building now
<clover[m]> is there a difference between kernel config and defconfig?
<clover[m]> cuz what you posted is what i was looking for
<steev> the defconfig generates the config
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<clover[m]> oki
<clover[m]> i can fry an egg on this thing hehe
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<clover[m]> taking forever to clone mesa over LTE
<HdkR> --depth=1 is your friend
<clover[m]> cloning for 45 minutes now lol
<clover[m]> d'oh i spelled clark wrong
<clover[m]> that's embarrassing
<clover[m]> anyone know what i am doing wrong here in the mesa build? do i need to disable vulkan or something?
<clover[m]> im pretty much just re-using mesa-git from the AUR and plugging in the a640 branch
<steev> you're missing the freedreno driver, and why are you enabling intel/amd?
<clover[m]> yeah i noticed hat
<clover[m]> i put auto, maybe it will know to do freedreno
<steev> that's what i use
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<clover[m]> ty
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<HdkR> Updating kernel now
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<HdkR> Got the latest ucm files pulled
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<steev> HdkR: oh, you might also need a firmware, if you don't have it as well;
<steev> i *believe* that goes into /lib/firmware/qcom
<HdkR> I very likely don't have that
<HdkR> If it complains about a missing firmware and a filepath then I can confirm
<bamse> steev: and it worked in v1?
<bamse> steev: aux timeouts on read that is...
<steev> bamse: seems working again in v3
<steev> at least, I'm currently using it :D
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<HdkR> steev: oop, qcom/sc8280xp was the folder
<HdkR> It complained at least, which is nice
<steev> good to know :) clover[m] can add it to the wiki
<HdkR> a buuunch of errors though
<steev> multimedia4 capture not defined
<steev> can be ignored
<HdkR> invalid header, failed o instantiate
<steev> hmmm
<steev> that makes it seem like the fw isn't crrect - did you *download* it? because that's a git repo
<HdkR> oop, yep. I totally just used wget on it
<HdkR> Correctly grabbed now, let's see
<steev> It’ll probably still pitch a fit about multimedia4 capture -22 or something, those can be ignored (or someone can look into ucm2 files and how to add it)
<HdkR> Different error
<HdkR> I love version 1_-32768
<bamse> steev: good, then I will ignore you and just merge the patches :)
<steev> we can always fix it later :)
<steev> bamse: did you already commit the power-supply? if not, i can always throw my t-b into the mix... i've kinda avoided my email for the past week (aside from bluetooth stuff) and there's like 1500 unread emails on msm that i... don't wanna dig through 50 emails at a time
<steev> HdkR: that... doesn't seem right
<steev> i was hoping to push a 20220213 with the v3 and the other thing bamse shoved out earlier, but 20220213 is very angry about el0
<HdkR> steev: I'd also claim it doesn't seem right. Especially since the audio isn't working onboard yet :P
<bamse> steev: please do throw a t-b at it
<steev> steev@wintermute:~/kernels/steev$ dmesg | grep WSA
<steev> [ 12.922559] wsa883x-codec sdw:0:0217:0202:00:1: WSA883X Version 1_1, Variant: WSA8835_V2
<steev> [ 12.927317] wsa883x-codec sdw:0:0217:0202:00:2: WSA883X Version 1_1, Variant: WSA8835_V2
<steev> not sure why you're getting 8830
<steev> HdkR: can you show me your /lib/firmware/qcom /lib/firmware/qcom/sc8280xp and /lib/firmware/qcom/sc8280xp/lenovo/21bx ?
<HdkR> Whoa, why is ext4fs_dirhash taking 10% of CPU time while moving files. Did I forget to optimize or something?
<steev> oh
<steev> give me
<steev> the md5sum of your adsp mbn
<steev> or are you just using the one in linux-firmware ?
<HdkR> ryanh@ubuntu:/lib/firmware/qcom/sc8280xp/LENOVO/21BX$ md5sum qcadsp8280.mbn
<HdkR> b38af51e36663f37c6f93620810165ce qcadsp8280.mbn
<HdkR> 14b5ac52dde1fa2383462b7826a0864b ../../qcadsp8280.mbn
<steev> okay, those are may and june firmwares
<HdkR> I'd guess the ones from linux-firmware
<steev> b38 = june, 14b =may
<clover[m]> here's where mine is: /usr/lib/firmware/qcom/sc8280xp/SC8280XP-LENOVO-X13S-tplg.bin
<clover[m]> where should SC8280XP-LENOVO-X13S.conf go?
<clover[m]> looks like i have something in /usr/share/alsa/ucm2/Qualcomm/sc8280xp/SC8280XP-LENOVO-X13S.conf
<HdkR> wait
<HdkR> Wait wait, I'm an idiot
<HdkR> I forgot to checkout the correct ucm branch
<HdkR> It works!
<steev> clover[m]: no
<steev> the .conf file is for generating the bin file
<HdkR> Can confirm that 100% audio sounds like hot garbage
<steev> ehh, i'd say it's closer to 70% of audio sounds like hot garbage. unless you mean you have your volume cranked to 100
<steev> but really, i'm able to watch.... home videos.... without issue
<HdkR> whew, headphone output has some /heavy/ distortion
<HdkR> Yea, volume defaulted to 100%
<steev> i think i keep mine around 50%
<steev> we could probably lower it in the ucm2 files
<steev> probably need to anyway
<steev> i haven't tested headphones because all i have for headphones with a jack are apple ones
<HdkR> I have some nice headphones that I use daily. Easy to pick up the distortion :D
<clover[m]> Hmm, boot good stuck here :(
<clover[m]> Got*
<clover[m]> Anyone know how I can get to a shell or know what's hanging up the boot?
<clover[m]> Tried Ctrl x Ctrl c and esc
<HdkR> Recovery mode?
<HdkR> Might help
<steev> make sure you follow(ed) the advice in for making sure modules are in the initramfs
<clover[m]> i mean i can still boot windows
<clover[m]> i dont think i did
<clover[m]> don't think i will be able to fix that retroactively until i get back home where my recovery image is
<clover[m]> did you do that HdkR?
<HdkR> Do what?
<clover[m]> the initramfs module things?
<HdkR> Nah, I didn't touch initramfs. Just using whatever the default initrd, dt, and vmlinuz results from `make install`
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<clover[m]> i wonder if i have that probe deferral issue
<clover[m]> that is mentioned there
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