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<bamse> steev: it used to be that you had to reconnect your external monitor 100% of the time...but i reduced the timout for how long the dp controller should wait before now it works sometime
<steev> it works in next for me... which apparently does not have the data lanes patch, and it does not work for me when the data lanes patch is added in 6.2
<steev> but it's SEEING it, just not... enabling?
<bamse> steev: e.g. my tv always seems to work, but my monitor often is black until i start wayland (which does a scan of the hotplug state)
<steev> i don't care *that* much about it
<clover[m]> so steev don't rebuild kernel yet?
<steev> no
<steev> don't rebuild it yet
<clover[m]> oki
<steev> gonna go back to johan's stuff with my config
<bamse> steev: if reconnect work, then it's in it's best possible working state right now
<bamse> steev: there's a small window where if we get the hotplug event from usb, before dp controller is initialized, i have to throw the notification away
<bamse> steev: fixing that will need some surgery on the dp i started poking at it, but realized that i wanted to see the current stuff really land before attempting anything more
<bamse> steev: the side effect of such surgery should be that we power the dp controllers down if there's nothing connected on the they sit there idling, but powered up, always
<bamse> so it's win-win
<steev> in my defense... i didn't even notice it was "broken"; so you can see how much i really care
<steev> i wanted to put out a new installer iso that supports the thinkpad, and the c630 at a minimum (i really need to go back to the flex at some point.... or throw it for sale on the line)
<bamse> steev: vkoul is refreshing my flex dts hopefully we'll see that boot in 6.4
<steev> oh nice
<steev> i'd still kinda like to know why next works "fine" and 6.2 is iffy, but, tbh, if next works, that means eventually 6.3 will
<steev> i've been debating that fancy screen they offer, the one that adds 2
<steev> clover[m]: okay so, pushed out latest stuff, you can test if you want. this adds back the data lane things... and it should work. also the bluetooth regulators should properly... whatever if you reload the module
* clover[m] rubs hands together
<steev> tonight i might poke at the stuff that tim did for v2, and just... say fuck it, to our nvm not being found correctly. it works without it
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<clover[m]> i rebuilt and... back to software rendering? trying a reboot
<clover[m]> bluetooth, sound, external display working
<steev> hm, shouldn't be
<steev> dmesg output maybe?
<clover[m]> [ 4.789721] msm_dpu ae01000.display-controller: Direct firmware load for qcom/a660_sqe.fw failed with error -2
<clover[m]> is it trying to load a660?
<clover[m]> full dmesg
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<steev> the one at 4 seconds fails because it's not in your initrd, then it should load later from the rootfs
<steev> which happens at 7 seconds
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<clover[m]> what
<bamse> clover[m]: yes, a690 reuses the a660 sqe firmware, but comes with it's own gmu firmware
<bamse> clover[m]: and that file you can find in linux-firmware
<clover[m]> yeah i checked on that, its there
<steev> and its loaded at 7 seconds in your dmesg output
<steev> that isn't what is causing you to be sw only
<steev> are you sure your patched mesa is still prio? if a new mesa release came out or anything
<steev> steev@wintermute:~/kernels/build$ DISPLAY=:1 glxinfo -B | grep direct
<steev> direct rendering: Yes
<clover[m]> oh shit, i forgot to put it in ignorepkgs
<steev> is that good or bad? i'm not an arch user
<clover[m]> yep, it upgraded on me
<clover[m]> thanks steev sorry im so stupid
<steev> :) it's all good
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<vkoul> steev: flex is working fine atm for me, yes I am trying to resolve all dtb schema issues and post the dts shortly
<steev> <3
<steev> i look forward to letting it sit there idle while i use the thinkpad ;)
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<steev> clover[m]: since you use the bluetooth... what's your phy0 thermal sensor saying its temp is
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<jhovold> steev: linux-next also sets the data-lanes as the fixup patch does, changes in timing is more likely the reason for any difference you see with respect to the external display
<jhovold> and if as bamse says, there's still a race wrt to hotplug detect, then such changes in behaviour are almost to be expected
<HdkR> Wonder if that's why external display didn't come back after waking from sleep
<jhovold> HdkR: I think I saw an error message in the logs that the drm driver failed to resume when I tried that
<HdkR> Could be
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<clover[m]> steev, does this help?
<ajhalaney[m]> all the sync_state stuff is interesting, wish a summary of those conversations would pop onto lwn or something
<bamse> i wish the problem would just go away
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<bamse> but it's really nice to see progress in this area, it's something that has been on the table for so many years now
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<ajhalaney[m]> bamse don't we all wish our problems would go away :P . But in all seriousness it is good to see it being discussed at least despite there being no clear solution going forward as far as I can tell
<bamse> i agree, and while there's doesn't seem to be a clear solution, getting a good enough solution in place will be a good step forward
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<steev> clover[m]: that's while you were actively using the bluetooth? e.g. sending some audio over it or movng the mouse around
<clover[m]> moving mouse around for ~1h:
<steev> hrm, interesting
<steev> my ath11k thermals are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay hotter than that... like mine shoot up to 77+C
<steev> maybe i just have a defective board :(
<steev> fwiw though
<steev> steev@wintermute:~$ uptime
<steev> 11:06:39 up 16:36, 1 user, load average: 1.25, 0.40, 0.32
<steev> this was mostly spent overnight suspended
<steev> and i'm showing 25% batteyr
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<clover[m]> mine usualy hangs out around 60C
<clover[m]> s/usualy/usually/
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<steev> yeah, that'll drop once we get proper board file
<steev> bamse: jhovold: there is still an issue with usb-c in certain orientations (aka flipped "wrong") blocking wifi
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<HdkR> steev: The X13s really doesn't want you using double sided M.2 drives. Does some uncomfortable chassis flex
<steev> well thats... sad
<HdkR> Flashing a drive to still give it a try but I don't really trust it
<steev> time to 3d print a new bottom for the X13s :P
<HdkR> It's a flex on the opposing side actually. So it's pushing the chassis in to the keyboard
<steev> oh... that's no good
<HdkR> Technically you could tin snip the little copper sheet that is used as a heatsink for the SSD and WWAN. But I can't recommend that
<steev> yeah, i'm not sure i would... based on how hot other ssd's i have get
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<HdkR> steev: I think that basically leaves the 2230 variant of WD's SN740 and using an adapter to get it to 2242
<HdkR> Pretty much only reputable shop selling those in the US is Framework though and they just got sold out because of SteamDeck
<Dylanger> Currently WireGuard isn't working. not sure why yet
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