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<mothenjoyer69> I've seen a lot of talk regarding the Galaxy Book Go (7c g2) but I'm struggling to find much on the 8CX G2 variant. does anyone know if anyone in particular is working on that variant?
<mothenjoyer69> at the price you can get them for these days i'm going to buy one regardless, but just wanted to see if there had been any work done yet :)
<HdkR> Whoa, I didn't even know they had an 8cx variant
<mothenjoyer69> yeah, it seems like its flown under the radar; i'm struggling to even find a review of the 8cx variant
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<steev> hexdump0815: fwiw, the qualcomm tools stuff are in debian proper, are they not in ubuntu already?
<steev> ah, i suppose they might not be in stable, they're definitely in testing and sid though
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<jenneron[m]> mothenjoyer69: unfortunately it has the same problem to galaxy book s and galaxy book 2
<jenneron[m]> by problem i mean embedded controller sitting on 5 i2c buses which i am afraid of
<jenneron[m]> i'm wondering if intel version of galaxy book s has the same EC and how it works there
<jenneron[m]> interesting that galaxy book go 5g is either different or more descriptive in ACPI
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