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<HdkR> Gah, I think I need a better arm64 ubuntu image starting point than the base rootfs image. systemd freaking out at the start
<HdkR> I forget how I managed to build the image on my other board
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<clover[m]> Why not arch?
<HdkR> Doesn't support multiarch
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<steev> somewhere on github, is an ubuntu image for the thinkpads, i don't remember where though
<HdkR> I managed to get the cloud image installed, I think I just forgot to update /etc/fstab
<HdkR> Otherwise I have a working ubuntu 22.04 image now
<HdkR> Wifi isn't working right now right?
<HdkR> Want to make sure I don't feed people bad information when I ship them this device
<HdkR> All three of the devices going through their round of Windows+firmware updates
<clover[m]> Wifi works good enough but its a hack
<HdkR> ah, I didn't see it on my device
<HdkR> Probably missing a firmware or something
<clover[m]> Yeah
<steev> the firmware should be in linux-firmware git, so ubuntu's linux-firmware package *should* install it, if it's newer than 202208 or something - but newer kernels have new firmware path
<HdkR> I can give that a try after dinner then
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<steev> so if you're on the rc7 i posted (i need to push a new one soon, will try tomorrow) - you'll wanna be using newer than 20220913
<HdkR> I'm just on sc8280xp-next-20230207-gpu atm
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<selmer443[m]> Gpu up on the x13s ? 😮
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<HdkR> I love that the X13s Windows firmware update process has a step in it where the keyboard breaks
<HdkR> two firmware packages and if they update independently then keyboard stops working until the other is installed
<HdkR> Pile of devices are downloading their next suite of updates
<HdkR> Oh wow, the ath11k firmware files were bugged AF in my install
<HdkR> softlink to themselves for some reason
<HdkR> Looks like 2.4Ghz is working
<HdkR> Some curious kernel messages
<HdkR> Crash in `is_valid_gup_args`, qcom-spmi-adc5 complaining, msm complaining about DPU things, a claim that it can't power up the GPU even though it does, and then the frame reassembly error which I believe doesn't actually result in failure
<HdkR> Maybe related to the frame presentation being a bit stuttery and presenting out of order frames
<HdkR> onboard audio being broken will probably make one person sad but maybe I can just tell them to use a USB audio DAC
<steev> vadc is already fixed, frame reassembly failed is the bluetooth
<HdkR> Good to know
<HdkR> USB DAC confirmed working at least. So I can tell someone to use that if necessary
<steev> audio should work on my next push, but it'll have complaints about not being able to create links, and i'm trying to avoid getting spammed messages asking why it's saying that
<HdkR> Sounds good to me
<steev> well
<steev> you need the alsa ucm conf stuff
<HdkR> ah
<steev> but also, they'll be using ubuntu, so they should be sad anyway
<HdkR> :D
<HdkR> What was the UEFI step required on these again? I seem to have lost it
<steev> the step to make it use dtbloader?
<HdkR> Maybe? I had to enter some commands in the uefi terminal
<steev> might have it in there
<HdkR> That it does
<HdkR> I'll need to flash the installer to a drive just so I can get an EFI shell :D
<HdkR> I think..
<HdkR> Yea, installed EFI partition doesn't have the shell
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<steev> where's the 5th one for me? :(
<HdkR> Don't you already have one? :P
<clover[m]> Epic!
<steev> yeah but what happens if i break it during development :(
<HdkR> Doesn't UEFI boot make it pretty hard to brick?
<steev> listen
<steev> i just want free hardware, is that so much to ask
<HdkR> haha, maybe once there is an 8cx Gen 4 or something you can get one to bringup for me. That way I have expectations of results ;)
<HdkR> SC8280XP looking a bit old at this point, we need a new SoC announced at some point
<clover[m]> If Julies daughter is my daughters mother, who am I to Julie?
<steev> i haven't had enough coffee
<steev> but you should be julie's mother
<steev> er, daughter
<clover[m]> I was thinking son in law
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<steev> could be, but sex of the person was never given
<steev> bamse: so, with v2 of the external display on the x13s, this thing, just gives [drm:dp_panel_read_dpcd [msm]] *ERROR* dpcd read failed, rlen=-110 and [drm:dp_panel_read_sink_caps [msm]] *ERROR* read dpcd failed -110 no matter the orientation
<steev> clover[m]: you're welcome
<steev> To
<steev> * [new tag] lenovo-x13s-next-20230210 -> lenovo-x13s-next-20230210
<steev> gpu, audio, bluetooth
<steev> pre-warning, bluetooth can be janky
<steev> and no LE
<clover[m]> Most intriguing!
<HdkR> steev: audio in what sense?
<HdkR> onboard?
<steev> if you have the ucm configs, you should get audio on the speakers...
<HdkR> Is there a repo with the ucm configs somewhere?
<steev> yes
<steev> - note that its not perfect, but it's definitely usable
<steev> if one does run into issues, please give as much info to reproduce
<steev> for the record, gpu does need a patched mesa
<steev> but that convo is up in the history
<HdkR> Once I get a moment I'll see if the audio works here
<HdkR> Trying to get some other stuff running first
<steev> sure
<steev> let me see
<steev> Somewhere around here I have a Debian package for it, but I don’t think I pushed it out
<HdkR> I used to breaking my Ubuntu install, no worries :P
<HdkR> Oh, there is some...weirdness with task scheduling. Something that is nearly maxing out a core is getting evenly split between two cores
<HdkR> cpuidl_enter_state at 3% CPU usage because it's being weird
<HdkR> Maybe this is just a new kernel thing
<HdkR> Oh weird, the keyboard died