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<steev> bamse: i'm not sure it matters, because i dunno who would ever do that, but if you modprobe -r qcom_battmgr and then modprobe qcom_battmgr, it never seems to read the battery info (til next reboot)
<bamse> steev: ohh i'm sure someone will figure out a way to do that...
<bamse> steev: i guess battmgr will be waiting for the pdr-up signal...which came in the past...
<steev> i suppose technically someone did, since i did... but that was more to make sure there wasn't an oops on module exit/restart
<steev> i did try restarting pd-mapper service but nothing
<bamse> that's probably good...
<bamse> we'll have to come up with something though
<steev> i don't think it should hold back submission though
<bamse> seems like something we can fix after the fact
<HdkR> Does the SC8280XP GPU patches on the ML bring up the GPU correctly?
<steev> possibly
<steev> will probably need the mesa bits too still
<HdkR> Mesa bits should be easy to tease out with the prelim work that is in a branch
<HdkR> My concern is if the kernel actually brings up the GPU since I don't want to play in kernel land
<bamse> HdkR: correctly...well, it does the same thing as downstream and it runs at 120fps on the crd...and 60fps on my x13s
<HdkR> bamse: Well I don't even have downstream GPU support
<HdkR> So it sounds like an improvement
<bamse> HdkR: it's a noticable improvement :)
<HdkR> Sounds like a good time then
<HdkR> Just need a branch and then I'll very quickly be throwing games at it and hoping for explosions
<bamse> HdkR: i'm sure there are dragons, and i've only tested gl so far...
<HdkR> I'm sure it'll be a scramble in the userspace :)
<steev> have not yet tested external, because i assume that external will still crash on wayland (because mutter bug)
<bamse> there are no changes on that front
<bamse> steev: but do you know what the "new" mutter bug is? is it still related to the connectors being USB-1 and USB-2?
<steev> that isn't a new bug it's the one that
<steev> Oh, I don’t know a newer crash than that one
<bamse> nah, the "old" one would be the assert() we used to hit
<bamse> this one seems to be awaiting someone to spend the time to debug
<HdkR> Is this also expected to work on the Windows Dev Kit 2023?
<bamse> HdkR: i see no reason why it wouldn't...
<HdkR> Since I know some people are itching for that as well but I don't want to buy to test :D
<bamse> someone needs to write a dts for that...
<HdkR> Oh
<HdkR> Yep, not going anywhere near that then
<steev> i heard shawnguo had one... convince him to do it :P
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<shawnguo> steev: could you upload acpi tables of x13s - ?
<steev> shawnguo: oh, sure, i thought they had been already
<shawnguo> so that I can compare these two machines and hopefully create a dts for devkit based on x13s one
<steev> well, i can submit a merge request anyway
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<steev> shawnguo: oh, actually, clover[m] already has it at
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<HdkR> oop, battery is flat, will need to try this tomorrow
<steev> RIP
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<shawnguo> steev, thanks! still would like to get a complete set of the tables though, e.g. I suspected these two machines have different IORT table when I was seeing a smmu issue with devkit.
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<HdkR> Alright, let's see if I can update the kernel on this device
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<HdkR> Kernel updated, GPU seemingly running with both glx and vulkan!
<HdkR> Building some stuff to test real games
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<bamse> HdkR: nice!
<ndec> HdkR: your screenshot looks nicer than mine (I took pictures of the EFI Boot menu for lenovo this week :))
<HdkR> Couldn't have been done without everyone that worked on it. I'm just a pleb testing :)
<steev> shawnguo: i'll try to grab them soon
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<HdkR> It hates one of my docks, but that's sort of expected
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<clover[m]> this is big news!
<HdkR> Not quite M1 VM levels but I think it is GPU limited in some way
<HdkR> M1 VM hits roughly 200FPS
<HdkR> I am seeing quite a large number of softirqs on core 0 though. Maxing out the core in some instances
<HdkR> I think right now it is download something at 20MB/s over a USB NIC which is maxing out core 0
<HdkR> If it's a known issue then whatever
<jhovold> HdkR: known issue...
<HdkR> Good to know that it is known. Any leads or just a known unknown?
<jhovold> bamse has done some investigations that point to the iommu, but we're still working on it
<HdkR> Sounds good
<HdkR> It really does limit USB ethernet speed
<bamse> HdkR: echo DMA-FQ > /sys/bus/platform/drivers/dwc3/*/iommu_group/type
<bamse> well, i think you need to expand t hat '*'...
<HdkR> That looks like it has helped a bit
<HdkR> Definitely helped since now Steam is downloading a bunch of crap at 30-115MB/s
<clover[m]> <steev> "have not yet tested external..." <- Will you be tagging a branch for me?
<steev> i pushed a branch... i dunno about tagging it
<steev> i need to address a few more code review things on the bluetooth driver, and then after, maybe?
<clover[m]> sounds good
<steev> i'm just a wee bit worried because while testing bluetooth, the wifi thermals shot up to 72C last night
<steev> so i should probably note that in the cover letter
<steev> oh, and on modprobe -r there's a bit of an oops, and i'm like 99% positive that isn't my fault
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<clover[m]> Yikes
<HdkR> was there an adapter that was tested with external display on x13s? The couple I had here didnt seem to show a display capable of being enabled.
<clover[m]> Did you try flipping the cables
<HdkR> yes