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<HdkR> Looks like six processes managed to hang even without strace shenanigans
<HdkR> wtf, I tried opening one of the pipes that it had open, had to kill vim, and then they crashed
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<steev> i blame next
<steev> it's funky
<steev> let me push the rc8 stuffs
<steev> hmmmm, except i started dicking around with the bluetooth driver...
<HdkR> Looks like it is USB related with that DMA-FQ stuff. even cloning a repo was having hangs
<HdkR> Cloning on to local NVMe works around that issue but that's pretty rough
<HdkR> lemme grab a different USB ethernet device, maybe it just really hates this particular one
<HdkR> Nope, three processes stalled out that time. So it really is just something related to USB
<HdkR> I can try some USB storage in a bit and see if it explodes similarly
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<steev> well, that's definitely not my fault :D
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<Dylanger> Would anyone know why the latest mt8195-tracking-master-rolling from Collabora would break the internal screen of my Chromebook Cherry/Acer?
<Dylanger> Might be a DT change?
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<zippy> Hi All, I was looking to run Linux on an ARM laptop. How feasible it is to run Linux on Thinkpad X13s? (With Wifi working) or am I better off trying a Lenovo Yoga C630 as mentioned on the github page?
<zippy> It's been hard finding a proof a workable path through google or youtube.
<danielt> Currently "feasible" is a good word. It works well. There are rough corners. There are plenty of folks here (not me at present) who are busy filing down the rough corners. There's been lots of progress recently (success reports GPU, sound, bluetooth). I think biggest concern for getting work done is 5GHz WiFi range (very poor because firmware for WiFi is borrowed from a different machine).
<danielt> Short version, there is enough working for me to be productive in a coffee shop (and run it full time in day job). I haven't managed to get any luxuries running yet (but others have).
<zippy> Thanks, I think that's a good benchmark to be honest. Can you be productive at a coffee shop.
<zippy> Which laptop do you have?
<zippy> While I'm not a coding wizard by any stretch I would like to get more involved with helping the effort to improve Linux on ARM. If you guys have any advice on where to go to test, submit bug reports, and help solve bug reports. Though it seems like the majority of the work is really on the kernel level at this point.
<danielt> Both of the ones you mentioned... I like the X13s a lot better (even without GPU).
<zippy> Nice, yea the x13s looks really great. That's the one I'd like to get
<danielt> That said if you can still find one a C630 is about a third of the price (and probably < one third of the performance)
<zippy> I've found some guides on getting the C630 running, but how did you get your x13s setup? What would you say is the best guide at the moment
<danielt> PS Personally I also like to copy efishell from the installation media and installed it to the SSD (and then use the efishell to make the efishell appear in the UEFI boot menu (that allows you to recover from loading a bad devicetree without having to go and dig out the install media)
<zippy> That is brill, thanks so much for that
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<zippy> Well I just picked up a C630 and I'll use that as my test runs in setting Linux up to run ARM. Then upgrade to the X13s.
<zippy> And maybe I can wait for a good x13s deal to pop up. :) Looking forward to trying my hand at this. I've been wanting to start a blog, so maybe I'll document the process.
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<danielt> I really liked my C630... it was definitely lacking in performance so it never became my everyday machine but I liked using it for travel.
<ardb> +1
<ardb> the x13s seems bloody expensive too
<ardb> still using mine on the go
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<danielt> It is certainly expensive... but most Thinkpads are expensive. So it is dubious benchmark (aren't they all) but arguably the X13s didn't have a "pay more for Arm" premium when brand new. When I bought mine, I compared it to a similarly priced and configured x86 machine... and both machines were going to get pretty similar GB5 scores!
<danielt> (IIRC I compared it so an older gen X1 and that flattered the X13s slightly because that last X1s were relatively old gen x86)
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<zippy> That's good to hear the C630 was a 'good enough' performer. Honestly for the price at least I won't feel bad putting it through its paces and not worrying about causing any issues.
<ardb> well they make apple look cheap
<ardb> tbh i have no idea what the c630 cost at the time - it was my employer who paid for it
<zippy> That's great :)
<ardb> but maybe i'm not comparing apples and apples here
<zippy> Well, its hard for me to justify the expense of apple gear. Also since I don't have multple apple devices to help recovery, I would be weary trying to install anything like Asahi Linux on there.
<zippy> It's good to hear the x13s specs are pretty good in practice, or say compared to the X1s. I'm just looking for it to be an improvement to my 6 year old HP Elitebook. :) 6th gen intel.
<zippy> I would imagine Linux software has had a good head start due to the Raspberry Pi. Have you faced any blockers or miss any software that you relied on with your x86 machine
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<danielt> Er... I can give you a shameless plug to a conference presentation if you like. Give me a sec.
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<zippy> please do :)
<danielt> . Skip forward to 12:27 that where I start talking about the ecosystem (the first twelve minutes are talking about the Honeycomb LX2 - which was my daily driver before the X13s came along but isn't a laptop).
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<danielt> BTW that presentation is from 2021... pip install tensorflow does work now.
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<Mr0btain> Some weird things going on with this 5g Verizon x13s, on 6.2 I have no touchpad mouse but nubby mouse works great. may be something with Ubuntu as the touchpad does "giggle" the mouse for a split second. then it drifts after untill restart. And as for wwan, I think I noticed in my acpi dump one of the pins in the dtb looks to be different. Haven't
<Mr0btain> tested GPU yet I think I just need to build the mesa stuff. Bluetooth seems to work aok though steev awesome job!
<Mr0btain> *jiggle* but you guys are out here doing the lord's work, can't thank y'all enough!
<bamse> Mr0btain: so it's alive, but gives you bad input?
<zippy> @danielt, thanks for that :) I will check that out
<bamse> danielt: so does above imply that you use x13s as your "desktop" machine now as well?
<Mr0btain> it seems so, It could be something with Ubuntu though. Its odd. when I get more time I'll check logs and see if anything stands out.
<bamse> Mr0btain: not sure what's going on there...
<Mr0btain> Yeah I'm assuming it's something with Ubuntu, because I've never heard of anyone else having the same issue on the other distros
<bamse> Mr0btain: we do have the problem that there are two touchpads out the dts mentions both, but one is disabled due to some ongoing work int the irq framework (and it's not entirely the correct thing to enable both) on my x13s i have to patch the dts and flip which one is enabled
<jhovold> Mr0btain: not sure what tree your using but there was a patch missing in some of steev's branches which enables the alternate touchpad
<jhovold> Mr0btain: see if you've got the above one in your build
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<danielt> bamse: Yes. using the X13s for almost everything (I ended up getting the thinkpad branded dock - that fixed the weird "battery discharges unexpectedly" problems I was having with my old dock).
<danielt> bamse: I have a big x86_64 on standby if I need a lot of grunt (and the Honeycomb on standby for when I need am64/kvm machines) but many days a week they stay off.
<bamse> danielt: nice
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<bamse> danielt: it's a portable laptop, so having a build machine available is still "required"
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<bamse> danielt: i've not had enough luck with distcc, but conceptually that would fit the bill
<danielt> bamse: I do too many OpenEmbedded for distcc to cover everything I need so I've never explored it much.
<bamse> as seen earlier this week with the battery's best if i just stay in the kernel...
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<Mr0btain> jhovold: I would bet that would be it! I'll give it a shot, I have to select a few things and rebuild to mess with the wwan anyway. Gotta double check the pins in the dtb for wwan as well. iirc one of the pins might be different. Model is 21BY, I don't see any reason why the pins would be different tbh. I'd imagine it would be the same card just di
<Mr0btain> ff firmware for each provider if anything.
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<clover[m]> is this all that is needed?
<clover[m]> for gpu on x13s
<bamse> clover[m]: you need a couple more patches in mesa, and you need the kernel patches...
<clover[m]> we don't are about gallium drivers right? just freedreno vulkan?
<bamse> i've only tried gallim... HdkR reports that vulkan seems to work as well
* danielt watches the thread with interest (so far I've only been able to get the GPU to draw a mouse cursor before the screen flickers and eventually hangs)
<bamse> danielt: mesa-git + a690 branch?
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<clover[m]> > $ dmesg | grep adreno... (full message at <>)
<clover[m]> looks like i am missing some firmware
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<clover[m]> is a690_gmu.bin somewhere?
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<clover[m]> doesn't seem to be in linux-firmware
<danielt> I used (although since I haven't got the GPU running on my machine this advice is more buyer-beware than usual).
<danielt> This firmware was enough for the kernel messages to "look right to me"
<clover[m]> worth a try!
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<clover[m]> 🎉
<clover[m]> rendering beautifully now
<steev> yeah, that's where it is
<HdkR> yay gpu? :P
<clover[m]> i pushed my work here:
<clover[m]> selmer443:
<clover[m]> Leo Shen ^
<clover[m]> gpu, speakers, and bluetooth. not a bad release!
<steev> i'll have a 6.2.0-rc8 (or just wait for 6.2 on sunday) to clean up the little issues
<steev> i started melding in the other patch for bluetooth, but it doesn't really change anything (and it gets our id incorrect so you gotta do a symlink so it grabs the right name - not sure if this is wifi firmware or not)
<HdkR> well, I /tried/ to attach an external drive
<HdkR> Let's use a drive that is less overkill
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<steev> use a powered hub?
<clover[m]> showing 14 hours remaining at 100% capacity in GNOME Power menu
<clover[m]> oh it just switched lol
<steev> yeah, it'll drop
<steev> probably even more if you turn the brightness all the way up (i'm pretty sure i run at 50% brightness)
<clover[m]> i was like f yeah ARM
<clover[m]> huh, neofetch still not listing GPU info.
<HdkR> steev: Powered hub does solve it, but could just be because of the hub. HDK888 also wanted the device through a powered hub
<HdkR> NVMe drives over USB are weird :P
<HdkR> clover[m]: neofetch uses LSPCI to get GPU information
<clover[m]> i see
<steev> yeah, i have a drive like that.... i'll be honest... probably bad for it, but i just... un plug and plug it back in until it works because i'm too lazy to find my powered hub
<HdkR> eh, if it doesn't have any data written to it then whatever
<steev> this does :)
<HdkR> Not like those Cortex-R8 controllers cores care about some cycling :P
<HdkR> hah
<HdkR> Lucky for those journaled filesystems I guess
<clover[m]> just played a game
<clover[m]> armagetron stays around 60 fps, cool
<clover[m]> i think the thinkpad does drop keypresses sometimes thoug
<steev> it's okay to admit you're bad at a game
<steev> (but yeah, it probably does)
<HdkR> Maybe you can get the keyboard to fully drop out like I did
<HdkR> :)
<clover[m]> lol
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<HdkR> Looks like the process hang doesn't occur over my USB drive
<HdkR> Let's see what sshfs offers us
<HdkR> Okay, hang still occurs with sshfs rather than NFS. So it looks like something is broken
<HdkR> Also definitely brought the display back after sleep by using xrandr to turn it off then on again
<HdkR> So probably some sort of hotplug stuff happening which freaks it out
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<steev> clover[m]: if you wouldn't mind, since you like being a guinea pig :D - i've slightly modified the bluetooth driver, adding in some bits from qualcomm's push towards qca2066, but not the v2 that is also gonna need a v3 (and also doesn't seem to take into account my driver that they were told to...)
<steev> it's basically johan's rc8, with the gpu, bluetooth and audio stuff on top, as well as a few misc fixes
<steev> and a hack to the bluetooth driver on top of the changes so that we *should* get the correct nvm fw file, without having to create symlinks
<steev> if you do try it out, give me the output of dmesg | grep Bluetooth
<clover[m]> probs wont be today, loaded with work
<steev> no worries, today is family dinner anyway, i'm running it here myself
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<steev> in good news, 0216 next seems to boot again
<steev> still all the device link spam
<clover[m]> HdkR: is fex emulator good for steam gaming on x13s?
<steev> yes
<HdkR> Definitely depends on the game since there are still some driver bugs
<HdkR> But this is on X13s
<HdkR> AAA games have some GPU crashes right now as far as I can tell
<clover[m]> What about on arch
<clover[m]> Do y'all have a PKGBuILD
<HdkR> Thunks aren't supported there, but since it's semi buggy, w/e
<HdkR> Will fix the thunk problems on arch at some point, I just don't want to deal with non-multiarch crap
<clover[m]> Okey