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<clover[m]> interesting i rolled back kernel but boot still borked. must be one of the other packages
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<clover[m]> ok, it was the way i packaged mesa.
<clover[m]> steev: did you disable your touchpad in your kernel config or something?
<steev> no
<clover[m]> weird, with this kernel only the nub works
<steev> did you hit the button combo that disables it?
<clover[m]> i ... dont think so?
<clover[m]> speakers work!
<steev> oh, for bluetooth, you need to grab the firmware from windows
<steev> it's all the hpnv20* files
<clover[m]> i can try that later. i still need to figure out mesa, this touchpad thing, and also name resolution stopped working?
<steev> i dunno about packaging mesa, but it should just be the two patches on top
<clover[m]> ok
<clover[m]> is there really a combo that disables trackpad? this feels like a kernel thing because its enabled in the bios and i can use the mouse in the bios
<HdkR> trackpad worked for the laptop_defconfig here
<clover[m]> ok and you used the same one steev sent me?
<HdkR> I think so
<clover[m]> rolled back kernel and trackpad works
<clover[m]> so yes
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<clover[m]> also steev does this kernel not have whatever the battery manager needs? maybe i need to scroll up...
<clover[m]> i remember seeing discussion around that recently
<HdkR> pd-mapper and correct mbn/jsn files
<HdkR> One of those likely missing :)
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<steev> clover[m]: hm, it should be there? iirc it is in the latest edition of the driver
<steev> what the hell is a footswitch
<steev> oh, the present property
<steev> no, it doesn't have that
<steev> you should be able to throw that patch on top of it, should apply
<steev> it could be, that that isn't exposed by firmware
<steev> i don't actually know how to tell what is and isn't :)
<clover[m]> battery levels working now with 6.2-rc7
<clover[m]> trackpad is still kaput
<clover[m]> could this be why?
<steev> possibly
<steev> let me look at johan's new one since he mentioned both touchpads in his update
<steev> ah, yeah
<steev> i dunno where that came from, but i never noticed because obviously... my touchpad isn't on 15
<clover[m]> ohh :)
<steev> [ 7.064519] input: hid-over-i2c 06CB:CE5C Touchpad as /devices/platform/soc@0/8c0000.geniqup/894000.i2c/i2c-0/0-002c/0018:06CB:CE5C.0002/input/input3
<steev> [ 8.161858] hid-multitouch 0018:06CB:CE5C.0002: input,hidraw1: I2C HID v1.00 Mouse [hid-over-i2c 06CB:CE5C] on 0-002c
<steev> [ 8.149501] input: hid-over-i2c 06CB:CE5C Touchpad as /devices/platform/soc@0/8c0000.geniqup/894000.i2c/i2c-0/0-002c/0018:06CB:CE5C.0002/input/input7
<steev> tbh, i've dropped a number of patches over time and haven't gone back over them...
<steev> steev@wintermute:~/kernels/patchsets$ find . -iname *.patch | wc -l
<steev> 5344
<clover[m]> i forked you and changed the value to see if it works
<steev> should
<clover[m]> i think i figured out how to make a source from a branch instead of a tag so no need to tag for me anymore :)
<steev> oh good :)
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<steev> This is what I see with next 20230213/20230214
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<clover[m]> did anything networking wise or sdwan wise change with the kernel? old kernel my vpn twingate worked, and now it doesnt
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<clover[m]> internet works, name resolution doesnt
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<jhovold> clover[m]: it looks like steev's branch is missing the following commit for the alt touchpad:
<jhovold> "hack: arm64: dts: qcom: sc8280xp-x13s: enable both touchpads"
<jhovold> steev: thanks for the details on the audio fw, still hoping srinik can get it to work also with the older fw but should probably determine if that really makes a difference too
<steev> yeah i am :(
<steev> not sure how i dropped that
<steev> clover[m]: what is sdwan?
<steev> that said, i have it now, and a few others, but yeah... not sure what is up with -next these days... it's not in good shape though
<jhovold> apparently an error snuck into bamse's latest external-display series (v4), I've updated my latest -rc8 branch with a fixup
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<Mr0btain> hey steev do you have that initrd module list handy? I had a blonde moment did a wipe and didn't back mine up
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<Mr0btain> wow did Lenovo update anything with the touchpad? I just used an old iso I had with 6.0.3 and the touchpad gestures are smooth af. feels like I'm making love to the scrollbar
<bamse> sweet, we have external display and battery support on the x13s in v6.3
<bamse> thanks for picking last nights pull requests arnd!
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<jhovold> bamse: nice! I'll submit that external dp data-lanes patch as a follow-up fix for 6.3 instead
<jhovold> snuck into v4 apparently
<bamse> jhovold: move them into endpoint{} ?
<jhovold> yeah, that was thr broken part
<jhovold> the
<bamse> yeah
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<steev> oh nice
<jhovold> and srinik appears to have fixed the issue that prevented the soundcard from probing here :)
<jhovold> now I have some sound too
<bamse> nice!
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<steev> oh those changes fix up the dut dut when i join a discord voice channel too
<steev> and i can unmute the mic without it dut dut ing
<ajhalaney[m]> Fixes: dut dut dut
<steev> i truly don't know what the noise is but it really does sound like that lol
<jhovold> steev: do you hear a loud crackling noise first time playing something, apparently a known issue
<steev> yeah
<steev> and occasionally when not
<steev> (this is an old video, not the current state)
<steev> maybe the current random pops are trying to change the clock speeds or something?
<steev> there isn't anything in dmesg when it happens
<steev> whereas on the c630 there would be something like SLAVE_1 DETATCHED
<ajhalaney[m]> from my limited experience getting rid of audio pops can be a huge pain... been a long time since ive had to deal with that
<steev> welcome to the future :)
<gwolf> I have basically given up on sound on the C630, but looking at what you say about the X13S... Should I have expectations of improvement?
<gwolf> Also (and, I know, it is a different system and all)... I'm still using 5.19+next for C630's external display... Does anybody know if I should expect better luck with newer mainline kernels?
<steev> there are a bunch of soundwire fixes on the way, but i haven't yet gotten to test them on the c630
<steev> and no... it's still rather broken on newer :(
<gwolf> OK
<gwolf> so not too pressing for me to update kernels ;-)
<bamse> gwolf: bumped the kernel to linux-next on my c630 last week, audio works just fine
<jhovold> bamse: sorry about the false alarm regarding the external display 'data-lanes', those fixes should only be needed for 6.2 backports
<bamse> jhovold: phew, got me nervous
<bamse> jhovold: not sure if you caught up on my battery endavours yesterday...but i didn't have 23h until battery was running it...but rather my battery was going to run out after 11pm
<jhovold> lol
<bamse> jhovold: so now i'm in the same ballpark as you guys ;)
<jhovold> i had a feeling something about that l3 math was off :)
<bamse> it was a problem with the documentation & user...
<bamse> perhaps user & documentation...
<bamse> or perhaps even just the user...
<bamse> jhovold: btw, i have a crackling noise when launching pulseaudio on c630 as well...
<bamse> and when i power down pulseaudio...
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<gwolf> bamse: OK, that's great to hear!
<gwolf> (pun not originally intended 😉)
<gwolf> ...My main use case for the laptop is to use it when teaching, so... I'll have to at least think about having dual kernel
<bamse> gwolf: Dmitry picked up the battery-driver as well, so hopefully we can get some progress there
<gwolf> (or continuing to have video-out-but-no-sound only...)
<gwolf> FWIW, I've been "solving" sound using a BT speaker ;-)
<gwolf> bamse: I've never had issues with battery level reporting...
<bamse> gwolf: someone needs to figure out why the hid-sensor-hub kicks in and prevent the keyboard from working...but that seems to be the only thing preventing me from running the kernel that arch linux provides me
<gwolf> Maybe it sleeps with a little more power consumption than what I'd like, but who am I to complain about that
<gwolf> bamse: Oh, that does not sound like fun :-(
<bamse> i think danielt looked into this problem years ago, but i don't remember if there was an outcome
<bamse> danielt: keyboard not working on c630 with distro-kernel...for context on the highlight...
<gwolf> (what does not feel like fun is using a stock Arch Linux kernel ;-) )
<bamse> isn't that what we aimed for all these years? :)
<gwolf> Well, I never aimed for Arch, but... Yes, I guess :-]
<bamse> gwolf: well, the goal has been to be able to use a distro kernel...
<gwolf> ;-)
<danielt> @gwolf, @bamse: Does ring a faint bell. I usually attempt to run these things with something close to the Debian defconfig for best testing (usually plus a few extra bits to cover the not upstream bits). However I've not resynced for a longtime now.
<steev> that's what the "laptop_defconfig" is supposed to be (close to debian defconfig with the WoS device bits added in)
<jhovold> bamse: ok, thanks for confirming. Think I heard something (less scary) when rebooting as well.
<rfs613> i seem to recall there was something about the wrong i2c address in the devicetree (keyboard is via i2c)
<steev> we have it there already, afaik
<steev> jhovold: which patch needs to go to 6.2?
<steev> and Mr0btain, yes, there was a touchpad firmware update a while back
<steev> oh derp
<steev> you just submitted it
<bamse> danielt: i was pleasantly surprised to see the arch kernel come up so it would be nice to have the hid situation sorted out as well...
<bamse> danielt: not sure if it's possible to add a quirk for the particluar device, to force it back to the generic-hid driver
<clover[m]> steev: where do i get BT firmware and where does it need to go in linux?
<steev> it goes in /lib/firmware/qca
<steev> and search for the file it complains it can't find in the FileRepository, but the directory should be named like qcbtfmuart8280_something
<clover[m]> [ 2586.396731] bluetooth hci0: Direct firmware load for qca/hpbtfw21.tlv failed with error -2
<steev> yeah, search for hpbtfw
<steev> and it's... all of those files
<steev> though
<steev> linux-firmware should have that
<steev> the only thing linux-firmware doesn't have is all of our nvm patches
<steev> which are the bXX files
<steev> the 3XX files in linux-firmware are some nvm patches
<clover[m]> i don't even have a /lib/firmware/qca folder. i guess i gotta make that directory as part of packaging
<steev> surprised it's not part of the firmware package(s) already for arch
<steev> but that firmware *should* work
<steev> maybe we should ping mark and ask him about submitting the nvm patches
<steev> but also, i guess i should look into the board id logic that tim had, i said he could do it but hadn't heard back, i just don't fully understand/follow it, and i'd rather someone who does do it... and additionally, i'm not sure if our wifi board hack is affecting the board id that bluetooth gets
<steev> suppose i could throw them in as is, and see if that works,a nd then go back over luiz and bamse's reviews and change things up
<clover[m]> weird i added qca firmware from linux-firmware and now battery levels are on the fritz again
<steev> not it
<clover[m]> yeah, seems to just happen at random. BT still not working
<clover[m]> oh wait
<steev> listen
<steev> bt is jank
<steev> i blame kalle
<steev> when we get proper wifi firmware, things should work better, but for now...
<clover[m]> my soundbar popped up for a hot sec
<steev> yeah, you might need to try to connect it a few times
<clover[m]> BT mouse workings
<steev> and it'll *probably* mute it once it connects
<clover[m]> tackling gpu next but i need to get some work done
<steev> gpu should be easy since it's just the 2 patches
<HdkR> Hitting some weird task hanging problem, can't even ptrace the thing
<clover[m]> this kernel feels faster
<clover[m]> idk if true
<HdkR> Only thing that can be done with this task hang seems to be to kill -9 them. hmmm
<steev> nothing in dmesg HdkR ?
<HdkR> Nothing there sadly
<steev> mani_s: ath11k_pci 0006:01:00.0: failed to send HAL_REO_CMD_FLUSH_CACHE, tid 15 (-105)
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<HdkR> huh, I closed the lid a day ago and opening it didn't bring the screen back. Oops
<HdkR> killed gdm3 and it came back so whatever
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<Mr0btain> That touchpad update is chefs kiss. it's the little things that really make a difference
<Mr0btain> I read somewhere that Lenovo was intentionally making firmware updates to help out with the Linux effort on the x13s. Was that true?
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<HdkR> I wonder if the hanging is coming from accessing NFS over a USB gigabit connection and there are still some IO quirks to solve there
<HdkR> My project that rechecks its globbed directories has a significant performance issue due to slow network IO as an example
<HdkR> But I'd assume dmesg messages on hang there
<bamse> HdkR: the games you're showing off from time to time...what's the story there? is it something mere mortals can easily reproduce?
<HdkR> bamse: x86/x86-64 Linux emulation. Takes a smidge of effort to setup
<bamse> HdkR: i did a google run, which told me that such thing exists...but do you have any pointers on how to get going?
<HdkR> For setting up Steam
<bamse> that looks like what i failed to find, thanks
<HdkR> one tip is to disable FEX's TSO emulation, since nothing can do that quickly and it usually doesn't cause issues.
<HdkR> (Sadly Asahi hasn't tried pushing a prctl upstream for Apple Silicon yet)
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<clover[m]> does the mic work?
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<HdkR> Oh yea, stalled processes claim to be stopped due to disk sleep in htop. So that IO blocking is just being /ruthless/
<HdkR> If I just let this sit for a while maybe it'll continue
<HdkR> I've got four c++ instances that are just waiting it seems
<steev> clover[m]: i dont believe so
<steev> HdkR: ah... i can back out the pcie suspend patches, maybe that is causing your woes
<bamse> steev: i thought srini said the dmic array was wired up...
<steev> that might be, but it defaults to mic0
<bamse> what's mic0?
<HdkR> steev: This is should primarily be over USB+Gigabit ethernet, but there is of course still various things on the nvme drive
<steev> hm, so switching to dmic0 i get nothing, but mic0 at least pretends that it can hear things
<steev> ah, it just says mic now, - there's mic and then DMic0
<HdkR> Oh, there was still a strace trying to attach when I was poking. ptrace interface has a bug and does some global locking maybe?
<HdkR> I'll try again without trying to strace attach
<HdkR> The fact that it locked up four processes is spooky