ChanServ changed the topic of #aarch64-laptops to: Linux support for AArch64 Laptops (Asus NovaGo TP370QL - HP Envy x2 - Lenovo Mixx 630 - Lenovo Yoga C630)
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<jenneron[m]> <hexdump0815> "jenneron: do you know what..." <- EMEC? it is embedded controller most likely responsible for battery and chargin
<jenneron[m]> <mothenjoyer69> "do you happen to have an ACPI..." <- galaxy book s
<javierm> steev, ajhalaney[m]: sorry folks, what was the fedora question?
<javierm> but in general, we don't carry out-of-tree patches in the fedora kernel package, so the x13s will work properly once we have all the support in mainline Linux
<javierm> I don't know what's the current state since I don't own such a machine
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<steev> debian is the same way
<agl7> 👍
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<javierm> I think the question was from _`[m]1 actually, ^
<steev> probably was originally, i think the question was "whats the status of x13s and fedora"
<mothenjoyer69> <shawnguo> "hexdump0815: oh, thanks for..." <- do you have a development tree for the gbg 5G? curious at what dtb you are using
<mothenjoyer69> i've been slowly getting one done but if someone else has already done that work I'd rather not waste time and move onto other elements :)